Saint Seiya Episode 1 Dubbed


Season 1, Episode 1

June 24, 2009

SAINT SEIYA: Knights of the Zodiac Season 1 Episode 1 After exhibiting special powers, Seiya is approached by the enigmatic Alman Kido, who urges him to fulfill his destiny and become a Bronze Knight. Fuujin Ranbu (Dub) Saint Seiya Episode. The New Kurosawa Vol.6 Ch.51. Major Season 6 1 episodes in English subbed and dubbed can be Detective Conan 084.

The Crusades. The battles that take place every 200 or so years between the Goddess Athena and Hades, the Lord of the Underworld. In an 18th century European country town, just as the Crusade is dawning, live Tenma and Alone.

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The Awakening of Hades

Season 1, Episode 2

June 24, 2009

Golden Saints gather around the Goddess Athena and her Sanctuary, in preparation for the new Crusade against the Underworld warriors. Around this time, as Tenma undergoes training to become a Saintly Warrior, he is reunited with Alone's little sister.

The Holy War Begins

Season 1, Episode 3

August 21, 2009

Tenma and the other Saintly Warriors head towards an Italian town where the warriors of the Underworld are gathered. Tenma realizes it is his hometown, and worries about Tenma's fate.

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The Prayer Wreaths

Season 1, Episode 4

August 21, 2009

Though she learns of the death of Tenma and of her brother Alone's reincarnation as Hades, Sasha pushes away her sadness and steadfastly fulfills her role as Athena; while carrying Tenma's body, the Silver Saint Yato is visited by the Goddess.

The Poison Rose

Season 1, Episode 5

One of the three strongest Specters, Minos, uses invisible puppet strings to invade the supposedly impenetrable Sanctuary, killing Saints off one after the other. However, a poisonous rose garden appears between Minos and the Sanctuary.

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Floral Funeral Procession

Season 1, Episode 6

Albafica fights against Minos with all his might, releasing the “crimson zone.” However even that is deflected by the Specter's armor, causing Albafica to finally fall. Minos then heads towards the village outside of the Sanctuary.


Season 1, Episode 7

Tenma and the others hear that the immortal Specters can be destroyed using berries from the Goldenrain tree that grows in the Underworld, so they quickly search for it. They reach the tree, when the Gemini Golden Saint Asmita appears.

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A Favorable Wind

Season 1, Episode 8

Tenma bears the full force of Asmita's attack. When suddenly the Goldenrain reacts to Tenma's rising cosmos and bears fruit. Asmita disappears, and Tenma and the others gather the berries and flee from the Underworld.

Giant Star

Season 1, Episode 9

The Taurus Golden Saint Aldebaran uses his amazing strength to defeat the Specters as they attempt to close in on the Sanctuary. Then, full of hostility, Heavenly Violent Star Vennu Kagaho comes down, ready to fight.

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The Avent

Season 1, Episode 10

Aldebaran bears Kagaho's powerful attack, and defeats him with the “Titan's Nova,” a move so powerful it breaks the earth. However, Aldebaran feels Kagaho is not a threat, and does not finish him off. The hurt Kagaho flies away into the twilight sky.


Season 1, Episode 11

Tenma finally returns to the Sanctuary, and challenges Alone to a fight, only to have the tables turned. Then, the Pope arrives and uses an amulet from a previous incarnation of Athena to release the “Talisman Cage” and weaken Hades' power.

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Relentless Sacrifice

Season 1, Episode 12

The painting covering the whole sky, “The Lost Canvas,” is said to destroy everyone on earth when completed. Tenma hears to his dismay that the once kind Alone is now trying to destroy all of humanity as Hades.

The Departure

Season 1, Episode 13

Tenma leaves the Sanctuary and has resolved to fight on his own. However, on orders from the Pope, he is stopped by the Cancer Golden Saint Manigold and locked in a cell.

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This anime adventure follows the battle between a saint of Athena and an avatar of Hades who's working on a painting that could destroy the world.
Starring:Tetsuya Kakihara, Hiro Shimono, Aya Hirano

Saint Seiya Ep 61 Dub

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This anime is based on Masami Kurumada's beloved manga, which has sold more than 34 million copies in Japan alone.


Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas

In an 18th-century European village, with the Holy War looming, live two friends, Tenma and Alone, whose world is shaken when Alone meets Pandora.

The Gold Saints meet with Athena in her Sanctuary to prepare for the new Holy War against the Specters of the Underworld. Tenma begins his training.

