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Ever wanted a game that recreates the historic battles of World War II? Medal of Honor Allied Assault does this and more. They first launched Allied Assault in 2002 as an exclusive of Microsoft Windows. You fight alongside the Allied Forces, and what makes the game great is that you have a wide variety of enemy soldiers. The soundtrack in the game is an absolute masterpiece, and you see a lot of iconic themes that are still used in the shooting genre today. Outside Wolfenstein, Medal of Honor Allied Assault inspired and helped the FPS genre to grow.

While Medal of Honor Allied Assault missions mostly have you gunning from point A to point B, there are times where you will see fun and different objectives. In one objective, for example, you have to kill a commander and take his secret book. While there are eight main missions and more than 30 levels in Allied Assault, the centerpiece of the game is in Normandy with Operation Overlord that the Allied Forces launched in 1944. The game developers did a fantastic job of recreating the historic events, and they even took a few motion picture cues from Steven Spielberg. When they first created the game, the graphics were the best around. They were fully immersive, and even today, they still look pretty decent.

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Feb 28, 2018 Medal of Honor series Medal of Honor Allied Assault crashes when first starting. (26 posts) (26 posts) (26 posts) Pages: 1. This is my favourite topic. Crack Medal Of Honor Version 1.0 free download - Medal of Honor Allied Assault v1.11 patch, Apple Safari, Windows 10, and many more programs. Jun 30, 2020 Medal of Honor: Allied Assault War Chest is a treasure trove of historicalbattles presented as a gritty World War II action FPS. Call in artilleryand air strikes against the opposing forces and keep your squad away fromthe jaws of defeat and despair. Drive various assault vehicles, alwayscharging onwards to victory. Uncle Sam wants YOU!

The biggest downside of Medal of Honor Allied Assault is how horrific the enemy AI is. Sometimes, the soldiers will walk out and die, and other times, they fail to notice you sneaking up on them. What might frustrate gamers here is how the soldiers rarely miss. When they shoot, they hit their target 90 percent of the time.

One of the super difficult levels in Medal of Honor is Sniper Town. This level is exceptionally hard, and it far transcends the normal level of difficulty. Even if you set your game to normal difficulty, you will feel like you set it to expert. You have an abundance of snipers who hide in buildings, on rooftops, behind rocks and in trees. To top off the difficulty, you have to babysit a helpless tank throughout the mission and protect the soldiers. If too many of your men die, you lose the mission and have to start all over. You will want to throw the computer across the room and into the fireplace many times over from this mission.

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Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Crack

Anyone who wants the game that started it all will love Medal of Honor Allied Assault. The game is a classic. With the excessive difficulty on normal, you will have hours of great gunfights and deep immersion into World War II history. The game gives you a history lesson while playing a fun game.


  • Fun way to explore the history of World War II
  • 30 levels and eight different missions
  • Great soundtrack
  • A classic Medal of Honor game

Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Crack File Download


  • Enemy AI is poor
  • Some levels transcend normal difficulty

When Medal Of Honor slipped to early 2002, Wolfenstein breathed a sigh of relief in the knowledge that it would carry the award for Best First-Person Shooter 2001. Its reign at the top might be pretty short-lived though, as we’ve had news through that Medal Of Honor EBt to ship in the first week of ruary. According to Steve Fukuda, vel designer, the game proper is finished, and the team is now busy tweaking details, optimising the code and fixing bugs. Never one to give a development team an easy ride in their busiest period, we grilled him about how the Al was shaping up.

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Steve told us t he Al is now up to a level where it uses the environment heavily to seek out advantages. 'NPCs Currently throw grenades through windows, fire and manoeuvre, blind fire around corners, run for back-up and use cover.' All of which woull be pretty damn impressive if theory is translated into practice.

We saw some evidence of this when we were over at the 2015 headquarters, and although it’s hard to judge the overall picture from an isolated incident, the NPCs show huge promise. In one section we were following a friendly agent who actually had the wherewithal to dodge through spotlights, pausing when in danger and moving on when there was a clear path. If this sort of interaction can be coded throughout then our expectations for the game are going to be surpassed.

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The team is still being tight-lipped about the multiplayer side, but we have managed to glean that the emphasis is going to be on the teambased action and with any luck you’ll see Counter-Strike-style battles, along with co-operative squad-based missions. The multiplayer demo - as with Wolfenstein - is the one that’s going to surface first, on December 14, followed by a full single-player mission in February. And, despite the fact that the game hasn’t shipped we can exclusively state that a mission pack is already being worked on.