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Editor-In-Chief:C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D.[1]Associate Editor(s)-in-Chief: Ahmed Elsaiey, MBBCH[2]



Diagnosis of diverticulitis starts by recording patient history and performing a physical examination. Laboratory tests are important in excluding other causes of abdominal pain and any other gastrointestinal disease. These laboratory tests include complete blood count (CBC), C-reactive protein (CRP), urinalysis, and liver function tests. Imaging studies including CT scan and colonoscopy are also important measures in diagnosing diverticulitis.[1][2]

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Laboratory Findings

The initial diagnostic measures for diverticulitis are taking a proper history, doing a physical exam, and performing laboratory tests. Laboratory tests are initially necessary to exclude other gastrointestinal diseases and confirm diverticulitis. These lab tests include the following:

  • C-reactive protein (CRP) - elevated due to inflammation
  • Complete blood count (CBC)- CBC may show leukocytosis. A normal white blood cell count does not exclude diverticulitis, as most patients suffering from diverticulitis have normal bloodcell counts.
  • Urinalysis: Urinalysis is performed especially in cases complicated by fistula and may show the following findings:[3]
    • Pyuria- In the case of urinary tract infection
    • Hematuria- In the case of nephrolithiasis
  • Liver function tests- Amylase and lipase levels should be checked to exclude other diseases that cause abdominal pain.


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