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Quick start - version 1.10

Olly Debugger is one of the most used Ring 3 debuggers for 32bit programs for Microsoft® Windows®. It is a dynamic debugger that enables the user to change the source code while the program is running.

Read this for quick start. Consult help file for details and more features.

  • Aug 11, 2015 A debugger installed: IDA, ollydbg, etc. (ollydbg will be used in examples) Step 1 Test the Program. First, run the program that you are attempting to reverse engineer and try to activate it with a random key to verify that you need a valid software key to proceed. This is to verify that we can come up with the keys. Step 2 Run the Program in a.
  • This version of OllyDbg is moded to be undetectable by protectors or protecting formulas, it is fast and with most needed plugins for everyday cracking! A few fixes where done, some where reported by the users thanks to them some changes in code for hidding and of course speed is as always even or better.
  • OllyDbg is not available for Mac but there are some alternatives that runs on macOS with similar functionality. The most popular Mac alternative is IDA.It's not free, so if you're looking for a free alternative, you could try Ghidra or radare2.
  • This is the first of my tutorials in using olly debugger and cracking a program using it. I will be uploading many more tutorials covering varying difficulti.

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Installation is not necessary. Create new directory and unpack odbg110.zip - now you can start!

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Pop-up menus display only items that apply. Frequently used menu functions:Ollydbg
FunctionWindowMenu commandShortcut
Edit memory as binary, ASCII or UNICODE stringDisassembler, Stack
Binary EditCtrl+E
Undo changesDisassembler, Dump
Undo selection
Run applicationMainDebug RunF9
Run to selectionDisassemblerBreakpoint Run to selectionF4
Execute till returnMainDebug Execute till returnCtrl+F9
Execute till user codeMainDebug Execute till user codeAlt+F9
Set/reset INT3 breakpointDisassembler
Names, Source
Breakpoint Toggle
Toggle breakpoint
Set/edit conditional INT3 breakpointDisassembler
Names, Source
Breakpoint Conditional
Conditional breakpoint
Set/edit conditional logging breakpoint (logs into the Log window)Disassembler
Names, Source
Breakpoint Conditional log
Conditional log breakpoint
Temporarily disable/restore INT3 breakpointBreakpointsDisable
Set memory breakpoint (only one is allowed)Disassembler, DumpBreakpoint Memory, on access
Breakpoint Memory, on write
Remove memory breakpointDisassembler, DumpBreakpoint Remove memory breakpoint
Set hardware breakpoint (ME/NT/2000 only)Disassembler, DumpBreakpoint Hardware (select type and size!)
Remove hardware breakpointMainDebug Hardware breakpoints
Set single-short break on access to memory block (NT/2000 only)MemorySet break-on-accessF2
Set break on module, thread, debug string OptionsEvents
Set new originDisassemblerNew origin here
Display list of all symbolic namesDisassembler, Dump
Search for Name (label)
View names
Context-sensitive help (requires external help file!)Disassembler, NamesHelp on symbolic nameCtrl+F1
Find all references in code to selected address rangeDisassembler
Find references to Command
Find references
Find all references in code to the constantDisassemblerFind references to Constant
Search for All constants
Search whole allocated memoryMemory Search
Search next

Go to address or value of expressionDisassembler
Go to Expression
Go to expression
Go to previous address/run trace itemDisassemblerGo to PreviousMinus
Go to next address/run trace itemDisassemblerGo to NextPlus
Go to previous procedureDisassemblerGo to Previous procedureCtrl+Minus
Go to next procedureDisassemblerGo to Next procedureCtrl+Plus
View executable fileDisassembler, Dump, ModulesView Executable file
Copy changes to executable fileDisassemblerCopy to executable file
Analyse executable codeDisassemblerAnalysis Analyse codeCtrl+A
Scan object files and librariesDisassemblerScan object filesCtrl+O
View resourcesModules, MemoryView all resources
View resource strings
Suspend/resume threadThreadsSuspend
Display relative addressesDisassembler, Dump, StackDoubleclick address
CopyMost of windowsCopy to clipboardCtrl+C
Frequently used global shortcuts:

Ollydbg For Macvirtuallasopa Mac

Ctrl+F2Restart program
Alt+F2Close program
F3Open new program
F5Maximize/restore active window
Alt+F5Make OllyDbg topmost
F7Step into (entering functions)
Ctrl+F7Animate into (entering functions)
F8Step over (executing function calls at once)
Ctrl+F8Animate over (executing function calls at once)
Shift+F9Pass exception to standard handler and run
Ctrl+F9Execute till return
Alt+F9Execute till user code
Ctrl+F11Trace into
Ctrl+F12Trace over
Alt+BOpen Breakpoints window
Alt+COpen CPU window
Alt+EOpen Modules window
Alt+LOpen Log window
Alt+MOpen Memory window
Alt+OOpen Options dialog
Ctrl+TSet condition to pause Run trace
Alt+XClose OllyDbg
Frequently used Disasembler shortcuts:
F2Toggle breakpoint
Shift+F2Set conditional breakpoint
F4Run to selection
Alt+F7Go to previous reference
Alt+F8Go to next reference
Ctrl+AAnalyse code
Ctrl+BStart binary search
Ctrl+CCopy selection to clipboard
Ctrl+EEdit selection in binary format
Ctrl+FSearch for a command
Ctrl+GFollow expression
Ctrl+JShow list of jumps to selected line
Ctrl+KView call tree
Ctrl+LRepeat last search
Ctrl+NOpen list of labels (names)
Ctrl+OScan object files
Ctrl+RFind references to selected command
Ctrl+SSearch for a sequence of commands
Asterisk (*)Origin
EnterFollow jump or call
Plus (+)Go to next location/next run trace item
Minus (-)Go to previous location/previous run trace item
Space ( )Assemble
Colon (:)Add label
Semicolon (;)Add comment

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