My Pivot Art   The Pivot Corner!

I have recently taken a pivot turn in my life. One that has taken me off the path that I had been on for so long and turned me toward a direction that feels just right for me. I’ve certainly taken different routes throughout my life, but none of those moves were guided by such a loud voice in my heart yelling at me to PIVOT (full on Ross couch pivot moment people)! It was so loud and was not something I could ignore, and I was ready.

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Though the pivot turn happened recently, it’s been in the making over the past 6 years. The experiences over the past 6 years served as the catalyst to the cracking open and healing changes that have brought me to this new path.

Here’s the breakdown…

6 years ago, my baby died inside of me.

o So, I shut down joy, put up a wall & went inside myself to hide.

5 years ago, I got pregnant with my Rainbow Baby and instead of being excited, I became consumed with anxiety & worry.

o So, I started painting and slowly came out of myself.

4 years ago, my littlest light came in the world and reminded me how to smile.

o So, I decided to reclaim my joy and let his light shine over me.

4 years ago, I held my beloved Gramps feet as he took his last breath.

Sql for mac download. o So, to help his legacy live on, I took on his bravery & perseverance.

My Pivot Art   The Pivot Corner!

3 years ago, my dear soul friend Colleen passed away. I felt the sorrow deep in my bones and couldn’t contain the pain.

o So, I split right down the middle and cracked wide open.

My Pivot Art   The Pivot Corner!

2 years ago, we discovered answers about the swirl of questions, confusion and heartbreak around my oldest son.

o So, I lifted the weight of unknowing off my shoulders, the veil off him and stepped into motherhood in a new, empowered way.

2 year ago, my work imploded, and everything changed.

o So, I decided to shift my focus and trust the universe.

Last year I had the gift of time and mindset to slow down & start living intentionally. Intentional with my actions, my relationships and with my work.

o So, I started to share my art, began implementing daily mindfulness practices, strengthened my relationships, met my biological father, went on incredible life-changing trips, stepped away from corporate life and pivot turned right into heart-centered independent business ownership.

These experiences have been full of so many emotions and some have been extremely difficult, but the lessons there have changed the shape of me for the better. Instead of blame, fear, stress, self-doubt, guilt, insecurity and shame, I focused on love. Focused on healing, self-awareness, spiritual growth and universal alignment. Focused on energetically shifting myself, my home and my environment. I’ve consciously moved into vulnerability and acceptance, seeing the lessons and tackling them. I’ve learned what it means to be a witness and have worked on paying attention to my intuition. I’ve focused on my empathy and ability to connect with others. I accepted that some connections weren’t going to come along with me on the journey.

So many incredibly lovely people and awesome resources have come my way throughout these experiences. Now I want to help others with the lessons I have learned and the tools that got me through. This year, I plan to follow this new path wherever it leads me and pay it forward along the way. I want to inspire, uplift, encourage and empower others. I want to be of service to and collaborate with those who bring joy, connection, healing, creativity and growth to others. I want to help those people expand and reach as many people as possible.

I plan to write about all these experiences and more.

I plan to paint as much as possible.

I plan to do work that aligns with this path.

I believe that it’s in the sharing of our experiences, creativity, gifts and resources that we truly connect with each other and grow.

So, join me on this new path, won’t you? Come along for the ride. Follow me here and on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Reach out and work with me. Be brave, make comments and share your story. I promise I will do all I can to inspire, uplift, encourage and empower you along the way.

We’re going to make some incredible changes this year. Can you feel it?

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PIVOT with me. PIVOT!

The Art of the Pivot

Join me behind the curtain for this raw episode of my own experience of pivoting my business. Months ago, I made the decision to stop the weekly twitter chat and start this podcast. I was pivoting a huge part of my business. It was a scary time. I was unsure of everything. So, I picked up the microphone to share the reality with you. Because I know you’ll go through something similar in your business and I want you to know that it isn’t wrong or abnormal to feel out of control. It’s a struggle, but you’ll get through it. Trust your gut! You’ve got this!

Show Notes

Nbsp Means

  • What is a pivot in business?
  • My pivot from offering bookkeeping services to providing training to accountants and bookkeepers.
  • The history of running the twitter chat and the need for change
  • What signs to be aware of when considering a pivot in your business?
  • What is your WHY to push you in a new direction?
    • I’ve been creating and moderating conversation for years on the twitter chat
    • Now is the time for me to own my own voice and message
    • But, this is all coming from my passion to help other accountants and bookkeepers succeed in their business – helping them shine, so why shouldn’t show you that I can shine too?
  • The in-between of a pivot might be the hardest part
    • When you know that you are going to change, but you are still planning and what does this new venture look like?
    • How can you organize this pivot to feel like you have some control?
    • Are you ready to make this jump?
    • Are you going to let the fear take over and go backward or is it time to take that leap?
  • Are you really committed to this pivot and embracing that new reality?
    • You have to stick with the pivot for a while and live it
    • If you don’t give the pivot enough time, then you won’t see the true results
      • Are you letting the fear take over?
    • Pivots take time. It takes strategy, analyzing results, and learning new systems to grow in your business
  • Getting through this pivot
    • Trust your gut
    • Research. Research. Research.
    • Have a plan
    • Stay organized
    • Keep doing what you are doing while planning out this change
    • Ask for help – because this is freaking scary!!
    • And trust that you can get through this, but it could lead to the biggest growth in your business too.

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