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FNAF 1 Original PC Game Download

This is the very first and the original version by Scott Cawthon's game Five Nights At Freddy's 1 for PC. There's a download link below.

Unlike the online version which is just a fan remake game made in a tool called Scratch, this is a original game and it needs to be downloaded and than installed on your PC before you can actually play it. The online version is shorter one, which uses sprites, i.e. images and sounds from the original game.

As you probably know, the story takes place in a local pizzeria, where a new guard takes his first night shift to realize that some really creepy things are going on there. It appears that several mechanical animal dolls, called animatronics, are coming to life during the night. If any of these get inside the night guard's room, he gets instantly killed and the game is over. The idea is to survive 5 nights to beat the game. Not sure why he wouldn't just quit after day 1 though.

Moviesfnaf Downloads

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Club hub download for mac. The download is free, the game file has been tested and is safe for use.

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Here's the DOWNLOAD LINK for Five Nights At Freddy's 1 for PC.