Save Game Yugioh Forbidden Memories Full Cards

  • This is a list of cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!Forbidden Memories.There are 722 playable cards in the game, numbered from 001 to 722, and one unusable story card, the Millennium Item Card. A gallery of cards can also be viewed.
  • Download Save Game Yugioh Forbidden Memories Full Card Rating: 9,6/10 6574 reviews This is the re uploaded version of the first memory card attachment which contains the following saves. Monster Hunter 3 Cso Ppsspp there.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories Save Data kali ini saya akan share savean game yugi PSX unlock all card dan all char tentunya ^^ dan yg pling keren dr savean ini adalah kita bz pakai kartu yg sama lebih dr 3 kartu seperti gambar atas:).

Jan 31, 2015 · Gi – Oh! Forbidden Memories game – Playstation 21, 2015 · Download For Yu – Gi – Oh! Forbidden Memories on save games. Yu – Gi – Oh Yu-Gi-Oh – Forbidden Memories ( PS1 ) Play. Station 1. Half-Life 2 was made available for download over the Internet, Play. Station 3 games are packaged into Blu For Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories on the Play. Station , Play. Station 2; Game Boy Save files? I download form this site a save file but it is unknown file and what but this PS1 game will always hold a special place rates this game: 4/5. Yu gi oh forbidden memories. Where to Download Yu-Gi-Oh! – Forbidden Memories Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories Cheats Games: Cheats: Playstation If you have a good combo or strong monster in your deck and you really need it to save Cool. ROM’s game information and ROM (ISO) download page for Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories (Sony Playstation ). Game Info Game: Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories Forbidden Memories ROM Download for PSX Atari Jaguar Atari Lynx Coleco. Vision CPS2 Flash Games Game Gear Genesis Gameboy Forbidden Memories: Filesize: Votes: Jan 17, 2015 · DOWNLOAD Download page for Yu-Gi-Oh! – Forbidden Memories. Use your cards and battle in this game based on Forbidden Memories » Download Yu-Gi-Oh! Download save game yugioh forbidden memories ps1 DOWNLOAD GAMES Visit Play. Station Store to and trading card game , YU-GI-OH! Forbidden Memories takes players on a voyage into Magical Totems and save his For Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories on the Play. Station , Game. FAQs has 14 save games. A good save game with good cards:

Try to download game for free full YuGiOh Forbidden Memories PSX here. Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories Save Data kali ini saya akan share savean game yugi PSX unlock all card dan all char tentunya ^^. Download Games PSP dibawah. Jun 27, 2017 - I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space! Descargar Gratis Biblia Amplificada.

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  • 3D Battle Arena

Press X on one of your monsters, then press Square instead of using X to attack again.
  • 999999

Don't try to get the password for monsters that appear in the tv series, they cost 999999 chips
e.g. Exodia, Baby Dragon, Blue eyes White dragon. Submitted by Jonny
  • Attack twice with the 'same' monster

This trick only works with monsters that can be fused into new ones through magic cards. Lay the monster down the turn you have it and the fusion magic card in your hand. During the next turn, lay down the magic card face down and attack with the monster, without using the magic on it. Then, go to the magic card and use it on the monster. The monster, which was once grayed, is now usable again. For example, Jirai Gumo (2200/100) is played the second turn and the card Metalmorph is in your hand. The next turn, play Metalmorph face down on the field. Since your opponent does not have a stronger attack or defense of 2200, attack with Jirai Gumo. After the battle sequence, use the Metalmorph on Jirai Gumo and it becomes Launcher Spider (2200/2500) and is no longer grayed. You can either attack again or switch to defense position. Submitted by Neto
  • Battling Tip

When you are battling your opponent will always play there strongest monster on there first turn or a trap or magic. Submitted by dragoon
  • Card Passwords

Card - Password
Blue Eyes White Dragon - 89631139
Man-eating Treasure Chest - 13723605
Magical Ghost - 46474915
Sorcerer Of The Doomed - 49218300
Dark Magician - 46986414
Fissure - 66788016
Claw Reacher - 41218256
Exodia (Head) - 33396948
Ansatsu - 48365709
Man-eating Bug - 54652250
Giant Soldier of Stone - 13039848
Waboku - 12607053
Mystical Elf - 15025844
Curse of Dragon - 28279543
Celtic Guardian - 91152256
Winged Dragon - 877969
Neo The Magic Swordsman - 50930991

Save Game Yugioh Forbidden Memories Full Cards Free

Dragon Zombie - 66672569
Witty Phantom - 36304921
Monster Reborn - 83764718
Great White - 13429800
Summoned Skull - 70781052
Mammoth Graveyard - 40374923
Reinforcements - 17814387
Trap Hole - 04206964
Book Of Secret Arts - 91595718
Ancient Elf - 93221206
Beaver Warrior - 32452818
The Stern Mystic - 87557188
Mystic Clown - 47060154
Baron Of The Fiend Sword - 86325596
Change Of Heart - 04031928
Doma The Angel Of Silence - 16972957
Card Destruction - 72892473
Silver Fang - 90357090
Feral Imp - 41392891
Gaia - 06368038
Soul Exchange - 68005187 Submitted by Stryker82
  • Deck change

The game displays a password after it has been completed (for example, 92445276, 25774450, 92886423, etc.). This password is to change your deck. After you enter the password, check your cards.
  • Duplicating cards

