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安室奈美恵(Namie Amuro), 沖縄市 (Okinawa-shi, Okinawa, Japan). 15,613 likes 14 talking about this. 皆さん、応援よろしくお願いします。 (๑.๑)♡” It is a fan page of Namie Amuro. Thank you, everybody♡. Namie Amuro’s official website.Japanese Only. Would you like to stay in Okinawa? Check out all the hotels in the area here! Related articles ・100 Things to Do in Okinawa, the Beach Island Paradise of Japan, in 2018 ・12 Hotels on Okinawa, Miyako, Ishigaki, and Iriomote Islands for a Perfect Stay in 2018. オールタイム・ベストアルバム「Finally」' (in Japanese). Namie Amuro Official Website. November 8, 2017. Retrieved August 21, 2018. Namie Amuro Official Website. Retrieved August 22, 2018. ^ a b 安室奈美恵のリリース一覧 List of Namie Amuro's Releases (in Japanese). Retrieved June 4, 2014. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. Finally at Namie Amuro's official website. (in Japanese) This page was last edited on 10 November 2020, at 14:43 (UTC). Text is available under the.

Namie Amuro x Taiwanese diva Jolin Tsai. Bewitching Asian collaborative music video

The music video for “I’m Not Yours (feat. Namie Amuro)”, a collaboration between Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai and Namie Amuro, is now up on Jolin Tsai’s official YouTube channel.

Jolin Tsai – I’m Not Yours feat NAMIE AMURO (Official HD MV):

The song is off of Jolin Tsai’s “pei play” album. It is a cool dance tune that is about female identity and is sung in Chinese and English.


The music video takes place in a gorgeous mansion where the two beauties interact with various guests. It is a mysterious and shiny piece that exudes an Asian flavor.

Official website:

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Namie Amuro in 2017
Background information
Birth nameAmuro, Namie
BornSeptember 20, 1977 (age 43)
OriginNaha City, Okinawa, Japan
GenresJ-Pop, R&B, Hip-Pop
Years active1992–1995 (Groop)
1995 – present (Solo)
LabelsToshiba EMI

Namie Amuro (Japanese: 安室 奈美恵) is a Japanese singer, born September 20, 1977 in Naha, Okinawa. She was the top J-Pop star of the 1990s, with a long string of number-one hits.

When she had a baby in the late 1990s her popularity went down, but her albums became popular again when she released Queen of Hip-Hop. Her next album Play became #1. Her 2008 hit single, 60s 70s 80s, sold about 293,000 copies and came #1. That was her first #1 single since 1999.

In July 2008, Namie released her third greatest hits album BEST FICTION, which sold over 1.500,000 copies. It was the year's the most selling female album in Japan and second most selling album of 2008 in Japan. Prototype pc download.

Discography[changechange source]

Studio albums[changechange source]

ReleaseTitleChart Peak (in Japan)Sales Total (JPN)
1995Dance Tracks Vol. 111,865,000
1996Sweet 19 Blues13,360,000
1997Concentration 2011,930,000
2000Genius 20001803,000
Break the Rules2335,000
2005Queen of Hip-Pop2455,000

Compilation albums[changechange source]

Namie Amuro Official Facebook Page

ReleaseTitleChart Peak (in Japan)Sales Total (JPN)
1996Original Tracks Vol. 13419,000
2002Love Enhanced Single Collection3305,000
2008Best Fiction11,550,000

Singles[changechange source]

