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on edge

Anxious and tense A: 'Why is Carrie pacing?' B: 'She's waiting for the doctor to call with her test results, so she's been on edge all day.'
On The Edgegamerate
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on edge

1.Lit. on something's own edge. Can you stand a dime on edge?You should store these crates on edge, not lying flat.
2.Fig. nervous. (As if one were balanced as in {2}. See also on the edge.) I have really been on edge lately.Why are you so on edge?
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on edge

Tense, nervous, irritable, as in We were all on edge as we waited for the surgeon's report. This expression transfers the edge of a cutting instrument to one's feelings. [Late 1800s] Also see on the edge; set one's teeth on edge.
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on edge

COMMON If someone is on edge, they are anxious and unable to relax. She seemed a bit on edge the whole evening, which I put down to work stress.
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on edge

tense, nervous, or irritable.
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on ˈedge

nervous, worried or anxious: Most people feel on edge before exams.
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on edge

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