Tenma and the other Saints head toward a village in Italy in search of the Specters of the Underworld. Tenma is worried about Alone.

Even after hearing about Tenma's death, and that her brother is the reincarnation of Hades, Sasha stays her tears, determined to do what she must.

One of the most powerful Specters, Griffon Minos, uses his attack to invade the impenetrable Sanctuary. Albafica faces off with the Specter Niobe.

Albafica is defeated in battle. Minos heads to the village outside the Sanctuary that Albafica wanted to protect and begins to lay waste to it.

Saint seiya english dubbed

Tenma, Yato and Yuzuriha are informed that the immortal Specters can be defeated with the fruit of the Sapindus, the Tree of the Sacred Fruit.

Tenma withstands Asmita's mighty assault, and suddenly the Sapindus responds to Tenma's Cosmos and begins to yield the Sacred Fruit.

Taurus Gold Saint Aldebaran uses his great strength to defeat the Specters attempting to invade the Sanctuary, but the Specter Bennu Kagaho shows up.

Aldebaran withstands Kagaho's attack, the 'Corona Blast', an attack so powerful it causes an earthquake.

Tenma finally returns to the Sanctuary to challenge Alone to battle, when the Grand Pope shows up and generates the 'Talisman Cage' to trap Hades.

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It is said that the painting that covers the sky, 'The Lost Canvas', will kill all mankind. Tenma realizes the meek Alone wants to destroy humanity.

Tenma leaves, determined to fight alone. Now he knows the Specters won't rest until they see him dead, and he doesn't want more Saints to die for him.

Pandora locks Alone in his studio so he can concentrate on his masterpiece, the 'Lost Canvas', to fully awaken King Hades.

After entering the Forest of Death, Yuzuriha is separated from the group. Yato is attacked by a giant centipede. Pirates of the caribbean 4 online, free.

Tenma, Yato and Yuzuriha are surrounded by Veronica's zombies, when Manigoldo comes to their rescue with orders from the Pope to protect Tenma.

Manigoldo finds the place where the twins are, but it's useless against the power of Thanatos, God of Death. The Sage Pope arrives to aid him.

Thanatos finally gets serious after Manigoldo injures him. But even in the worst position imaginable, Seiji doesn't hesitate.

Hypnos gathers the four gods who control dreams. One of them, Icelus, appears in Sagittarius, avoiding Capricorn El Cid's attack.

As they near Hades's castle, Tenma, Yuzuriha and Yato find themselves in a thick fog. Suddenly, Tenma finds himself in the town where he grew up.

Phantasos, one of the Four Gods, has fallen, and now El Cid must face Icelus. Meanwhile, Tenma will have to face his dream.

Tenma and El Cid fight hopelessly against the combined power of Oneiros and the other three gods. Athena appears in the Dream World to save Sisyphus.

Athena enters Sisyphus's dream, where she finds him feeling guilty for having separated Tenma and Alone.

The seal of the four gods has been destroyed and Hypnos's Dream Seal is lifted. Now the forces of The Warriors are marching against Hades's castle.

Saint Seiya Full Episodes

Hakurei enters Hades's castle on his own bearing a sword bathed in the previous Athena's blood. He destroys all Specters in his wake.

Saint Seiya Episode 1 English Dubbed

Hakurei uses a powerful attack with the help of the souls of his fallen comrades to seal Hypnos. King Hades himself appears.

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EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date

A New Era of Heroic Legends

Sat Oct 11, 1986

Burn! Meteor Punch of Pegasus!