#TitleRelease dateChart Peak (in Japan)
1Taiyou no SEASON26/04/19955
2Stop the music24/07/19954
3Body Feels EXIT25/10/19953
4Chase the Chance04/12/19951
5Don't wanna cry13/03/19961
6You're my sunshine05/06/19961
7SWEET 19 BLUES21/08/19962
8a walk in the park27/11/19961
9CAN YOU CELEBRATE?19/02/19971
10How to be a Girl21/05/19971
11Dreaming I was dreaming27/11/19971
12I HAVE NEVER SEEN23/12/19981
13RESPECT the POWER OF LOVE17/03/19992
14toi et moi07/07/19993
16LOVE 200001/01/20004
17NEVER END12/07/20002
19think of me/no more tears24/01/20017
20Say the word08/08/20013
21I WILL14/02/20027
22Wishing On The Same Star11/09/20022
23shine more05/03/20038
24Put 'Em Up16/07/20037
25SO CRAZY/Come16/10/20038
27ALL FOR YOU22/07/20046
28GIRL TALK/the SPEED STAR14/10/20042
29WANT ME, WANT ME06/04/20052
30White Light/Violet Sauce16/11/20057
31CAN'T SLEEP, CAN'T EAT, I'M SICK/Ningyo17/05/20062
32Baby Don't Cry24/01/20073
33FUNKY TOWN04/04/20073
3460s 70s 80s12/03/20081
36Break It/Get Myself Back28/07/20103
37NAKED/Fight Together/Tempest27/07/20112
38Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!/Love Story07/12/20113
39Go Round/YEAH-OH21/03/20124
40Big Boys Cry/Beautiful06/03/20134
42BRIGHTER DAY12/11/20148
43Red Carpet02/12/20152
46Dear Diary/Fighter26/10/20163
47Just You And I31/05/20176

Awards[changechange source]

Namie Amuro Official Website Site

1995Japan Record Awards – Excellence Prize (Song by 'Try Me' w/ Super Monkey's)
1996Golden Arrow Awards – Music Award
Best Dresser Awards – Female
Idol Music Awards – Best Idol
Japan Record Awards – Excellence Prize (Song by 'Don't Wanna Cry')
Japan Record Awards – Best Album (Album by 'Sweet 19 Blues')
Japan Record Awards – The Award (Song by 'Don't Wanna Cry')
1997Japan Gold Disc Awards – Best 5 Artist
Japan Gold Disc Awards – Best 5 Single (Song by 'Don't Wanna Cry')
Japan Gold Disc Awards – Music Video
Japan Gold Disc Awards – The Award (Song by 'Can You Celebrate?')
Japan Record Sales Awards – Best Single (Song by 'Can You Celebrate?)
Japan Record Awards – Excellence Prize (Song by 'Can You Celebrate?')
Japan Record Awards – The Award (Song by 'Can You Celebrate?')
1998Japan Gold Disc Awards – Pop Album of the Year (Album by 'Concentration 20')
Japan Gold Disc Awards – Song of the Year (Song by 'Can You Celebrate?')
1999Japan Gold Disc Awards – Pop Album of the Year (Album by '181920')
All Japan Request Awards – Tadashi Yoshida Award (Song by 'Something 'bout the Kiss')
2000Citizen in Honor, Naha City, Okinawa
All Japan Request Awards – Millennium Special Award (Song by 'Never End')
Japan Record Awards – Special Award (Song by 'Never End')
2002MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2002 – Inspiration Award Japan
2003MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2003 – Best Collaboration (w/ Suite Chic)
2004MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2004 – Best R&B Video
MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2004 – buzzAsia from Japan
2005MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2005 – Best R&B Video (Song by 'Girl Talk')
MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2005 – Most Impressivle Performing Artist in Asia
2007MTV Student Voice Awards 2007 – 'Student Voice' Respect Award
2008Space Shower Music Video Awards 08 – Best Female Video (Song by 'Hide & Seek')
MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2008 – Best R&B Video (Song by 'Hide & Seek')
Japan Record Awards – Best Album (Album by 'Best Fiction')
2009Japan Gold Disc Awards – Best 10 Album (Album by 'Best Fiction')
Space Shower Music Video Awards 09 – MVA09 Best Artist
Space Shower Music Video Awards 09 – Best Female Video (Song by 'New Look')
MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2009 – Best Female Video (Song by 'New Look')
MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2009 – Best R&B Video (Song by 'Sexy Girl')

Namie Amuro Come

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