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Whilst we improve our website you will still be able to find the following at Personal Online Banking. Time is important to you and it's equally important to RSNB Bank. Online Banking gives access to account information from the convenience of a home or office computer, 24/7.

Also available on RSSB YouTube Channel These shabads are hymns or spiritual poems written by saints and mystics from different spiritual traditions of the Indian subcontinent. The shabads convey a deep message of truth and are sung with heartfelt devotion. They express the intense longing of the soul for union with the Lord. These eBooks are offered for reading online or they can be downloaded as HTML or PDF files. Printed copies of these books can be bought at any of our satsang centres worldwide or copies can be ordered from our online book stores: Science of the Soul Online Book Store (for orders outside of India) and Radha Soami Satsang Beas Online Book Store (for orders only within India).

RSSB's main centre is Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, named after its founder who settled there in the late 1800’s. Located in Punjab, India, the ‘Dera’ is a self-contained community with both administrative and residential facilities. Although the centres throughout the world are affiliated with RSSB India, each country's administration is autonomous, with a Board of Management that operates under a standard constitution modified to comply with local laws and conditions. Administration is handled entirely by volunteers, and operations are funded through unsolicited donations. The organization does not engage in any fundraising activities.

Rssb Onlinecleangoodsite Satsang

There are more than 5,000 RSSB centres throughout India, and internationally RSSB-affiliated organizations hold meetings in more than 90 countries. Meetings are held in rented halls, community centres or RSSB-owned properties. The purpose of these gatherings is to explain the RSSB philosophy. The meetings are non-denominational and open to the public. No fees are charged and there is no advertising or proselytizing.

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Dera Library

RSSB has a publishing department that has produced more than 70 original titles on spirituality. Volunteers have translated a large selection of these books into 35 languages. A 20,000 square-metre library at the main centre in India will eventually house a collection of nearly 500,000 volumes concentrating on world religions, mysticism, philosophy and related subjects. The library will be open to scholars and researchers of all faiths.

In order to consolidate RSSB’s medical outreach and health initiatives, it has set up a sister organization, the Maharaj Jagat Singh Medical Relief Society, which operates three rural charitable hospitals: in Beas, Punjab; Sikanderpur, Haryana; and in Bhota, Himachal Pradesh. All three hospitals function as primary care facilities with fully functioning medical departments such as: ophthalmology, orthopaedics, gynaecology & obstetrics, ENT, surgery & anaesthesia, paediatrics, radiology, and dental. All medical services, including medicine and in-patient care are provided free of charge. The Beas Hospital is the largest hospital with 260 beds and treats on average 1,200 patients each day through its Outpatient Department (OPD). The Sikanderpur Hospital has 50 beds, the Bhota Hospital has 75 beds, and each treats about 450 patients each day through their Outpatient Departments. The large number of OPD patients is a reflection of the limited number of medical facilities in these rural farming communities. No distinction is made as to the background of the patients, either in regard to their economic status, social standing, or religious affiliation.

While the focus of the path is spiritual, centred on an internal meditation practice, at the same time members are encouraged to volunteer their free time in seva (service), voluntary service to others regardless of religion, caste or colour. In this context, RSSB has supported disaster relief efforts in a number of emergency situations, building multi-purpose community shelters and housing. These include the Gujarat earthquake of 2000, the Kashmir earthquake of 2005, Leh cloudbursts and landslides of 2010, and the Nepal earthquake of 2015.

The Main Centre
Dera Baba Jaimal Singh is a mini-township with 7,000 residents. Since the Dera is the home of the spiritual leader of the organization, large crowds visit on specially designated weekends to hear his discourses. These crowds average between 200,000 to 500,000 people depending on the season. The administration has become highly skilled in managing and providing facilities for large numbers of people on a short-term basis.

The Satsang Venue
Dera meeting venue

In order to provide a sheltered satsang venue for these gatherings, the Dera’s engineering department has constructed one of the largest covered structures in Asia, designed and fabricated on site using a lightweight space-frame technology. The roof provides a covered area where up to 500,000 people can be seated, and which can easily be expanded as the need arises. A computerized digital audio system was specially designed for the venue to provide the best possible sound for such a challenging environment.

