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  • That 1911 was accurate and I still regret selling it. If you decide to buy that pistol and have the upgrades done, you will have tack driver if your pistolsmith knows what he's doing. One other thing, scrap the Norinco mags and get a couple of Metalform or Wilson mags.
  • SERIAL NUMBER zMust be on the. Pistols 1911 Type Serial Number Location TOCTOC LAW ENFORCEMENT USE ONLY. Manufacturer: NORINCO Model: MAK 90 Sporter Caliber: 7.
  • Made in China by Norinco on the left side.ModelM1911A1 and cal 45ACP on the right side. Blued finish and very well done at that.No rough edges or sloppy machine work Really a very well made gun. Serial number is low as well #1000xx If any one has a link to dating these feel free to post it.
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Duplicate Serial Numbers: Colt manufactured 60,000 pistols in the Ithaca serial number range (804), 41,696 in the Remington Rand serial number range.

  • Ammo Type:Centrefire
  • Action Type:Semi Automatic
  • Bore Diameter:0.452
  • Calibre:.45 ACP
  • Serial Number:Ba39502

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Norinco 1911 Ranger .45ACP
Stainless steel barell
Almost like new condition. Tiny mark from holster wear.
Selling as i am funding a rifle.
Comes with:
6 Magazines
200 copper hawk cast projectiles
About 500 empty brass shells
Lee carbide .45ACP dies set of 4
Original box manual and tools
Amazing gun and lots of fun.
Sorry to sell. Im offering this set at a fantastic deal.
All this would retail new at $1000
This gun has hardley been used and looks and feels and shoots like new.
Get yourself a bargain. The price i have put down is literally my bottom dollar. I will not accept offers so please if your not serious dont contact me. For this price, im after a quick sale.

Date Listed: 09/03/2020

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Glock Adjustable sight. Suits 17,19,20 and others. LPA, Fiber Optic


As with many replicas, roll markings are minimal. The left side is stamped with “Regent 1911-A1” and the right side is blank. The font is well done. It must be said the overall fit and finish of the Regent seems just a little nicer than most of its competition at $500 or below. This 1911 utilizes a series 80 style firing pin safety. Unloaded weight: 39.2oz Slide: Cast carbon steel Frame: Forged carbon steel Country of origin: Turkey Approximate 2015 street price: $550 Para GI Expert Para Ordnance introduced the GI Expert in 2009 and I picked up one up solely for this thread.

Oct 11, 2016 Not all Norinco 1911's were imported through C.S.I. There were two other major importers but their names escape me right now. I believe the top range of serial numbers before the ban was in the the range of 600,XXX to low 700,XXX. Good Morning, I am trying to date a couple of old Norinco 1911 pistols. Both are Government Models and feature 401XXXX and 408XXXX serial numbers respectively.

Only thing I hated about the pistol was it original had fake white ivory grips that I immediately disposed of. This is my second Norinco and I am planning to replace a few more parts on it after I shoot a couple hundred more rounds through it. Planning on installing a USGI 1911A1 trigger, Ed Brown firing pin, Ed Brown extractor, Wilson Combat spring kit to include sear, Ed Brown rebuild kit, Ed Brown extended mag release, and then with potentially installing a tactical thumb safety and Wilson Combat snag free sights. The pistol does have holster wear and an unknown round count, but I'm planning on having the pistol cerakoated with the frame being OD and the slide being black. The barrel will stay original for quite some time until I shoot it out or decide to save the funds and replace it.

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Sep 24, 2014 Just got one like this (no 'Norinco', or 'Made in China' markings, 903XXX serial). CanadaAmmo still has some in stock (no idea, how many). Just stripped it down - cannot find any hidden markings, either - just a scratched by hand part of the serial number on the barrel and the magazines.

