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My fiendish puzzles fall into this category. In my opinion, my fiendish puzzles are not invalid. If you enter one of my Very Hard puzzles which have patterns like X-Wing, XY-Wing, Swordfish, etc., then you will get the message that it rates the puzzle as very hard and unfair. Pappocom Sudoku does not create the most difficult puzzles. Spartacus series free download for pc. This puzzle’s circled letters are divided 38. See 36-Across 40. Asian antelope seen on the “Grasslands” episode of BBC’s “Planet Earth” 41. Sacagawea dollar, e.g. The Daily Cardinal - May 2, 2011.


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'Sudoku-san, your Sudoku Assistant - Daily puzzles, tools to help you, and suggestions to improve your play.'
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Sudoku Solver by Scanraid Ltd. Similar to SuDoku Assistant found The Daily Telegraph and LA Times sites, this site shows the step by step logic behind solving Sudoku square by square. Step through some of the provided puzzles or enter your own for analaysis.
#3 Web SuDoku
SuDoku puzzles galore! Play online or easily print out the puzzle with billions of games to choose from. Select games by difficulty level. Each puzzle is numbered.
#4 Wikipedia: SuDoku
A very comprehensive article on the nature, history and popularity of the game. Includes a guide to the rules and variants of the game, solution methods and the mathematics behind the game. The site includes an extensive link list to popular SuDoku resources found on the Internet.
#5 Daily SuDoku
A new puzzle every day ready for you to print out and solve. Includes an archive of the previous daily puzzles as well as solutions. The 'Draw' feature will allow you to enter a puzzle for the site to solve for you. Also included are a game FAQ, books and a link list to other sites.