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Yandere Simulator is a sandbox style game for Windows PCs in which you'll take on the role of a young Japanese girl that's secretly in love with a boy at school that's slightly older than her.

Download Yandere Simulator 2020-12-23 for Windows for free, without any viruses, from Uptodown. Try the latest version of Yandere Simulator 2021 for Windows. There are two main locations where mods can be downloaded for Yandere Simulator. The website with the most mods is the Yandere Simulator Fanon Wiki; it contains a large range of mods with plenty of download links. Users can also find a handful of additional mods on Deviantart. Aug 06, 2017 HANAKO YAMADA SIMULATOR - MOD for Yandere Simulator download. Aug 6, 2017 Video from the creator of the mod (Monsterette). Download August 25th De-Janking Build 2019. Just install 'Yandere MOD for Minecraft PE' and enjoy new features. This application contains Yandere Simulator for 'Minecraft Pocket Edition'. If one is new to Yandere Simulator, here’s a quick run-down: a “Yandere” comes from Japanese culture. A Yandere is a woman who is quite violent and possessive of a man she deems as her lover. Yandere Simulator Mod Help Hey guys,i'm working in a mod,on octomber 16th 2016 build,i used kgftbz pose mod,it didn't work,does any of you guys have the old kgftbz's pose mod,if you do,send me a link to download it.

With this initial idea, you could think that this kind of love stories don't go with you, but the truth is that your objective is to stalk your Platonic love and stealthily kill any other girl that tries to approach him, while you pretend to be an innocent school girl. More interested now?

Sweet on the outside, a pyschopath on the inside.

Therefore, it's a title that combines the best of the terror and stealth games, and that also comes along with plenty of references to the Otaku world and Japanese culture. Can you help Yandere-chan to conquer her Senpai?

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How to play Yandere Simulator?

The game's developer compares the gameplay with Hitman's. You'll be immersed in an endless environment, full of non-playable characters, in which you'll have to find and eliminate a specific target if it endangers your relationship.

A macabre game, full of violent situations.

Thus, you have to try to kill all your victims without leaving witnesses behind, incriminate other characters or even talk other people into bullying your targets so that they suicide themselves. Anything is OK along os your Senpai doesn't catch you red-handed, otherwise, it will be game over.

Yandere Simulator (2014)

Population Mod Yandere Simulator Download

So if you are apart of my discord server, you have probably seen all this XD. A while ago i decided to make some hair edits for male rivals (My take on them rather then using the ones from the male rival introduction video). Later i thought that i might as well make a male rival mod. After a long wait i finished it. It is probably one of my favourite mods of mine.
Download Link:
-Hair edits (Except Hanako's) by Me
-Hanako Hair Edit by Pegasus
-Delinquent uniform bundle (for Osano) by Torin
-Megamo uniform texture by Profi Gejmer
-All other textures by Me
-Bundles by Balloni and RogerTheCuteCat
-Male Hanako Hair + Hat design by Lucfu
-Help from RogerTheCuteCat, Profi Gejmer and Torin
Discord Server link:
Outro Music -


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1980s Mod Yandere Simulator Download