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Patagonia cloning software
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In this paper we present the installation and the configuration of Patagonia, a novel “Cluster of PCs ” that can be used alternatively as a compute farm for computation or as a classroom for education. The Patagonia cluster is built from off-the-shelf PC hardware but is equipped with a high-speed network between the computers to enable parallel and distributed computation. Based on the availability of fast disks and the high-speed network we propose “partition cloning ” as a novel approach to software distribution and operating system maintenance in the cluster. We also discuss the multi-boot setup that allows us to configure and operate different operating systems for research and education with the least possible interference. Our work includes a security setup that protects the operating systems against each other and a network server concept that can provide one and the same individual filespace for users (i.e. home directories) transparently to a UNIX and Windows NT workstation clients. We evaluate the performance of our software distribution by “partition cloning ” over the Gigabit Ethernet network and found an important application of high-speed networking technology that goes beyond parallel computing. As an example of a dedicated software utility for clusters we introduce our cluster administration tool, that was written at our site to maintain and reboot the cluster with ease. Microsoft word 2003 free download for pc. The Patagonia setup shows that it is possible to find a common denominator among the different requirements of a PC installation for computation and for education or more general business use. A dual use installation of this kind can greatly improve the utilization of fast PC workstations over their entire lifecycle. 1

Patagonia Cloning Software For Mac

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