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The best Matrix-style screensaver got better with v1.1. My review of v1.0 had a few minor suggestions for improvements, which have all appeared in this version! The display is still smooth, beautifully rendered, and very true to the effect it is based off of.

An OpenGL-accelerated screensaver based on the scrolling green lines of code seen in The Matrix, the science fiction film directed by Lana and Lily Wachowski and starring Keanu Reeves. The scrolling code alternates with images of the main characters embedded into the code, though these (as well as the opening credits) can optionally be disabled via the screensaver's settings menu. The color of the code lines can also be changed.

  • Screensavers Planet » Screensavers » Themes » Matrix. GitHub Matrix 4,705x Free, for Mac. Matrix Code Emulator 19,176x Free, for Windows. Matrix Mania 19,781x 7.
  • May 08, 2020 MatrixSaver for Mac, free and safe download. MatrixSaver latest version: Realistic Matrix style screensaver.

This download will probably not be usable on computers running Microsoft Windows.


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User reviews (12)


by ag on December 8, 2020

I am running Mac OS 10.15.7 (Catalina) and it works fine. I disabled the 3D. Great!

by David Hannum on October 29, 2020

This works fine on MacOS Catalina, you just need to disable Gatekeeper with the following command: sudo spctl --master-disable Xcom files mod.

by Neo on June 6, 2020

Doesn't work on macOS Catalina

by Daniel on May 17, 2020

This was easy to download, works awesome and there is a option to take the 3D off. I am very pleased and highly recommend this for Mac users. Best and most accurate one I could find.

by Justin on February 21, 2020

Doesn't work on macOS Catalina 10.15.2

by scb on December 25, 2019


by rafi on February 19, 2019

I didn't get this one at first because I didn't like the 3D images part, but the Matrix Mania one only plays for a few seconds then displays 'PURCHASE REGISTRATION' instead so I gave this one a shot. This one is free and one can disable the 3D Image, effectively making it like the other one. There's also color options.

by monsterhart on July 28, 2018

Original Matrix Screensaver

thanks mate

by beautifull.. thanks a lot ;-) on July 2, 2017

Really nice

by L on March 27, 2017

not working with retina display

by gui on August 31, 2016

I luv them

by Banard wallace on August 20, 2016

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Matrix Screensaver For Mac Free Online

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