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Giới thiệu game Hentai Mosaique Neko Waifus

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Things to do while playing:

• Chill out.
• Just relax.
• Level up special abilities.
• Follow the story!
• Play with one hand even.
• Stop the girls from romancing with each other. Just kidding. Why would you even try to do that?


• Novel way of solving puzzles by rotating the right elements
• 3 Girls.
• 20 Puzzles.
• 6 Abilities
• 100 Achievements
• Gallery/Album

Pretty Neko Cracker

So, why won't you meet the girls already:

Kumi. You just met her through friends, she's really friendly. She loves rollercoaster rides and dressing up. She might have the urge to know you a bit closer.

Sayouri. You have a strong feeling she might be bisexual. It's hard to convince her to not use her phone. The girl is playful like a kitten!

Jiya. Wild girl. It will probably be better to just be careful with her, before she breaks your heart. Take it easy!

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Gallery - watch every image after it has been solved: Cinematic mode. Zoom in and out.


Pretty Neko Cracked

• Peek and see. Never get lost in the world of puzzle solving. This ability will always show you what you are looking for.
• Punch of love. use when you want things done a bit faster. Activates itself automatically turning nearby blocks
• Rain of love. Helpful, solving the puzzle step by step, or rather drop by drop.
• Sonar of love. This can get out of control if leveled up too much. You have been warned
• Airstrike of love. Sure.. Use it.. At your own risk!
• Earthquake. Shakes up stuff pretty seriously. Solves a good portion of the puzzle randomizing the rest.