Packet Tracer 6.2 2.4

  • Dec 19, 2019 Packet Tracer 6.2 has been released in february 2015 with version number (Packet Tracer 6.2 build 52). This new version is available in two versions which can be downloaded on Cisco networking Academy (netacad) platform: 'Cisco Packet Tracer Student' and 'Cisco Packet Tracer Instructor'.
  • CCNA 2 Lab: Packet Tracer - Configuring Trunks Instructions Answers file completed free download.pdf file Answers 100%. Packet Tracer Configuring Trunks Instructions. User Manual: Open the PDF directly: View PDF. Navigation menu. Packet Tracer - Server Firewalls and Router ACLs - ILM.docx Packet Tracer - Using File and Data Integrity Checks - ILM.docx Packet Tracer - Router and Switch Resilience - ILM.docx Packet Tracer - Router and Switch Redundancy - ILM.docx Packet Tracer - Configuring VPN Tunnel Mode - ILM.docx. CCNA 2 v7 Lab 6.2.4 Packet Tracer – Configure EtherChannel Instructions Answer.pdf.pka file download completed 100% scored 2019 2020 2021. Packet Tracer – Configuring Basic EIGRP with IPv4

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Packet Tracer – Configuring Basic EIGRP with IPv4 (Answer Version)

6.2 2.4 Packet Tracer Configuring Trunks Answers

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Topology Packet Tracer – Configuring Basic EIGRP with IPv4

Addressing Table

DeviceInterfaceIP AddressSubnet MaskDefault Gateway


Part 1: Configure EIGRP

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Part 2: Verify EIGRP Routing


In this activity, you will implement basic EIGRP configurations including network commands, passive interfaces and disabling automatic summarization. You will then verify your EIGRP configuration using a variety of show commands and testing end-to-end connectivity.

Part 1: Configure EIGRP

Step 1: Enable the EIGRP routing process.

Enable the EIGRP routing process on each router using AS number 1. The configuration for R1 is shown.

What is the range of numbers that can be used for AS numbers? 1 – 65,535

Step 2: Advertise directly connected networks.

  1. Use the show ip route command to display the directly connected networks on each router.
    • How can you tell the difference between subnet addresses and interface addresses? Subnets are identified with a “C” and link addresses are identified with an “L”.
  2. On each router, configure EIGRP to advertise the specific directly connected subnets. The configuration for R1 is shown.

Packet Tracer Answers

Step 3: Configure passive interfaces.

Configure the LAN interfaces to not advertise EIGRP updates. The configuration for R1 is shown.

Step 4: Disable automatic summarization.

The topology contains discontiguous networks. Therefore, disable automatic summarization on each router. The configuration for R1 is shown.

Note: Prior to IOS 15 auto-summary had to be manually disabled.

Step 5: Save the configurations.

Part 2: Verify EIGRP Routing

Step 1: Examine neighbor adjacencies.

  1. Which command displays the neighbors discovered by EIGRP? show ip eigrp neighbors
  2. All three routers should have two neighbors listed. The output for R1 should look similar to the following:

Step 2: Display the EIGRP routing protocol parameters.

  1. What command displays the parameters and other information about the current state of any active IPv4 routing protocol processes configured on the router? show ip protocols
  2. On R2, enter the command you listed for 2a and answer the following questions: Packet Tracer Answers

How many routers are sharing routing information with R2? 2

Where is this information located under? Routing Information Sources

What is the maximum hop count? 100

Step 3: Verify end-to-end connectivity

PC1, PC2 and PC3 should now be able to ping each other. If not, troubleshoot your EIGRP configurations.

Suggested Scoring Rubric

Activity SectionQuestion LocationPossible PointsEarned Points
Part 1: Configure EIGRPStep 12
Step 2a2
Part 1 Total4
Part 2: Verify EIGRP RoutingStep 1a5
Step 2a5
Step 2b6
Part 2 Total16
Packet Tracer Score80
Total Score100

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