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I see that it is worth keeping and enjoying it. A friend of mine said he would just hold it for me if I needed some cash to get the scooter repaired and give it back to me with something for his trouble. As I cleaned it up some and oiled it it 'thus shiny in the pics' that reminded me of my days in the military when I carried a 45 cal. Good feelings and thoughts of those days even though it was a while back. Probably a good rule not being able to post in the for sale section for 30 days after joining or I would of posted it and sold it already. If for some reason I do let it go, I will come back and post it on this site where someone who would enjoy it can get it and enjoy it.

One trademark of the Colt Gold Cup is the wide trigger that is nearly the same width as the trigger guard. This gives the pistol a unique feel. As I mentioned, mine is the “Trophy” model, which Colt began to produce in the late 90’s. Its all stainless, with a three hole trigger and skeletonized hammer, which the older Gold Cup National Match doesn’t have. It also features wrap around grips to secure your hands to an otherwise smooth front strap. Roll markings are a bit cratered, which is common for newer production Colts, but are otherwise tastefully done.

So, the gun's 'on' plenty good for me and for the uses I'll put it to. Observations: I have continued to be pleased with this pistol's reliability. Roughly, 1200 rnds plus have been fired with zero malfunctions. Ejected cases are not dented or bent and ejection remains positive. The home trigger-job which was done on this pistol continues to remain true and crisp.

There is no checkering to speak of, nor any memory pad on the end of the grip safety. It does come standard with an ambi safety, target sights, and a magwell. Grundfos cu 352 manual. The dark wood grips work well with its color scheme and vertical serrations are my favorite. Its rare to see them on an enhanced gun. In typical Colt fashion, the slide to frame fit is fairly loose.

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The double diamond checkered wood grips with the “US” badge are obviously not traditional 1911A1 GI equipment, but look very nice. Roll marking is quite clean with just “MODEL 1911-A1” on the left side of the slide and nothing on the right. The gun has shot well for me.

These guns command some high prices on the used market already. If you can find one, that is, because RRA wasn’t in the 1911 business long and didn't build many when they were. This 1911 uses no firing pin safety.

Newer Ed Browns use a slightly different style in terms of marking. I prefer the old markings, but both look nice. Grips are double diamond checkered cocobolo, the sights are combat style night sights, and the recoil spring guide is the standard plug setup. This is one of the most accurate commanders I ever shot, bar none.

I think I did OK. BTW, I picked up a RIA a few weeks ago in a trade, and it seems to be a pretty solid 1911.

Here we have full stainless construction, a nicely contoured beavertail grip safety, a beveled magwell, a good trigger, white dot combat sights, a steel mainspring housing, and beautiful double diamond wood grips with the Ruger emblem inlayed on each side. Roll markings are minimal, with 'Ruger Made in USA' on the left side and simply the Ruger emblem stamped on the right. These markings coupled with the absence of front cocking serrations make the SR one of the nicest looking 1911s on the current market. Another feature of this gun that I like is actually something that was left out, a firing pin safety. I don't like any of them and this gun is true to original spec in that aspect. The SR1911 also uses a standard GI plug up front and a single sided thumb safety.

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As far as the gun itself is concerned, its decked out with all the modern options you see today, including an ambi safety, a 30lpi checkered front strap and mainspring housing, a flattened and serrated slide top, a very high hand frame cut, and a full length guide rod. The finish is a high luster bluing and the gun features an attractive French border around the slide and a recessed slide stop. The Valtro also has a slight “melt job” on the sharp corners, which gives it a unique look. The grips are classic looking double diamond checkered walnut with Valtro medallions and the sights are adjustable target style. Slide markings are well done and my gun has the smaller text, done on the later guns compared to the model pictured on the website.

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This 1911 uses no firing pin safety. Unloaded weight: 39.2oz Slide: Forged stainless steel Frame: Forged stainless steel Country of origin: United States Approximate 2015 street price: $2200 Les Baer SRP My other Les Baer is their flagship duty gun, the Swift Response Pistol or SRP.

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