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IVE’s Legal Leg-Up

It is incumbent upon private investigators to produce video suitable for their clients to present in court. It is a must for the video to have both the sound removed and a time-stamp displayed. Given the complexity of a PI’s job, it’s not uncommon to forget to set the time on cameras and this is why Investigation Video Editor can be a virtual life-saver. With IVE you can adjust the date and time that is displayed on the video to reflect what is true and this feature really comes in handy where there are multiple cameras involved with times out of sync. Using IVE means you can simply and easily sync all the times of the cameras to enable clips to align in perfect chronological order for a smooth and seamless viewing experience, which can really make the difference in court.

Camera software, free download - IP Camera Viewer, Bluetooth Software, Software Update, and many more programs. Tech — Cameras: a solution for multiple cameras in Mac OS X If you have multiple cameras and a Mac and are tired of having the same Jeff Smykil - Jul 10, 2009 4:53 pm UTC.

Until IVE, the potential (legal) problem was the possible manipulation of the digital stamp to reflect the wrong time or date, as many lawyers will concur. As a consequence, legal professionals will normally demand to see the “raw” video (video clips right out of the camera). To address this issue, IVE only utilizes the raw video clips, which are loaded into the program, with the date and time stamp displayed, allowing for the simple edit and removal of blurry or shaky parts, after which all can then be exported to the final product. That’s it! It is thus more acceptable in court as with IVE you cannot crop, adjust colors or photoshop items in or out of the video. What was shot is what you (and all interested parties) will see!

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Multi Camera Video Surveillance Software For The Mac


Multi Camera Video Surveillance Software For The Mac Os

Again, unlike competing products, with IVE you can vouch honestly that the video is a true representation of events because the software cannot alter it. The investigator can swear, with confidence, that the time on his or her camera was set correctly and that IVE was used to edit the video, meaning the time-stamp is correct and true and that the footage presented is the actual “raw” video. In short, when video files are inputted into IVE, it will extract the date and time from the collected data and display it on the viewer- This date and time will be the one displayed on the final exported project, suitable for court presentation.