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When playing Minecraft, sometimes you probably want to record the gameplay, either to simply keep a copy or to show off your Minecraft experience. Or you want to upload it onto YouTube, thereby helping other people to learn. If you're one of those people, the following guide will show you the best Minecraft recorder, as well as the tutorial on how to use it to record Minecraft game.


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  • 1. The Best Minecraft Recorder for Windows PC and Mac
  • 2. How to Record Minecraft Gameplay with Minecraft Recorder

The Best Minecraft Recorder for Windows PC and Mac

Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game. It can be played on many platforms, including Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Considering that most people used to play Minecraft on the computer, we will show you the best Minecraft recorder for Windows PC/Mac. VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a professional video and audio recording software, which can guarantee you a great image/sound quality for the recording. More importantly, the recording work will not lag your Minecraft game experience.

Key Features of VideoSolo Screen Recorder

- Powerful recording features. You can record both audio and video simultaneously on both Windows and macOS operating systems. It can help you record Minecraft or other games, online videos, skype chat, webcam, etc. without experiencing any lag.


Bit torrent for mac 10.10.5. - Any screen area can be recorded. It allows players to record Minecraft in full screen, fixed screen or concentrate on a particular region that you want to emphasize.

- Recording from both system audio and microphone – If you simply want to record Minecraft sound effects, you can use the system audio alone. However, if you want to add your vocal instructions to the gameplay, you can use both the microphone and system audio. It can be saved in high-quality MP3/AAC/M4A/WMA audio track.

In addition to these main features, VideoSolo Screen Recorder also provides more amazing functions such as recording webcam and the screen at the same time, adjusting volume while recording, hiding the recording bar, using hotkeys to control, etc. which can help you record Minecraft gameplay better.

How to Record Minecraft Gameplay with Minecraft Recorder

Now just download the right version of VideoSolo Screen Recorder below and follow these easy steps to start recording Minecraft.

Step 1. Launch the Minecraft Recorder and Choose 'Video Recorder'

Install and launch the Minecraft recorder – VideoSolo Screen Recorder, you can activate the account with the registration code. To record Minecraft videos on Windows or Mac, you need to choose the 'Video Recorder' option from the main interface.

Step 2. Define the Minecraft Gameplay Recording Area

Now the window is showing 4 different modules. Click the first one and from the pull-down menu, you can record on-screen activities with full screen, custom region, fixed region, around the mouse, follow the mouse and lock window. The best option would be to record the full screen on Minecraft, but if you want to record a certain region, you can use the mouse to drag and define the area.


Step 3. Enable/Disable Sound and Customize More Settings

Next, it's time to choose the sound source that you want to include in the Minecraft recording. You can enable or disable System and Microphone to decide whether to record your voice or not. Moreover, volume up or down the input audio source freely. You can even click 'More Settings' to customize the hotkeys, output formats and more.

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Step 4. Start to Record Minecraft with the Minecraft Recorder

After setting the video region and the sound, you can launch your Minecraft and play as you normally do. Just need to hit the 'REC' button on the right side of the recorder in advance and begin showing off your prowess at playing Minecraft.

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Tip: 1. The bar can be hidden while recording; 2. After the recorded is ended, you can preview and clip the video in VideoSolo Screen Recorder before saving.

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With this best Minecraft recorder, you can handily record Minecraft gameplay with customized screen recording area in high quality. Besides game capture, VideoSolo Screen Recorder also performs well in recording streaming videos and audios, capturing webcam video, making a video tutorial, etc. Some shortcut keys also help you to get full control of the Minecraft game recording. While recording, you are allowed to take snapshots and add labels and so on. Get now and have a try!