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We are a group of virtual pilots and our goal is to enjoy flying together.Our group is for people who are busy (study, work, family etc) and can only fly from time to time.We use military aviation from the sides of the Allies of World War II, countries of the Warsaw Pact, and Russia, and.

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  • Russian Antonov An-24rv in Corsica
    For me the name “Corsica” is strongly associated with “pirates or filibusters” 🙂 Today we will go there for flight on Russian An-24… Below you can see our short video in French.
  • Technical info about An-24 for developers
    On this page there is an information about An-24 (Antonov 24) for developers
  • Shared Cockpit Flight to Mount Elbrus on Yak-18T
    We made a shared cockpit flight to Mount Elbrus on Yak-18T
  • Around The World on C-47 Skytrain
    Around The World on C-47 Skytrain is our next big project after ALSIB! This page will be update.
  • VSKYLABS C-47 Short Ferry Flight CYUL – CYHU in IVAO [VIDEO]
    It was a short ferry flight on C-47 from Montréal–Trudeau International Airport to Montreal Saint-Hubert Longueuil Airport
  • KABI-KDAL: IFR shared cockpit flight in VATSIM
    A video of flights from Abilene Regional airport to Dallas Love Field.Crew: Magic, AlexType: IFRAircraft: Baron 58 (default Laminar research).