Microsoft Word Mac Shortcut For Highlighting

  • Unfortunately for the sake of consistency, Microsoft Word for Mac does things a tiny bit differently. The end result is basically the same, but the names and process differ. In Microsoft’s case, the command we want is called Paste and Match Formatting and the keyboard shortcut is Option-Shift-Command-V.
  • The shortcut will apply the highlight color that is currently selected in the Highlight icon in the Formatting toolbar.-Regards Lene Fredborg DocTools - Denmark Document automation - add-ins, macros and templates for Microsoft Word 'kc.santacruz' wrote: I can select the text via the keyboard, but I can't find a shortcut.
  • In Office 2008 for Mac, you can move the cursor around your document without actually even touching the mouse. And if you really want to become a whiz with Word, you’ll want to memorize most or all of the following shortcuts. Here’s a table that shows how to move the cursor around a document using only the keyboard.

Press DOWN ARROW or UP ARROW to highlight the current document name or template in which you want to save the keyboard shortcut changes, and then press ENTER. Press the SHIFT+TAB key repeatedly until the cursor is in the Current keys box. Press DOWN ARROW or UP ARROW to select the keyboard shortcut that you want to remove. Commonly used keyboard combinations To use one of these combinations Hold the Command key down and strike the letter key Hint: The command key is the one that people often call 'open apple' and is found on either side of the space bar. Less commonly used keyboard combinations.

By Rachel Guise, PPS Editor

What is a keyboard shortcut?

Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of keys that initiate acommand in the program that you’re using. The following lists are keycombinations that can be used in Microsoft programs as well as most searchengines. TurboFutureprovides lists of the most used keyboard shortcuts as well as some that are notcommonly used for all platforms.

As a PC user, Ctrl + S is my most used keyboard shortcut forall three programs. When working on several projects a day, clicking Ctrl + Swhile making edits becomes second nature and ensures none of my changes arelost. Another shortcut that I frequently use is Ctrl + A. This is helpful inWord when you have global edits such as changing the font or font size in adocument. You can also use this shortcut in Excel to change font formatting. Ctrl+ Z is another often used shortcut because, hey, I make mistakes.

Microsoft Word

The following is a list of PC keyboard shortcuts that workin Microsoft Word. HowtoGeekbreaks down keyboard shortcuts by their functions.

Ctrl + A = Select all text in document

Ctrl + B = Bold highlighted text

Ctrl + C = Copy highlighted text

Ctrl + D = Opens Font preferences box

Ctrl + E = Align highlighted text center

Ctrl + Enter = Insert new page within current document

Ctrl + F = Opens Find tool (opens the Navigation pane)

Ctrl + G = Opens Go to tool (in the Navigation pane)

Ctrl + H = Opens Replace tool (in the Navigation pane)

Ctrl + I = Italic highlighted text

Ctrl + J = Justify highlighted text

Ctrl + K = Opens Insert Hyperlink box

Ctrl + L = Align highlighted text left

Ctrl + M = Inserts paragraph indent

Ctrl + N = Opens new document

Ctrl + O = Opens Open file window

Ctrl + P = Opens Print window

Ctrl + R = Align highlighted text left or right

Ctrl + S = Savesthe document as it is currently named

Ctrl + U = Underline highlighted text

Ctrl + V = Paste copied or cut text

Ctrl + W = Close document


Ctrl + X = Cut (text must be selected to use this shortcut)

Ctrl + Y = Redo last action

Ctrl + Z = Undo last action

Ctrl + + = Set highlighted text subscript

F1 = Opens the Help windowpane

F7 = Spellcheck (opens the Editor pane to check spelling andgrammar)

F12 = Save as (opens the Save As window, so that thedocument can be saved using a new name or in a new location)

Shift + arrow keys = Select multiple letters

Ctrl + arrow keys = Select multiple words

MAC (also known as Apple) computers use many of the sameshortcut keys as PCs. Note that Ctrl on a PC keyboard and control on a MACkeyboard do not always serve the same function. Where you would use Ctrl on aPC, you’ll use the ⌘ command key on a MAC. Microsoftprovides a complete list of shortcuts for MAC users, but here is a list of themost often used shortcuts.

⌘ + A = Select all

⌘ + B = Bold

⌘ + C or Shift + F2 =Copy selected text

⌘ + F = Find

⌘ + H = Hide windows

⌘ + I = Italic

⌘ + N = Opens newdocument or window

⌘ + O = Open

⌘ + P = Print

⌘ + Q = Quit

⌘ + S = Save


⌘ + T = Switch between open apps

⌘ + U = Underline

⌘ + V = Paste copied orcut text

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⌘ + X = Cut

⌘ + Z = Undo last action

⌘ + + = Set subscript

Option + ⌘ +G = Opens Go to box

Option + ⌘ +L = Opens Spelling and Grammar box

Control + F = Find

Microsoft Excel

Several of the PC keyboard shortcuts used in Word also applyto Excel(e.g., Ctrl + S).

Ctrl + D = Delete cell text

Ctrl + F = Find

Ctrl + G = Opens Go to box

Ctrl + H = Opens Replace box

Ctrl + K = Opens Insert Hyperlink box

Microsoft Word Shortcuts Pdf

Ctrl + L = Create table

Ctrl + N = Opens new workbook

Ctrl + O = Opens selected workbook

Ctrl + W = Closes workbook

Ctrl + Y = Redo last action

Ctrl + Z = Undo last action

Ctrl + ; = Insert the current date

Ctrl + : = Insert the current time

F7 = Spellcheck

Alt + F = Opens selected File

Likewise, Excel keyboard shortcuts are similar for MACusers as well.

⌘ + A = Select all

⌘ + C = Copy

⌘ + P = Opens Printwindow

⌘ + Q = Quit

⌘ + S = Save

⌘ + U = Underline

⌘ + V = Paste copied orcut text

⌘ + Z = Undo last action

Some, however, are different from Word or are specific toExcel.

Option + G = Opens Go to box

F7 = Opens Check Spelling and Grammar box

Control + Shift = Insert cell

⌘ + 1 = Format Cells box

Shift + F3 = Display Formula Builder


Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat’s click for Websiteprovides instructions to use shortcuts while working in PDFs. The website usestables to organize which shortcuts work with different types of tools. Itincludes a column for PC functions as well as MAC. Like Excel, some of the Wordkeyboard shortcuts work in Adobe.

Ctrl/⌘ +A = Select all

Ctrl/⌘ +C = Copy

Ctrl/⌘ +N = New

Ctrl/⌘ +S = Save

All Of The Best Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl/⌘ +Z = Undo

Adobe also provides instructions to use single-keyshortcuts while working in PDFs. Many are the same for PC and MAC.

C = Crop tool

Microsoft Word Mac Shortcut For Highlighting Word

H = Hand tool

S = Stick Note tool

U = Highlighting tool

X = Textbox tool

Ctrl/⌘ +equal sign = Zoom in

Keyboard Shortcuts In Excel - Office Support

Ctrl/⌘ +hyphen = Zoom out

Ctrl/⌘ +F4 = Close file