To feed the visitors three meals a day, several approaches are taken. The langar (a place where food is served free of charge) is the primary means. The free langar complex covers over 48 acres and operates around the clock. Capable of feeding up to 300,000 people per meal, 50,000 in a single sitting, it has a mostly volunteer staff who prepare and serve simple but nourishing food suitable to local tastes. As an example, the langar annually cooks more than 350,000 kilos of rice and uses more than 2.6 million kilos of wheat to make the traditional flat breads. Meals are also served at canteens and snack bars at a nominal price.

Dera guest hostels

The colony is visited by people from around the world and all walks of life. To provide temporary accommodations for everyone, a variety of facilities are offered, all free of charge. There are a number of guest hostels with individual rooms and attached baths, hostels with dormitory-style rooms, and other large buildings to house visitors.

The Community
The Dera seeks to be as self-sufficient and environmentally friendly as possible. Every year thousands of trees are planted. Many lawns and parks beautify the colony and provide space for visitors and residents to rest and relax. More than 1,250 acres of land are cultivated for growing vegetables and fruits that are used in the langar and by Dera residents. Organic farming methods are being adapted to local conditions. The Dera has its own water supply, water treatment plant and solid waste treatment facility. It has its own electrical sub-station and large electrical generator back-up facility to supply emergency power to the whole community. In addition, the Dera generates 19.5 megawatts (peak) electricity from photovoltaic (solar) panels mounted on the rooftops of eight large sheds.

Dera Pathseekers School

The Pathseekers School is a recent project established for the benefit of the children of Dera residents and the staffs of the Dera and Beas hospitals. It currently serves approximately 850 students from the primary to secondary levels. The school is professionally run and equipped with up-to-date laboratories and computers, and offers a full range of arts, sports and academic programs. The students receive a well-rounded education – up to India’s Certified Board Education standard.

Awareness Programs

Empower Women: An Awakening
Empower Women is a response to a grave situation developing in Indian society today: the increasing practice of sex-selection by killing female infants in the womb. The book takes a look at the cultural norms that underpin a deep-rooted tradition of son preference, draws our attention to the scale of the crisis, and highlights the far-reaching effects of having a society where men outnumber women at an ever-increasing rate. The book calls out to our conscience to consider the profound consequences of our actions.

The central thrust of the book is a powerful concept: that our morality is not separate from our spirituality. If we consider ourselves good human beings, then our actions towards the women in our lives must reflect this. Empower Women suggests that far from being a burden, women are among the creation's most precious treasures. The book outlines the simple ways by which women can be empowered.

Read online HTML or English PDF or Hindi PDF
Download HTML or English PDF or Hindi PDF

OnlinecleangoodsiteAlso available on RSSB YouTube Channel:

Rssb Onlinecleangoodsite New

These short videos are played at the large satsang gatherings (spiritual discourses) in India before the start of the discourse. Literally millions of people have seen these videos. Most rural Indians are unaware of these social programs and conditions or have a wrong understanding of them. There are many superstitious views concerning organ donation or even receiving a donated organ. Using drama and fictional stories that all can relate to, these videos attempt to explain these issues in a simple way and dispel the misunderstandings and superstitions surrounding these social problems.

Nari Ko Adhikar Do (Ek Jagrati) - Hindi with English subtitles -
Female Foeticide (9:20 min.)

Based on the poem, 'Beta hua toh dhol bajaya! Beti hui toh matam chaya!' this video spotlights the crisis of female foeticide in India. It raises awareness of the consequences of living in a world with fewer and fewer women and highlights the tremendous value women bring to families and society, boldly urging women's empowerment.
Play Download (40MB) Sujakha - Hindi with English Subtitles -
Eye Donation (13:27 min.)

