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  • On solid ground From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English on solid ground on solid ground confident because you are dealing with a subject you are sure about, or because you are in a safe situation To make sure that he was on solid ground, he confirmed his findings with others. → solid Examples from the Corpus on solid ground. Our.
  • For example, in Solid, these are Smooth, Edge, Retro, Big, Power and Crush. Around the central logo, you also get the Amount and Slam controls. The former allows you to blend in just how much the Mix Preset settings alter the sound of the underlying kit, while Slam applies some overall compression.

'The Deep: Chapter 8' An Immersive Sound Installation, Allovers, Mark Stewart: Music by All Folks Present: a 21st century Hootenanny, Huckleberry Mobile Studio, Naturalist Hikes. Free powerpoint software for pc. Get Solid Sound.


On Solid Ground Llc

Please note that our music products are specifically compiled for the fitness market.

Due to license agreements, Solid Sound fitness music products can only be sold to aerobic instructors, fitness clubs, sports clubs, schools or health care institutes.

By placing an order for these products you accept these conditions and confirm to use our music products only within the framework of fitness exercises.

Solid Sound creates mixes especially for the fitness and dance industry. These are delivered to fitness clubs all over Europe. All the mixes that Solid Sound delivers are unique and only original music is used.

These high end mixes can be used for all lessons in fitness clubs like Aerobic, Steps, Toning/Shape, Thai Bo, etc. The individual components have their own range, with their own music and speed, specially mixed for that part.


Wilco Solid Sound 2019

All audio carriers are officially products of Swedebeat Media Group AB and licensed by IFPI and NCB.

Solid Sound Music is a Michigan-based mobile DJ service with branches in Grand Rapids and Traverse City. We service the entire state of Michigan** (and surrounding areas), and have even done events on Mackinac Island. We specialize in weddings, but also service school dances, office parties, private functions, and other special occasions, as well as live music for clubs, bars, and other venues.
Solid Sound Music aims to make your event as wonderful as possible. We communicate with you every step of the way to ensure quality in all aspects of pre-event, mid-event, and post-event interactions. You can count on Solid Sound Music to deliver music and lights tailored to 'the stars' of the event, while keeping your mind at ease. We are there to facilitate a great atmosphere, not steal the show. From the initial planning straight through the event itself, Solid Sound Music promises to be professional, adaptable, and reliable.
Call or email today, and let's discuss the perfect music and lighting for your event. We look forward to working with you!
Matt Plessner
** - travel fees may apply