Olympus is a leading manufacturer of microscopes for life science and industry. With over 100 years of experience developing microscopes, we offer innovative optical solutions for many applications. Explore our microscopes for education, training, laboratories, and leading-edge research in the life science fields, such as pathology and cytology. Check out our latest laser scanning, super resolution, stereo, upright, inverted, and research macro zoom microscope systems by clicking the links below.

Engages in the manufacture and sale of precision machineries and instruments. It operates through the following segments: Medical, Scientific Solutions, Imaging, and Others. M.Zuiko Digital ED 12mm 1:2.0 Black Olympus M.ZUIKO Digital ED 45mm F1.8 (Black) Lens for Olympus and Panasonic Micro 4/3 Cameras Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 75mm f/1.8 Telephoto Lens for Micro Four Thirds Olympus 260231 Olympus MF-1 OM Lens Adapter - Front Mount Zuiko 9-18mm f/4.0-5.6 E-ED Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens Olympus Lens Converter Fisheye FCON-P01 - 261552 Macro Lens. However, in Olympus' lineup the 4 year old E-M1mk II is a better camera for about the same price. In the case of the E-M5 III, Olympus oddly chose to make the battery smaller while keeping 300 shots per charge when they could have kept the same battery and increased the paltry battery life.

Upright Microscopes

Olympus upright microscopes offer excellent ergonomics for comfortable operation and high-quality optics for high color reproducibility. Modular options enable different observation styles like brightfield, darkfield, polarization, phase contrast, and fluorescence. Shop a range of manual and automated upright microscope models ideal for pathology and cytology research, clinical laboratory research, and more.

Stereo Microscopes

Olympus stereo microscopes combine high-quality optics with great ergonomics for comfortable observation and excellent image quality at low and high magnification. Speed up routine research with a wide zoom ratio for smooth macro-to-micro viewing. Check out our stereo microscope models ideal for brightfield, oblique, and advanced fluorescence observation.

Inverted Microscopes

Our lineup of high-performance inverted microscopes can enable the accuracy and repeatability you need for efficient research experiments. Discover our range of Olympus inverted microscope systems, such as super resolution, compound, TIRF imaging, and confocal microscopy solutions. Find high-resolution microscope models ideal for routine experiments, fluorescence imaging, and dynamic live cell observation.

Research Macro Zoom Microscopes

Learn more about the Olympus MVX10 research macro zoom microscope. This high-precision microscope bridges the gap between macro and micro observation and provides outstanding brightness and resolution. Enable advanced fluorescence imaging of whole organisms as well as detailed observation of gene expression at the cellular level.

Super Resolution Microscopes

Olympus super resolution microscopes offer ultrafast imaging speeds to quickly reveal super resolution details in 3D samples and live cell experiments. Check out our IXplore SpinSR microscope system, which enables prolonged cell viability in time-lapse experiments. Acquire sharp super resolution microscopy images with less blurring even in thick samples.

Laser Scanning Microscopes

Rocksmith mac free. Olympus’ confocal and multiphoton laser scanning microscopes are designed to meet some of the most difficult challenges in modern science. Our microscopes deliver the high sensitivity and speed required for live cell experiments and deep tissue imaging. Explore our laser scanning microscope solutions to suit applications in fields like cell biology, neuroscience, cancer research, and stem cell research.

Solutions-Based Systems

Our solutions-based microscope systems are designed for specific applications, such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) for assisted reproductive technology, long-duration cell bioluminescence imaging, high-precision virtual slide scanning, and physiological experiments. Olympus solutions-based microscope systems offer quality optics, speed, and flexibility.

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Olympus or Olympos (Ancient Greek: Ὄλυμπος) may refer to:


In antiquity[edit]


  • Mount Olympus in Thessaly, northern Greece, the home of the twelve gods of Olympus in Greek mythology
  • Mount Olympus (Lesvos), located in Lesbos
  • Mount Olympus (Euboea), located in Euboea
  • Mount Olympus (Attica), located in East Attica
  • Mount Olympus (Skyros), located in Skyros
  • Mount Lykaion, located in Arcadia


  • Mysian Olympus (present-day Uludağ), in northwest Turkey
  • Paphlagonian Olympus (present-day Arıt Dağı near Bartın)
  • Mount Nif (present-day Nif Dağı in Aegean Turkey)
  • Lycian Olympus (present-day Tahtalı Dağı near Kemer)


  • Mount Olympus (Cyprus), the highest point (1952 m) on the island of Cyprus

In modern times[edit]

United States[edit]

  • Mount Olympus (Washington), on the Olympic Peninsula
  • Mount Olympus (Utah), on the Wasatch Front
  • Mount Olympus (San Francisco), in the Ashbury Heights neighborhood

New Zealand[edit]

  • Mount Olympus, the 2,096-meter mountain range, which contains Mount Olympus Ski Area, located in the South Island of New Zealand

Solar System[edit]

Olympus Imaging Corp

  • Olympus Mons (Mars), the tallest known volcano and mountain in the Solar System


  • Olympus (musician), two semi-mythical musicians from the time of Ancient Greece



  • Olympos, Karpathos, a town on the island of Karpathos
  • Dio-Olympos, Pieria, a municipal unit in the foothills of the mythic Mount Olympus


  • Olympos (Lycia), village in the heart of the Olympos coastal national park

United States[edit]

  • Mount Olympus, Los Angeles, a neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills, California
  • Mount Olympus, Indiana, an unincorporated place
  • Mount Olympus, Utah, a census-designated place


  • Olympus Corporation, a Japanese medical, scientific solution, optics and imaging company
  • Olympus tension leg platform, an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Rolls-Royce Olympus, a jet engine and marine turbine
  • Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
  • Olympus, a codename for the third version of phpBB, phpBB3


  • Olympos (novel), a science fiction novel by American author Dan Simmons
  • Olympus Rally, a motorsport event in the Washington State, USA
  • Olympus (Marvel Comics), a fictional location in Marvel Comics
  • Olympus (TV series), a 2015 Canadian fantasy television series

Olympus Usa Website


Olympus Pen

  • Olympus (sculpture), a public artwork by Charles Ginnever in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US
  • Olympus, a New Zealand company sailing ship the brought 159 settlers to Wellington, New Zealand, in 1840
  • Olympus, an alternate name for Bigelow Aerospace's BA 2100 spacecraft
  • FC Olimp Ungheni, the name of the Moldovan football club CS Moldova-03 Ungheni during 2008-2011
  • Olympus High School, a high school in Utah, USA
  • USS Mount Olympus (AGC-8), a World War II US Navy ship
  • Olympus-1, damaged and decommissioned communications satellite
  • Optare Olympus, a British double-decker bus

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