Satwant, ailing wife of a village school teacher, is moved to see Sujakha, a young blind boy, sitting outside the school, trying to learn arithmetic tables. She decides to donate her eyes to the boy after her death. Sujakha’s eyesight is restored as a result. Both school teacher and Sujakha pledge to donate their eyes after their deaths in the hope that a day will come when no one in the world will be left blind.
Play Download (59MB) Anmol Tohfa - Hindi with English Subtitles -
Kidney Donation (16:56 min.)

When a man finds out that an employee in his office is about to lose his life because he cannot afford a kidney transplant, he quietly offers his own kidney and saves his employee’s life. In the process he feels more in touch with his own humanity and becomes closer to his wife who, inspired by his selfless gesture, decides to donate her own organs.
Play Download (48MB) Sarpanch Jarnail Singh - Hindi with English Subtitles -
Organ Donation (13:24 min.)

A village headman is deeply troubled by the death of one of his villagers due to kidney failure. He first raises awareness among his people about organ donation by convincing the ‘city doctor’ to address them about the problem and its solution. He then inspires and mobilizes the people, loading up his tractor with enthusiastic villagers and heading to the city hospital to sign them up for organ donation.
Play Download (64MB) Zara Si Galti - Hindi with English subtitles -
Aids Awareness (28:42 min.)

Neki Lal is shocked to see HIV+ written in his wife Bimla’s blood report. His immediate reaction is suspicion. He contacts her uncle, retired Inspector Singh, to investigate the truth behind the report. Inspector Singh discovers that it was Neki Lal’s pre-marital relationship with an HIV+ infected woman which caused the HIV+ infection in him and in his wife. Bimla is devastated to hear the truth, but shows great courage in looking at life positively.
Play Download (83MB) Nasha Shehar Kasba - Hindi with English subtitles -
Drug Addiction (15:05 min.)

Drug addiction is a scourge the whole world over, especially in Indian society. Using two situations — one rural and one urban — this short film depicts the negative effects of drug addiction on young people and their families. A young man falls into the drug habit due to the company of his friends and lack of direction in life. A teenage girl suffers from a lack of attention from her busy parents, and becomes addicted to drugs as a way of coping with her loneliness. Both these situations reveal the pitfalls of drug addiction in both rural and urban environments, and offer solutions for those addicted through medical and psychological care.
Play Download (46MB) Nasha Barbadi Hai - Hindi with English subtitles -
Drug Addiction Destroys Lives (7:36 min.)

A short documentary movie that highlights the devastating effects of drug addiction. It vividly depicts the horrors of drug abuse and the depths to which humanity can fall. The movie is a call to action, for communities to come together to help those weighed down by their suffering. This is everyone’s responsibility. The film provides hope for a new beginning.
Play Download (86MB) Brain Death Kya Hai? - Hindi with English Subtitles -
What is Brain Death? (5:31 min.)

This short film explains what brain death is, how it differs substantially from coma, and the dilemma faced by the family in deciding what to do next. A comatose patient might regain consciousness, but brain death is Death! No one has ever awakened from brain death. Yet, though a person may have died, his or her organs (including the heart) can be kept alive for a few hours or even days.
The film answers some of the most pertinent questions on this subject: How do we know the Brain has died. If brain death means the patient has died, how and why is the heart still beating? How long will the heart continue to beat? Once death is established, what should the family do next? Should the family wait till their loved one’s heart stops beating? Or should they pledge to donate the organs and save other lives? It is a very difficult and emotional choice to make at that time.
Play Download (37MB) Caring for Your Health: Basic Facts
Caring for your Health is a free booklet that provides information on how to maintain good health and prevent disease. It touches upon various aspects of health care including eye care, dental health, basics of hygiene and offers practical information to help develop good health habits in both children and adults. The booklet discusses signs and symptoms of commonly found diseases such as prostate cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and HIV/AIDS, and also provides suggestions for their prevention.

Describing organ donation as ‘the gift of life’, it provides information on how donation can save lives, who should donate, along with when and how to donate. This booklet is not a substitute for medical advice and readers are advised to seek advice from a medical practitioner.

Read online HTML or English PDF or Hindi PDF
Download HTML or English PDF or Hindi PDF

Rssb Onlinecleangoodsite Official