Sat Oct 18, 1986

Swan, Warrior of the Ice Field

Sat Oct 25, 1986

Dragon's Invincible Fist and Shield

Sat Nov 01, 1986

Miraculous Rebirth and Cosmic Friendship

Sat Nov 08, 1986

The Return of Phoenix

Sat Nov 15, 1986

The Revenge of Phoenix

Sat Nov 22, 1986

Battle for the Gold Cloth

Sat Nov 29, 1986

The Black Knights Appear

Sat Dec 06, 1986

Dragon in the Graveyard of Knights

Sat Dec 13, 1986

Seiya Battles Black Pegasus

Sat Dec 20, 1986

The Nebula Chain of Friendship

Sat Dec 27, 1986

Duel of the Dragons

Sat Jan 03, 1987

Defeat of the Demon

Sat Jan 10, 1987

Phoenix's Secret Revealed

Sat Jan 17, 1987

Docrates' Fierce Attack

Sat Jan 24, 1987

To the Rescue! Saori's Crisis

Sat Jan 31, 1987

Great Rage! The Ghost Saints of the Carribean

Sat Feb 07, 1987

Life or Death! Bloody Battle at the Island of Spirits

Sat Feb 14, 1987

Serious Battle! Shaina's Counter Attack

Sat Feb 21, 1987

Catastrophe! Aurora Confrontation

Sat Feb 28, 1987

Rebirth from the Flames! Undestructible Ikki

Sat Mar 07, 1987

Silver Saint! Noble Assassin

Sat Mar 14, 1987

Fly Pegasus! Like a Comet

Sat Mar 21, 1987

Fight! Under Athena's Command

Sat Mar 28, 1987

Friend or Foe! The Steel Saints

Sat Apr 04, 1987

Seiya Turned to Stone! The Medusa Shield

Sat Apr 11, 1987

Dragon! Sacrificial Punch

Sat Apr 18, 1987

Kidnapped! An Army of Crows Attacks Saori

Sat Apr 25, 1987

Burn Brightly! The Cosmo of Love

Sat May 02, 1987

Demon Illusion! The Borderline Between Life And Death

Sat May 09, 1987

Big Explosion! Death Queen Island

Sat May 16, 1987

Fight! Dragon's Tears of Light

Sat May 23, 1987

Farewell, Friend! Rest in Peace

Sat May 30, 1987

Deadly Journey! Open the Dragon's Eyes

Sat Jun 06, 1987

Amazing! Versus Twelve Gold Cloths

Sat Jun 13, 1987

The Mask Screams! Either Love or Death

Sat Jun 20, 1987

Fight! Gold Saint

Sat Jun 27, 1987

Speed of Light! The Blow Exceeds the Sound Barrier

Sat Jul 04, 1987

Go On! Our Departure

Sat Jul 11, 1987

The Big Battle of Sanctuary! Athena's Greatest Crisis

Sat Jul 18, 1987

The Ultimate Cosmo! Seven Senses

Sat Jul 25, 1987

Big Bang! The Battle of the Gold Bull Temple

Sat Aug 01, 1987

Gemini Temple! Labyrinth of Light and Darkness

Sat Aug 08, 1987

Fear! Adrift in Another Dimension

Sat Aug 15, 1987

Call Out! Nebula Chain of Attack and Defense In One

Sat Aug 22, 1987

Farewell, Hyoga! Sleep, O Noble Warrior

Sat Aug 29, 1987

Dragon! Rebirth from the Land of Death

Sat Sep 05, 1987

Love! Shunrei's Prayer

Sat Sep 12, 1987

Rise, Dragon! Shiryu's Raging Cosmo

Sat Sep 19, 1987

Why! The Golden Lion Bared His Fangs

Sat Sep 26, 1987

Ares! Legend of the Demon Fist

Sat Oct 03, 1987

What a Man! Cassios Dies for Love

Sat Oct 10, 1987

Ikki! The Phoenix's Blazing Wings

Sat Oct 17, 1987

Ties of Friendship! Athena's Call

Sat Oct 24, 1987

Shaka! The Man Closest to the Gods

Sat Oct 31, 1987

Fear of the Void! Shaka Opening His Eyes

Sat Nov 07, 1987

Heroical! Ikki Dissolved Because of Friendship

Sat Nov 14, 1987

Revive, Swan! Life, Death and Love

Sat Nov 21, 1987

Hyoga's Resurrection! At the Risk of My Life

Sat Nov 28, 1987

Surrender or Death! These Wings Are at Their Limit

Sat Dec 05, 1987

Go On, Hyoga! The Noble Warrior

Sat Dec 12, 1987

Resound! Sanctuary's Gold Cloths

Sat Dec 19, 1987

Young Men! To You I Entrust Athena

Sat Dec 26, 1987

Howling Sacred Sword! Shura vs. Dragon

Sat Jan 02, 1988

Ah, Shiryu! You Became Lost Among the Stars

Sat Jan 09, 1988

Farewell! My Teacher, My Friend

Sat Jan 16, 1988

Warrior of Beauty! Aphrodite

Sat Jan 23, 1988

Demon Rose! Sweet Death's Scent

Sat Jan 30, 1988

Peaceful! Shun's Last Smile

Sat Feb 06, 1988

Extinguished Fire Clock! Pope's Invitation

Sat Feb 13, 1988

Go On Seiya! Beyond the Death of Friends

Sat Feb 20, 1988

Gather, Friends! By Athena's Command

Sat Feb 27, 1988