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Asus is a rapidly expanding manufacturer name making budget-friendly devices with significant features attached. But when that is not enough for advanced users who expect more than what is in the stock frame, we could not miss talking about flash. And it is Asus Flash Tool which flashes Stock firmware on Asus devices and does more similar to which takes Android running Zenfone. To learn here about all with Asus Flash, go on reading.

With support Android running Zenfone gets with this flash utility, we hear calling it Asus Zenfone Flash tool. Just as many similar flash applications, this is too come supporting through Windows PC. With the updated release of version, it now adds support for many Android running Zenfones making stock firmware flash and more similar to 100% success. But remember that it only supports RAW ROM packages.

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The flashing application is compatible with all Windows platforms up to Windows XP. Considering the compatible field it shows Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10 as results. Original Asus USB driver installation is an urgent requirement for the manner. Asus Tool download can perform on both 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems as well. Click on respective direct download link and pick the awesome flashing app to repair Asus devices in an easy way.

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Asus Flash Tool Features

Although it is a small tool package in the measures, it is a powerful tool when comes to the processing. So let us see how it functions through the features it takes.

  1. The PDF Recovery tool runs on all Windows versions ranging from Windows 98, to Windows 2003 to Windows 10. It is possible to install and run the software on any version of Windows OS.
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  • Flash Stock Firmware

The software supports recovery from missing or deleted partitions and volumes. The data can be retrieved from formatted, corrupted, or even RAW drives. The tool supports recovery from all types of Windows and Linux storage devices. The tool offers recovery for more than 1000 file types; however, there is no option to add the custom file type. Recovery Tool V2 43 Exeter. The Most Efficient iOS Files & Data Management Tool. 3uTools makes it so easy to manage apps, photos, music, ringtones.

The tool here supports flashing Stock firmware on any Asus Zenfone model. With correct firmware downloaded, you can upgrade/ downgrade easily through download Asus Flash.

  • Allows to Backup Apps

Not all of the flash utilities are ready to support in backup apps. But luckily, Asus Zenfone Flash Tool here is doing that perfectly supporting backup apps and restores. The apps include which the user has installed on the device. But here it lacks support to backup application data which related to restoring settings of the app.

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  • Backup System Apps

It also carries support in backup system apps which you would be able to restore easily. For the ease of the user, the app files going to save in the format of .ab on the computer.

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  • Progress bar Feature

One of the interesting things about download Asus Flash is its simple and upfront UI where you only required for selecting the correct file and direct to process. And with the live progress bar, we could see the process of the program from which we could see whether data is connected and the program is still going.

Download Asus Flash Tool latest Version

Developers keep updating the tool in the match to various requirements. So as of now, we find Asus v2.0.1 tool as the latest with the following changes.

  • Addresses automatically closing the program after several seconds
  • Fix is giving to the layout in the tab Backup/Restore

Additionally, the latest version is bringing guaranteed success since it takes improvements to the work frame as well. But in case if you fail getting paired with the latest tool update, try any previous but checking the compatibility for several times.

How to Install Asus Flash Tool on the PC?

  1. Download Asus Zenfone USB drivers software on the Windows PC and install
  2. Download Asus Flash Tool on the PC and extract to get workable extensions
  3. Then Double click on the exe file and continue with 'next'. And go to 'Install' option for which you would get a security message which needs to be continued with 'OK'
  4. That will make the flashing tool to be installed on the PC

Video Guide

Refer the video tutorial to bypass issues that arise while installing the application.

How to use Asus Zenfone Flash Tool to Flash Stock firmware?

Before moving to process, you need booting the smartphone to Developer mode while also enabling the USB debugging mode from settings. Then download correct Asus Zenfone Stock firmware file to the PC. And equally, give concern to backup the whole device from which only you can save all your existing data.

Recovery Tool V2 43 Exede Smart

  • Step 1: Launch Asus Tool and connect the device
  • Step 2: After clicking on disconnected button, browse and add the Stock firmware file in the right place
  • Step 3: Let the process start and restart the device automatically. You here need switching to Recovery mode by long press and hold Volume down and up keys
  • Step 4: In the Recovery mode, go to update ADB with 'apply update from ADB' and start from where the flashing is paused
  • Step 5: At the end of all processing, restart the device and then disconnect from the PC

The process would probably take 5 to 10 minutes. So take the whole responsibility at your hand and pay good attention to the processing.

Developer Thanks

For making the successful attempts on the whole development of download Asus Flash Tool we should share our sincere thanks to Pawneshwer Gupta. So with the time reaching there will be more to download with updated tool frame and added functionality.

Key Features

Quick Scanning modes:

The software offers two different scanning methods while performing hard drive data recovery– Normal Scan and Deep Scan options. Normal scan option helps to recover lost or deleted files from hard drive in a quick way. Deep Scan lets you scan severely corrupt drives without any hindrance and restores the files.

Complete Hard Drive Data Recovery:

Recovery Tool V2 43 Exede Modem

Remo Recover Pro is the complete hard drive recovery tool designed to recover any type of data from your hard drive. The tool has its support for recovering more than 300 file types like MP3, MOV, DOC, RAW etc. In addition to this you can even add / edit new signatures for files that are not listed.

Formatted Hard Drive Recovery:

Formatting can help you get rid of any virus or corruption in the hard drive, but also costs you your precious data. Formatted hard drives are recoverable, but only with the right tool. Remo Recover can recover data from a formatted hard drive regardless of the file system used for formatting the drive. The products complete understanding of the file systems make it a trusted choice to recover both formatted drives as well as partitions.

Hard Drive Partition Recovery:

The tool is capable of recovering lost data even after severe hard drive corruptions that result in Raw partitions. Even in cases of deleted, lost or formatted partitions the software can scavenge each and every sector of the hard drive to recognize and recover more than 300 file types. Additionally, the tool has its support for recovering data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT drives on any Windows OS including Windows 10.

Hassle free Hard Drive Recovery:

The highly interactive user interface of the software will help the novice users to recover data from hard drive in an easy way. 'Save Recovery Session' an option that lets you save the scanned session to avoid rescanning the of the hard drive and resume hard drive data recovery when required. The entire hard drive recovery process is just a 3-step process, all your files will be back.

First Try, then Buy:

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Download the free demo version which is absolutely free. You can use this version to analyse recovery results. It has all the features available in the licensed version except save features. Once you are convinced with hard drive recovery results, you can save them by purchasing the software.