Phone Cloning Appseverstore

An App harness for Cordova that can download and run Cordova apps as well as Chrome packaged apps. This enables an edit & refresh workflow. Also enables local development of apps without needing the Android / iOS SDK.

##Setting up environment

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  • Clone the the cordova-app-harness, cordova-android, cordova-ios, cordova-js, chrome-cordova, plugman, cordova-cli, zip () and AppBundle () repos into folders of the same name in a common directory - eg ‘Repo’.

  • Use the future branch for cordova-cli and master everywhere else

  • Link these plugman and cordova-cli of this branch as the globally symlinked plugman and cordova-cli commands. (You may want to see npm link)

  • Build the cordova-js repo and grab the and cordova.ios.js

  • Replace the cordova-cli/lib/cordova-android/framework/assets/js/ and the cordova-cli/lib/cordova-ios/CordovaLib/cordova.ios.js files with the ones above

  • Build the cordova-android repository and generate new cordova.jar

  • Run the following commands

  • Put the cordova.jar in the CordovaAppHarness/platforms/android/libs folder. (Note you may want to link the cordova-android project directly instead of adding a built jar so you can easily make changes to cordova-android and test the app harness)

  • Replace the contents of CordovaAppHarness/platforms/ios/CordovaLib with /Repo/cordova-ios/CordovaLib

  • Go to Eclipse and got to new, other, android, android project from existing code. Navigate to CordovaAppHarness/platforms/android and then add the project

  • Double click the .xcodeproj file in CordovaAppHarnessNew/platforms/ios/

  • Ensure the config.xml for Android (Project Folder In IDE/res/xml/config.xml) and iOS (Project Folder In IDE/config.xml) have the content tag's src set to

  • Fifa setup downloadnewfamous. Remove the additional content tag added by the chrome-cordova plugins later in the file. The line to remove should be something like

  • Ensure the config.xml for ios has the tags

  • Open the cordova_plugins.json file in Eclipse and Xcode and ensure replace the contents with

  • You can now build the app harness from the IDEs or with cordova compile



  • Install and test multiple applications.
  • Install crx files directly or from the Chrome App Store.
  • Run apps locally or run them directly from cordova serve.
  • Edit and Refresh workflow with cordova serve.
  • In App context menu to switch between apps.
  • Firebug Lite and Weinre support for debugging.
  • Support for bundle paths such as file:///android_asset/www - These point to the tested application‘s bundle and not the app harness’ bundle. (In development)

##Install an app in the harness

  • Install the app in one of the two ways below

###Test by installing the app on the phone through app harness

Android Phone Cloning App

  • Run the packapp script and point it to a cordova project of the app you want to test. This will package the app into a cdvh file. (Note: it is expected that you have added all relevant platforms. For example, if you want to test on the iphone, you need to have added the ios platform to the project)

  • Upload the the cdvh onto any hosting site.

  • Run the app harness

  • Click add new app

  • Give a name and the url to the cdvh file.

###Test by installing a chrome extension

  • Upload the the crx file onto any hosting site or the chrome apps store.

  • Run the app harness

  • Click add new app

  • Give a name and the url to the crx file.

  • Alternately you can use the url of the app in the apps store for example

###Test by using cordova serve

  • Go to cordova project of the app you want to test in a terminal and run.

  • Open a new terminal to the same location and run

  • If you want to test the app in an actual device, find the network address of your computer by running ifconfig If you are running this on the iOS simulator, you can use “http://localhost” as your address If you are running this on the android simulator, you can use “” as your address

  • Click add new app

  • Choose the option “Enter the URL to the server hosting the app”

  • Give a name and the url as follows. Let's assume the network address discovered above is a.b.c.d

  • Go back to the main screen after you see the prompt “successfully installed”

Download Cloning App

##Running an app in the harness

Cell Phone Cloning App

  • Click launch on the installed app
  • See if the app looks as expected
  • Use the 3 finger tap to access the app menu while testing your app
  • The context menu that pops up, will allow you to return to the main screen, restart or update the app, open a firebug console in the device, setup remote debugging using weinre etc.