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Download Memory Booster app for Android. Memory Booster can clean & optimize phone memory to boost Android running speed. Note: If you experience problems downloading Memory Booster 1.9.5. Displays the amount/percent of free RAM memory in real-time. Wise Memory Optimizer A free program to optimize physical memory and enhance PC performance. HLP Free Memory Optimizer 1.2.

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If your computer crashes occasionally, websites refuse to load, and some programs simply cannot start, there is a risk that your system may lose storage space. In such situations, memory optimizers can help. Now it is clear that most people suspect the role of RAM optimizers. Even from my personal experience, I can say that most of them do not work as expected. While they were popular in the days before Windows XP, their use returned to Windows Vista. Nevertheless, for those who might be interested, here is a list of some free memory optimizers for Windows 10/8/7 that you might want to look at.

Free memory optimization


Memory Booster 14.12.03download Free Appsrubackup

January 2021 Update:

We now recommend using this tool for your error. Additionally, this tool fixes common computer errors, protects you against file loss, malware, hardware failures and optimizes your PC for maximum performance. You can fix your PC problems quickly and prevent others from happening with this software:

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A program recommended by many and working with a difference is CleanMem

CleanMem adds a task to the task scheduler that is executed every 15 minutes after starting and after creating or modifying the task. As soon as the task is started, the CleanMem.exe file is executed if the system is inactive.

As one member of our forum writes :

CleanMem does not delete the memory of the processes themselves ! It prompts Windows to do so. When the program is started, a list of running processes is retrieved. It then enters the ID of each process and calls the Windows EmptyWorkingSet API for each process, CleanMem of course checks the ignore list and skips these processes. Then Windows cleans the process, and when all processes are cleaned, Cleanmem closes itself.

You can also run it from the context menu if necessary.

You can download CleamMem from its homepage.

So after some research I found that the only method to remove it is a dodgy by the company provided uninstaller that does who knows what and also does not work. Well where to start?1st of the 'antivirus sneakily installed itself when trying out the Comodo browsers in search for a Google Chrome alternative very Virus like behavior and this is how the trouble started.2nd it is rather difficult to uninstall the windows uninstall does not work and only promt to install it or repair it yeah the button says uninstall. Comodo antivirus free Great.3rd apart from the struggle to get rid of this piece of software shit lets talk about effects, on the surface level it seems to do its job like every other program as well in addition it does also occupy about 80.

Storage disk

Another program that looks good is Memory Washer from AntiTracks Free manufacturers. The memory and process management program helps you increase your computer’s available physical memory and make better use of its vital resources. It identifies unnecessary processes so you can remove them and manage boot applications, Windows services, and more.

In addition, you can use the software to access the functions of the process manager, with which you can examine which programs consume the most memory and disable them if necessary. Its AutoFree RAM function automatically releases RAM to your computer. You can set predefined levels based on time intervals or have Memory Washer automatically free RAM when your memory reaches a threshold. You can download it here.

WinUtilities Memory Optimizer

WinUtilities Memory Optimizer is another freeware to optimize and free up your PC memory. The latest version of WinUtilities Memory Optimizer optimizes memory only during periods of system downtime to minimize interruptions during normal computer use. You can download it here. Make sure to click on the small direct download link under the large green Download Now button.

See also Mem Reduct and Mz RAM Booster.

Memory Booster 14.12.03download Free Appsrubackup Downloads

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Memory Booster 14.12.03download Free Appsrubackup Full

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Memory Booster 14.12.03download Free Appsrubackup Software

There is one question comes to our mind that is there any need of RAM Booster in 4 GB RAM devices?. We say definitely yes, as we know that 4 GB RAM is enough to handle all types of multitasking. But not all apps on play store are developed very well. Sometimes they make your phone sluggish and your 4 GB device works like a 2 GB or 3 GB device.
Our RAM booster app makes your phone faster and smoother and always keep at full speed. This app provide you one tap boosting solution. It kills all background & memory draining apps in a single tap. So it improves your system and battery performance.
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Many apps and games may consume your precise memory storage. App cache cleaner feature clean all cache stored into your device, increases the available storage space and boosts your device speed.
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