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Recently Tom referenced the XLQ tool to help one manage their use of real-time data.
I happen to running ToS and Trader Workstation on a MacbookPro w/ Mojave V10.14.6
I also have Microsoft Office for Mac installed, so the version of Excel for Mac V16.16.11 (190609) .. whatever all that means?
FAQ on the post thread report that XLQ has not been released for macOS. Furthermore the Excel for Mac does not support the RTD and other functions.
Does anyone know how to connect my real-time data feeds from ToS or IB to my Excel spreadsheets?

Rtd In Excel

Rtd Functions Excel For Mac

Microsoft Office Excel provides a worksheet function, RealTimeData (RTD). This function enables you to call a Component Object Model (COM) Automation server to retrieve data in real time. Microsoft Excel has the 'magic' RTD function that allows refreshing values from real-time data servers in Excel spreadsheets. The RTD function can be used in regular Microsoft Excel formulas. So you can use cell values as formula arguments and build powerful refreshable data. Excel RTD The Excel RTD app is a very adaptable trade monitoring, analysis and reporting tool which allows traders to interact with trading platforms using their Excel skills rather than having to learn complex programming languages.

Excel Rtd Server

DDE and RTD are two different mechanisms that allow Excel to talk with the outside world. Specifically, DDE ( Dynamic Data Exchange ) is an older technology that links Microsoft products and RTD ( Real-Time Data ) retrieves real-time data from a program that supports COM automation but there’s overlap for what we’re trying to do. 64-bit Emulator Mac Excel For Mac Rtd Functions Think Or Swim Best Gmail Chat For Mac How To Count How Many Cells Are Selected In Excel For Mac Install Font For Photoshop Mac Is There Free Mac Software Or App For Securing Data On The Internet Microsoft Paint App For Mac View Page Source Google Chrome For Mac.

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