Rpg Maker Mv Damage Formula

  • RPG Maker Damage Calculator Version: Incomplete. Welcome to a RPG Maker calculator! The following is a calculator for determining how much damage a certain Item or Skill will do when used on a target with specified stats by a user with specified stats. It also calculates how m.
  • My current formula is ((a.hp / a.mhp) ^ -1.1). a.mat I'm asking because the skill consistently does 0 damage despite my calculations. Last edited by Veggiefroot; Jun 24, 2017 @ 9:47am.

##YEP.25 – Damage Core

If skill formula says it deals 100 damage and variance is 20%, the skill will deal between 80 and 120 damage. Critical - Can skill critically hit, dealing increased damage by 300%. And now, the actual fun part - formulas! It decides how much damage will opponent take or ally will heal.


The game gives a lot of control over the damage formula, but it doesn’t give much control for everything else after calculating the damage formula. This plugin will give you control over the order the damage fomrula is calculated in addition to letting you insert your own changes to the damage formula at whatever you you wish.


If you have YEP_BattleEngineCore.js installed, place this plugin under YEP_BattleEngineCore.js if you wish to make use of the extra features this plugin has to offer.



The following are some notetags you can use to modify the damage caps.

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####Skill and Item Notetag:

This causes the skill/item to ignore the damage cap and go with the regular value of the calculated damage. This will cancel out any damage cap effects otherwise. This will take priority over any damage cap breaking effects.


####Actor, Class, Enemy, Weapon, Armor, and State Notetags:

This will cause the related battler to bypass any damage capping effects and its skills/items will go with the uncapped calculated value.


This will set the skill to have a damage/healing cap of x. This will cancel out any damage cap bypassers. If a battler has more than one damage cap, it will go with the highest value. This means if an actor that has a weapon that brings the damage cap to 99,999 and an accessory that brings the damage cap to 999,999, then the battler’s damage cap will be the highest value of 999,999.


###Plugin Commands

The following are plugins you can use to set the damage cap rulings for your game. Keep in mind that individual aspects such as equipment traits, skill properties, etc. will take priority over these default caps.


####Plugin Command:

Sets the default damage cap to 9999.


Sets the default healing cap to 9999.


Enables default cap for both damage and healing.


Disables default cap for both damage and healing.


###Happy RPG Making!

Role of Data

Item data are those things which represent goods other than equipment. You can add effects that occur when an actor uses an item. Also, you can create items which are needed to progress the story (event contents) such as keys that open doors.

Parameter Details

General Settings


Name of the item. If the name is long, it may not be completely displayed on the Play Screen.


Image which appears together with the item name during gameplay. You can select an image in the [Select an Image] window that appears after double-clicking on the icon's image.


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The description that appears when an item is selected in the Play Screen.

Item Type

The type of item.

[Key Item]
Displayed in a different frame from regular items in the item menu during gameplay.
[Hidden Item A] and [Hidden Item B]
These are not displayed on the item screen. These are special items that are only displayed when selecting items during events.


This is the price of the item when purchasing it in a shop. The price when selling an item will be half of its original price. You can set it so it cannot be sold by setting this value to zero.


This parameter determines whether or not an item disappears after being used. If you set this to [Yes], the quantity of this item will go down by one every time it is used.


The scope of the item's effect. You must choose one of the following.

Those items that have a scope which does not need to be specified
1 Enemy
One enemy within a group of enemies
All enemies
Entire enemy group
X Random Enemy
Randomly select number of enemies in a group (X being the number of targets)
1 Ally
One ally within a group of allies
All Allies
All allies in a group
1 Ally (Dead)
A specified ally in a group which is dead
All Allies (Dead)
All dead allies in a group
The User
The user of the item


The state in which an item can be used. Select one of the following: [Always] (possible to select both in battle and in the Menu Screen), [Battle Screen] (only selectable during battle), [Menu Screen] (only selectable in the Menu Screen), [Never].



The value (between -2000 and 2000) added to an actor's Agility when using an item. Affects the action order during battle, meaning that they can be effects which are small but can be used quickly, big but take time to use.

Rpg maker mv damage formula


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The rate of success (0 to 100%) when using an item. The effectiveness of the target affects the actual rate of success.


The number of times (1 to 9 times) an effect is applied when used once.

TP Gain

The amount of TP gained after applying an effect to a target after used successfully.

Hit Type

Determines the type of hit.

Certain Hit
Treats the successful use of a skill as a hit. Counterattacks, Counter Magic and substitutions are ineffective.
Physical Attack
Determines the success based on the user's hit rate and the evasion rate of the target. Counterattacks and substitutions are applicable.
Magic Attack
Determines the success based on magic evasion rate of the target. Counter Magic and substitutions are applicable.


Animations that appear on the target of the item used during battle.


Effect types related to HP and MP. Select one open from 6 different types. [Damage] decreases, [Recover] increases, and [Drain] transfers (removes a small amount from target and gives to user).


The element that is assigned to an effect.


Specify the formula for the type of effect and the amount of effectiveness if a skill damages a target.

Effect types related to HP and MP. Select one open from 6 different types. [Damage] decreases, [Recover] increases, and [Drain] transfers (removes a small amount from target and gives to user).

Rpg Maker Mv Resources

The element that is assigned to an effect.
Formula for determining the effectiveness.
Determine the referenced parameter using the strings below when entering a formula directly. Change 'x' to 'a' when referring to a value of the attacker, and 'b' when referring to a value of the target. Entering 'a.atk' refers to the attack power of the attacker. Additionally, you can reference the 'n' variable's value by entering 'v[n]'. You can use the 4 basic arithmetic operator(+, -, *, /) symbols when writing your formula.
When you enter 'a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2', the value for the effectiveness of an item will be calculated as '(Attacker's Attack Power x 4) - (Target's Defense x 2)'.
Also, since the effectiveness of an item can change depending on the element and defense actions, these factors will not be included in the formula.
x.atkAttack Power
x.matMagic Attack
x.mdfMagic Defense
x.mhpMax HP
x.mmpMax MP
x.hpCurrent HP
x.mpCurrent MP
x.tpCurrent TP
How much the effectiveness of an item varies (0 to 100%). Raise or lower the calculated effectiveness within the specified percentage. If the effectiveness is 100 and the variance is 20, the effectiveness will be a value between 80 and 120 (100±20).
Critical Hits
Specify whether or not an attack can critical or not by selecting [Yes] or [No]. When selecting [Yes], the chance of landing a critical attack will be determined based on the Critical Chance of the user and the Critical Evasion Rate of the target.



Details of effects aside from damage. These can be set in the [Effects] window that appear when double-clicking in the list. For more information, please refer to the [How to Set Effects] section.


The [Note] section can be used to make notes while making your game.