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In addition to the standard 24 month warranty, Motocaddy offers a 5 year limited warranty (additional 3 years) on the battery (this excludes the charger). In order to qualify for the 5 year limited warranty, please register your warranty online or using the relevant warranty registration card that was provided with your original purchase. The Motocaddy S3 Pro Golf review shows the new features on this golf trolley including the handle and colour screen, lithium battery and USB charging slot.

  • At a glance

  • TG Rating5 out of 5
  • Owner Rating4 out of 5
  • RRP£599.99

What we say..

In terms of setting up and assembly, this trolley has been completely idiot proof. I've played once a week, but I haven’t had to contact the manufacturer about any problems, which speaks volumes for the build quality and the engineering involved. The life in the lithium battery has proved to be excellent and the unit has never failed me yet.
I love the fact there are so many features on the unit, but the only one I really use with any consistency is the yardage marker. You can see how it may appeal to a golfer who likes lots of functions though. It’s also very powerful, even up hill. The only slight gripe, and this is a very minor thing, is the size – folded down, it still takes up a fair bit of space so you will need a decent-sized boot. I'd certainly recommend it.
Ratings (out of 5)

Ease of use: 4.5
Reliability: 4.5
Battery: 5.0
Functions: 4.5

Tester: Stuart Page, HCP 16

Pros: This really performed well in every category; it was straightforward to assemble, taking a matter of minutes and the instruction manual quickly navigates you around the numerous functions. The most useful one of these was the one that allows the golfer to accurately measure the yardage of a certain shot, although this did highlight my 280-yard drives were more realistically 240 unfortunately!

Cons: To be very pedantic, the speed control could be easier to use, and the position of the button is a bit awkward when you are moving – these are very slight criticisms, though. The other thing I would look at is the size – it’s a bulky unit, and although it does fold down neatly you will still need to own a car with a pretty large boot to transport it.

Conclusion: Easy to use, loads of functions and a cinch to assemble. Slightly on the muscular size in terms of storage, but this is a minor gripe – it's highly impressive and there’s a new update on the market too now, namely the equally impressive S3 Digital Pro.

Ratings (Out of 5)

Exile mod arma 3. Looks: 5
Ease of use: 5
Ease of assembly: 4.4
Functions: 4.9
Performance: 5
Reliability: 5

We thought it was going to be tight between the S3 Digital and Freeway II, and so it proved with the Motocaddy just edging it in this particular test.

Motocaddy S3pro Instruction Manual Typewriters

Like the S1 Digital, the S3 version has a stunning-looking frame and the range of bags that go with it really do help in the aesthetics’ department. Ian awarded it full marks across the board, and paid particular attention to the two-handed grip which he felt gave him good control over the device.

Fergus was also suitably-wowed by the overall quality of the S3 Digital, and said he found it very responsive and easy to use. One area where the Motocaddy did particularly excel in was in the functions category – the display shows the speed you are travelling as well as the distance covered too – you can reset this if you want to measure a particular shot-distance too.

There’s also a lifetime reading that can’t be reset – essentially like in your car! This shows you just how many miles your S3 Digital has racked up. It also features an Adjustable Distance Control device – this allows you to send the cart of to a distance of up to 60 yards in 5m increments – which came in pretty handy during the test. And for all of you who love an “app” on your iphone, the S3 Digital is even fitted with a USB port for you to plug your device into – and we aren’t joking.

Ultimately, the fact that this is £100 cheaper than the FW II gave it the edge – the average value rating was higher and this meant a deserved overall win.
What we like: Not only is it greatlooking, stylish and easy to use, it’s packed full of innovative features such as battery meter, speed settings and a USB charging port. The S3 Digital can also be fully customised through Motocaddy’s brilliant and creative MyCaddy online system.

What we don’t like: When we started to assemble it, the catches were very stiff. Obviously you’d expect this to change over time but our man will have to report back on that. Again, price is an issue – nearly £600 for the lithium version is very top end, but you do get a great product.
Ratings (out of 5)

Looks: 5.0
Ease of use: 5.0
Ease of assembly: 4.8
Functions: 4.8
Performance: 5.0

Motocaddy S7

The Motocaddy S3 Digital Golf Trolley features an exciting new multi-functional screen design, giving the trolley a fresh new look and making it incredibly easy to use.

The improved digital display panel not only controls the cart but also gives the user an impressive array of features including adjustable distance control (ADC) which allows the user to set the trolley to travel any distance between five and 60 yards/metres, speedometer, time, an improved battery meter plus distance readings that can be reset at any time, allowing you to measure the distance of your drives, how far past a yardage marker your ball is, or even measure how far you've walked during your round.

In a first for an electric golf trolley, the S3 Digital also comes complete with a security feature allowing the user to set a pin code, rendering the trolley useless to would-be thieves. The new S3 Digital also features an exclusive USB port to allow a mobile phone or GPS unit to be charged from the trolley battery while on the course.

The S3 Digital features brand new ergonomic S-Series handle grips, which coupled with the new low-profile tyres creates a sportier look for the 2010 season. It is powered by a small, lightweight Panasonic battery which can easily handle 18 holes on even the hilliest of golf courses.

An even more powerful extended range battery is also available for those golfers who like to tackle more than one round a day or the Motocaddy lithium battery offering a super-lightweight, stylish and efficient alternative to the standard battery range.

Motocaddy S3pro Instruction Manual Instructions

Motocaddy S3pro Instruction Manual

Motocaddy Cube

The Motocaddy S3 Digital trolley is available in three finishes – black, titanium or the new alpine white – and features an attractive lightweight S-shaped aluminium frame and a highly efficient, whisper-quiet 200w motor.

Battery options: 18-hole battery £399.99, 36-hole battery £429.99, 36-hole lithium battery £599.99.
Weight: 8.4kg.
Warranty: 2 years

Tel: 0845 058 9818

Motocaddy S3pro Instruction Manual User

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Motocaddy S3 Pro

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