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Perfect World Mobile is a mobile RPG for Android and iOS which had its global release on September 4th. It’s based on the well-known MMORPG: “Perfect World”. The game is free-to-play and is monetized through the freemium model. This means that while you can play the game for free, there’s a premium currency called gold ingots which you can obtain through in-app purchases. Gold ingots are used to get scrolls, stones, outfits and much more.

Elitepvpers MMORPGs Perfect World: PerfectWorld Dupe hack You last visited: Today at 11:21. Please register to post and access all features, it's quick, easy. Multy,Jump,Zoom HackPerfectWorld MY v13 - Perfect World - 4 Replies Well here is the hacked elementclient.exe for version 13 of Perfect World MY. I did not create the.exe I am just sharing:D Credits to b0tt3r for doing it for me:o Have fun = About Perfectworld hack - General Coding - 0 Replies. You need a cheat engine to dupe it takes alot of work to do this i got to code so don't worry here the information use odbg to do the dupe hack & tele hack also You must have Full Access to view 12Sky Dupe Hack and Twelve Sky Hacks!

Gold ingots are quite important in the game, but buying them can be quite an expensive endeavor. The most expensive pack of 6000 gold ingots costs a staggering $100! But what if you could obtain gold ingots without having to spend a dime? There are several sites out there that offer cheat codes or hack tools. They claim that you can use the tools they offer on their site to obtain thousands of Gold Ingots within minutes completely for free.

But is that really the case? Could getting free Gold Ingots really be that simple or are they nothing more than a waste of time? We decided to put them to the test to once and for all find out if they really work or not. We’ll of course share the results of our tests with you, so keep reading!

  • This is a hacked client which is stressing rotmg servers in order to crash realm. Instructions: You juste have to type /dupe in the chat when realm is shacking and quickly trade your stuff!! There are also 2 basic hacks included: Aimbot and autonexus. There is no hack menu!
  • Perfect World International, also called PWI, is a hit new MMORPG in the vein of World of Warcraft or Silk Road. It's also currently able to be exploited using the free game hacking tool, Cheat Engine. This tutorial shows you how to use Cheat Engine to hack your copy of Perfect World International for more coins, a higher level and more in game resources. No cheat codes required, just open up.


Perfect World Mobile Hacks

If you’ve been looking for ways to get free Gold Ingots then you’ve most likely encountered websites that offer you Gold Ingots generators or hacks. There are quite a few of those sites out there and they’re not hard to find. Usually they offer you a generator that looks something like this:

As you can see in the screenshot, it looks pretty basic but believable enough. However, in order to find out if it will actually give us the 10,000 free Gold Ingots that it promises we had to put it to the test, so that’s what we did!

Do they really work?

We found several websites that all offer generators or hacks similar to the screenshot you see above and we tested them all. But unfortunately, we didn’t receive a single Gold Ingot from any of them. They do not work at all!

These websites try really hard to convince you that their generator will work. Oftentimes, they have some sort of “proof” that they work attached to them. This proof can be in the form of screenshots, videos, a recent activity log or sometimes even a live chat box. But do not let that fool you, the proof is just as fake as the generator itself.

Total war: warhammer - the grim and the grave download for mac os. Think about it, if getting free gold ingots was really as simple as typing your username in a generator and pressing a few buttons the developers of the game would patch it in no time and ban any account that had used it. After all, they’d lose out on huge amounts of revenue if they didn’t.

Perfect World Mobile Cheat Codes

In addition to the websites that offer gold ingots generators there are also those that offer cheat codes. They have codes displayed on their websites that you can supposedly use to unlock any in-app purchase in Perfect World Mobile for free.

The cheat codes they give you look something like this:

Growth Fund – Wi3nOQQd29R_32Xo
Prestige Card – Nwo93QPDzR_NR22
6000 Gold ingots – PQeMo302_55QR

However, while these cheat codes might look legitimate, they are not. You cannot enter cheat codes anywhere in Perfect World Mobile! The codes these sites provide you with are nothing more than a randomly generated string of numbers and letters, so they are completely useless. There are no working cheat codes for Perfect World Mobile.

However, what you can do is enter the official competition from Wuxia for a chance to get redeem codes.

In addition, there’s another way to get free Gold Ingots in Perfect World Mobile that we’ve discovered. Want to learn more? Keep reading and we’ll tell you all about it.

How to get free Gold Ingots legitimately

We’ve discovered a method of obtaining free Gold Ingots that doesn’t involve any hacking or cheating. This means that you do not have to worry about getting your account banned when using our method because you’re not breaking any of the game rules. Of course, since this method is legitimate it does require you to invest some of your time to get the free Gold Ingots, but this method is guaranteed to work (we’ve used it numerous times ourselves).

To give you a proper explanation of our method we’ve created a short step-by-step guide that’ll show you exactly what to do to get your hands on free Gold Ingots. And it doesn’t stop there: with this method you’re also able to get access to free growth Funds, Prestige Cards and much more.

Perfect World Item Dupe Hack 2017

Our guide works on both the Android and iOS version of the game without the need to root or jailbreak your phone.

Oh, and best of all, the guide is available completely for free with no human verification required!

If you’re ready to learn the only working method of getting free Gold Ingots in Perfect World Mobile then simply click the blue button below to get instant access to our free guide!

Perfect World Hack

Outer Worlds Item Dupe

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Today we release another free hack tool for all you MMORPG game lovers: Perfect World Hack v2.70! With the use of this hack program you will be able to generate any amounts of Zen and Gold for your account in a matter of minutes! Just follow the steps provided below and then enjoy this game with unlimited currency. Cool!

So as you may already know, Perfect World is a top 3D adventure and fantasy MMORPG with traditional Chinese settings. You take on various roles depending on your choice of race. Then you will need to develop skills over time and level up via completing quests. Use the Zen and Gold amounts to upgrade your physical and magical weapons, then team up with other players to fight evil. Don’t let yourselves fooled by the game developers when they try to induce you into buying premium content. Why? Because Perfect World Hack Tool can easily generate all the desired amounts for free!

Let’s see how can you use Perfect World Hack v2.70!

Don’t forget that Perfect World Hack is able to generate unlimited amounts of Zen and Gold for your account in no more than 2 minutes! You must first download the hack archive from one of the download servers provided below. Unzip the archive to a desired location in your computer then simply run Perfect World Hack v2.70.exe. The hack tool should appear like in the preview picture above.

In order to enjoy the Zen and Gold generator, you must enter your user ID, select the desired amounts of currency then click on the Hack button. Be patient for a minute or two then login and check your in-game ballance. Awesome! Perfect World Hack works!

And if you are worried about safety when you use our professional hack programs, note that Perfect World Hack includes unique protection features. Both you and your account will remain safe during the hole hacking process. Plus, the auto-update feature will make sure you get the latest cheat codes for the game.

So why wait? Act now and get Perfect World Hack v2.70 for free, by clicking on a download button below!

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Perfect World Item Dupe Hack

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If you got problems while using Perfect World Hack, take time and read How to Download section from the site menu. Or simply post a comment in the form provided below. Thank You!

Perfect World Hack v2.70 is a totally free hack tool, able to generate unlimited amounts of both Zen and Gold for your account. Free to use! No survey!
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