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At TGR we put our animals first. They are well-loved pets that are spoiled rotten and bring endless joy to us. After years of research and several hundred dollars we feel comfortable to start releasing our little ones into the world for others to enjoy. Spreading that love, educating the public, and improving the rat and mouse fancy overall are our top goals. We will never make a profit, but that isn’t why we do it.

We strive to breed healthy, friendly, and attractive-looking mammals that are an improvement each and every generation. This is what 'improving the fancy' means. We plan out each litter while considering color, markings, health of the parents, and much more. Breeding is absolutely not for everyone, and definitely not without heartbreak. The reward for us is worth it. We are a small operation ran out of our home so there isn't always pups available. The work however, never ends.

The popular choice in small mammal pet for a reason. Outgoing and attention-seeking, rats need the most love and time, but are greatly rewarding pets.

  1. Rough and Puff Rattery is a owned and operated by Jennifer Kelly in Fort Worth, Texas. Our focus is high quality rats bred to the AFRMA standard. PUFF rats must excel in conformation and exhibit friendly, curious temperaments and strong genetic health.
  2. Jazzed Up Rattery is Registered with the North American Rat Registry and has been for 3 years (NARR registration number: 14JUR0399). We have other listings on Ratster, The Rat Fan Club and Ontario Rat Owners Association. We f ollow the Breeding Code of the AFRMA, NARR and NFRS. We are located in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Mice can be a little more reclusive at first, but know who it is that gives them treats, and are certainly not above a little begging.

Rat friendly veterinarians mac rattery key

Rat Friendly Veterinarians Mac Rattery Key

With their big doe eyes, it’s hard to not fall in love with these little exotics. These guys love to cuddle and make great companions to lone male mice.

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Rat Breeder Directory Little Paws Rattery cannot make any guarantees about the quality of the rats sold by any of these breeders. You should visit the breeder’s rattery page/website and see how the rats are cared for and if they are healthy. Any good breeder is happy to answer questions in regards to the policies, practices, and husbandry. These are the babies available. Approved Adopters only may choose from these pages. If you are interested in adopting, please see our pages “Adopting From Us,” to get you started.

Spiny mice are full of energy and love to crawl over each other and every piece of equipment in their cage. They need more room than mice and will gladly use every inch.

Pilla nuvv leni jeevitham. Lots of pictures are taken of our small mammals pretty much daily. I’ll try to keep this area updated, but the best way to see more pictures is on Facebook, Instagram, or the Small Mammal Discord run by TGR!

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