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If you can’t wait until an official Mac version is released, you can play Cube World on Mac using this simple, safe and legal workaround. This method requires only three steps and doesn’t involve any fake “Cube World no survey download” sites. Download Cube World. Free Download - Version Alpha. Cube World is a role playing game where you must test your reflexes to fight opponents to advance from one level to the next. Cube World is free-to-play and is an exciting mix of action and adventure. Players of Cube World must master different abilities as a warrior, ranger, mage or rogue to.

ATTENTION! World of Cubes is FREE NOW on Windows Store and Mac Store!

ATTENTION! World of Cubes is FREE NOW on Windows Store and Mac Store! Hurry up and download the game for FREE! The proposition is LIMITED.In the free version of the game you will get a full list of all features like horse ridding, taming pets, tnt exploding, new block and food list and more!Enjoy and share this great news with friends!

[Contest] Create a Poster to Сhildren's Day - Win 500 Coins

Hello, guys!We are starting a contest today!Contest task: Create a Poster to Сhildren's Day on World of Cubes and attach it to this post in the comments. Examples: screenshot with children's day themed building in World of Cubes, or pixel art, or painted a picture by hands related to Children's Day in world of cubes or do something with your own creative idea related to Children's Day.

Amazing Xmas 2018 and New Year 2019 Update! Get it now!

Amazing Xmas 2018 and New Year 2019 Update! Get it now and enjoy all new features during festive season!

New update is out on Apple Store: New Skin Pack - Family! Game Localization to DE, RU!

Hello everybody! The long waited v3.2 is now available on Apple Store!On the new version of the game, you will find: - New amazing skin pack - FAMILY! Choose your role and create your own family in Multiplayer mode!- Added localization to Russian and German languages! You can switch different languages directly from the main menu!- Optimized 3d game performance and multiplayer server speed!

World of Cubes is FREE on all platforms! Download and Play NOW!

We are proud to announce that our popular block-building game - World Of Cubes Survival Craft MMO switches from premium paid to freemium across all major platforms beginning today - Friday, April 28th 2017.

Download new v2.6 on Apple Store with New Biomes!

Hello everybody! We have released a new update wirh v2.6 for World of Cubes on Apple Store! Finally we have added new biomes and decorations in Survival Mode: Taiga Biome, Winter Biome, Desert Biome, Savanna Biome and Forest Biome. Now you can choose your skin by clicking on the skin 3D model in the Options. Players List window now shows amount of players on the map at the top - use this option for your Multiplayer Games. Also we have improved 3D rendering and network optimizations.

World of Cubes updated to v2.5 on Mac Store!

Good news everybody! We have updated World of Cubes to v.2.5 on Mac Store! Yay!

Play Cube World No Download Free

Best Map of August, 2016 - Inkopolis

Hey all!We have choosen Best Map of August, 2016 - Inkopolis! We have added 100 000+ rating to this world in Multiplayer! Author of the world: MettatonEX! The city was made in futuristic style with many details. Here you can find MTT resort, Shopping Center, Hospital, several Hi-Tech houses, large beach, yacht, cars, bar, parking and more! Watch video overview of Inkopolis world below.

Best Map of July, 2016 - FamilyBeach

Hey all!We have choosen Best Map of July, 2016 - FamilyBeach! This world is on summer theme: beach, ships, hotels, summer houses! Check it out on Multiplayer! Explore FamilyBeach world and role play here with others!We have added 100 000+ rating to this world in Multiplayer! Author of the world: Unknown! Watch video overview of FamilyBeach world below.

World of Cubes released on Windows Store for the first time ever! Let's play the game on PC now!

Popular Online Multiplayer Block-Building Sandbox Game - World of Cubes with v2.5 - have been released on Windows Store for the first time ever! Let's play the game on our PC or windows mobile devices now! Features:

When we talk about the most anticipated games of the year, many will come up with names including Call of Duty Modern Warfare, FIFA 20, Need for Speed and many others. But some are waiting for a game, Cube World, which was released in 2013 but got discontinued after two years. Now, the fans are very happy to learn that the game is not dead and it will be released soon via Steam.

Cube World is an open-world role-playing game which has been developed by Wolfram von Funck. The game has been published under a German studio named Picroma. In many ways, Cube World is similar to Minecraft, but it has its own overworld map and elements which provides a pretty unique gaming experience.

In Cube World, players roam around and explore a voxel-like world. The world of Cube World includes dungeons, castles, grasslands, snowlands, deserts, and oceans. Also, if you wish to travel fast across the Cube World map, you can use hang gliders and boats.

Cube World also gives players an option to create multiple characters and customize them according to their preferences. There are four types of classes in Cube World, and players are required to choose one of the four classes. The four classes available for selection include warrior, rogue, ranger, or mage. Airgun ballistics calculator download.

The game also allows players to tame animals including sheep, turtles which can be utilized alongside a fight. Also, some animals can be used to fast travel across the Cube World map. Similar to Minecraft, ‘Crafting’ is one the prominent feature of the Cube World game. Players can use crafting to create food, potions, weapons, and armor.

Play Cube World No DownloadPlay cube world free online no download

Wolfram von Funck describes the game as a “3D Voxel-Based game,” which focuses on exploration and RPG elements. He started developing the game in 2011 and later his wife Sarah von Funck helped him in the implementation of the new content.

Play Cube World Free Online No Download

But after July 2015 the game was made unavailable for purchase, which left Cube World fans in surprise as the developer did not reveal the reason for the discontinuation of the game.

But in an official blog post, published on September 7, Funck explained the reason for the discontinuation of the game and its updates which can be read below.

When I released Cube World back in 2013 on our homepage, I was enthusiastic to finally share my game with you. It was a dream come true for me, I wanted to be a game developer since I was a kid.

As some of you might remember, we got DDoS’ed as soon as we opened the shop. It might sound silly, but this event traumatized me and kind of broke something inside me. I never told anyone about it, and I don’t want to go into the details, but I’m dealing with anxiety and depression ever since.

Social media didn’t improve it, as you might imagine. I’m still not sure if it’s a good idea to tell the world about it, but I wanted to give the fans an explanation

You can read the complete blog post by heading here. Funck has also shared 16-minute long gameplay of the Cube World 2.0 Have a look at the gameplay below.

The game is expected to be released in September or October. Once it is available, players will be able to download the game from the Steam. The developers have not revealed the price of the game yet. It will be interesting to see whether Cube World will leave a mark like Minecraft or not.

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