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Osirix mac free

Osirix Viewer For Windows

PostDICOM is one of the best DICOM viewers that offers almost all of the above. OsiriX Lite, the free demo version, is the solution. OsiriX Lite is available for Mac computers running macOS. OsiriX Lite enables you to view your medical images at.

Osirix Viewer

Virtua Viewers

Codonics offers the industry's leading viewers

Virtua allows you to include the industry's leading viewers for a host of modalities.

Choose from viewers for general radiology to specialized viewers for CT, MR, Ultrasound and PET. Click the links below to navigate through each viewer, or call Codonics and ask for our Virtua Sales Department for more information.

Codonics Clarity Viewer
For CT, MR,
Ultrasound and PET

Codonics Clarity
3D/Fusion Viewer

eFilm Lite
For PACS and
general radiology

OsiriX Viewer
For PACS and
general radiology

Siemens ACOM.PC Lite
For Cardiac

Siemens syngo fastView
For PACS and
general radiology

Siemens syngo
For PACS and
general radiology

Siemens syngo
Media Viewer

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Osirix Dicom Viewer