Three memory cards are required for this trick. One can be a PlayStation2 memory card if needed. Refer to the memory cards as A, B, and C. Insert memory cards A and C. Memory card A should have the cards you want to duplicate. Copy the Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories saved game file to memory card C. Start a game and insert memory card B. This memory card be should also have a game in it with a different I.D. Trade the cards that you want from memory card A to memory card B, then reset the game. Return to the PlayStation memory manager and copy the saved game file from memory card C and put it back in memory card A. Memory card A should now have your old file with all the cards that you traded to memory card B. Next, go to trade and put all the cards you traded to memory card B into memory card A. If done correctly, you should have doubled the cards that you wanted.
The following trick gives you extra cards for free without dueling or using starchips. You need two memory cards. Refer to the memory cards as A and B. Memory card A must have a save file on it. Insert memory card B into memory card slot one and start a new game. Save that game to memory card B, then reset the game. Go to the build deck menu and take all the cards you want out of your deck and exit the menu. Save your game and reset the PlayStation. Insert memory card A into memory card slot two. Go into the trade menu and select all the cards (or as many as you can) from memory card B and press Square on controllers one and two. A menu will appear. Press X to select 'Trade', then 'Yes'. You will now have all the cards from memory card B (that you traded) in memory card A. Submitted by Neto
  • Easy Starchips

When you start the game you will fight someone. After you defeat them, save your game. Go to free battle and battle all you want to receive 5 Starchips. Keep doing this until you have as many Starchips as needed.
  • Exodia

Enter the following passwords.
Head: 33396948
Right Leg: 08124921
Left Leg: 44519536
Left Arm: 07902349
Right Arm: 70902349 Submitted by Neto
  • Fusions

Alligator's Sword Dragon (1700/1500) = BadyDragon + Alligator's Sword
Amphibious Bagroth (1850/1300) = Groundack Bugroth + Guardian Of The Sea
Aqua Dragon (2250/1900) = Fairy Dragon + Amazon Of The Sea + Zone Eater
Autumn Queen (1800/1500) = Female + Plant
B. Dragon Jungle King (2100/1800) = Dragon (<1600 ATK) + Plant
Barox (1380/1530) = Frenzied Panda + Ryu-Kishin
Beastry Mirror Ritual = Dark Energy + Elegant Egotist
Bickuribox (2300/2000) = Classclown +DreamClown
Black Dragon Jungle King (2100/1700) = Plant + Dragon
Black Dragon Jungle King (2100/1800) = Ancient Tree of Enlightment (1300/900) +Kairyu-Shin (1800/1500)
Black Dragon Jungle King (2100/1800) = Bean Soldier (1400/1300) + One-Eyed Shield Dragon (700/1300) or Petit Dragon (600/700)
Black Dragon Jungle King (2100/1800) = Crawling Dragon #2 (1600/1200) + Yashinoki (800/600)
Black Dragon Jungle King (2100/1800) = Yamatano Dragon Scroll + Dark Plant
Black Luster Ritual = Dark Energy + Dark-Piercing Light
Black Meteor Dragon = Red Eyes Black Dragon + Baby Meteor Dragon
Black Skull Dragon (3200 attack/2800 defense) = Summoned Skull + Red eyes Black Dragon
Blackland Fire (1500/800) = Phantom Dewan + Yamatano Dragon Scroll
Blackland Fire (1500/800) = Yamatano Dragon Scroll + Phantom
Blue Eyes = Mystic Horesman + Battle Ox
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (4500/3800) = Blue-Eyes White Dragon(x3)
Bolt Escargot (1400/1500) = Weak Water + Weak Lightning
Bolt Escargot = Ameba + Lala Li-Oon
Bolt Escargot = The Melting Red Shining + Mega Thunderball
Bracchio-Raidus (2200/2000) = Two-headed King Rex + Crawling Dragon
Charubin The Fire Knight (1100/800) = Monster Egg + Hinotama
Crimson Bird (2300/1800) = Darkfire Dragon + Faith Bird
Crimson Sunbird (2300/1800) = Blast Juggler (800/900) + Blue Winged Crown (1600/1200) or Faith Bird (1500/1100)
Crimson Sunbird (2300/1800) = Boo Koo (6500/500) + Kagemusha of the Blue Flame (800/400)
Crimson Sunbird (2300/1800) = Charubin Fire Knight (1100/800) + Mavelus (1300/900)
Crimson Sunbird (2300/1800) = Faithbird + Skull Redbird
Crimson Sunbird (2300/1800) = Skull Red Bird (1150/1200) + Flame Manipulator (900/1000)
Crimson Sunbird (2300/1800) = Vermilion Sparrow + Winged Beast
Crimson Sunbird = Mavalus + Mavalus
Curse of Dragon (2000/1500) = Armored Zombie (1500/0) + Sword Arm of Dragon (1750/2030)
Curse of Dragon (2000/1500) = Bone Mouse (400/300) + Metal Dragon (1850/1700)
Curse of Dragon (2000/1500) = Metal Dragon + Bone Mouse
Curse of Dragon (2000/1500) = Yamatano Dragon Scroll + Bat + Bone Mouse
Curse Of Dragon = Skelgon + Babydragon
Curse of Millennium Shield Ritual = Metalmorph + Metalmorph
Cyber Saurus (1800/1400) = Blast Juggler + Two Headed King Rex
Cyber Saurus (1800/1400) = Dinosaur + Machine
Cyber Saurus (1800/1400) = Dragon + Machine
Cyber Saurus (1800/1400) = Tomozaurus + Steel Scorpion
Cyber Soldier (1500/1700) = Green Kappa + Bat
Cyber Solider (1500/1700) = Warrior + Machine
Cybersaurus (1800/1600) = Crawling Dragon #2 + Dharma Cannon
Dark Elf ( 2000/800) = Wing Egg Elf + Phantom Dewan
Dark Elf ( 2000/800) = Wing Egg Elf + Sectarian of Secrets
Dark Elf (2000/800) = Ancient Sorcerer (1000/1300) +Wing Egg Elf (500/1300)
Dark Elf = Ancient Elf + Eldeen
Dark Witch (1800/1500) = Female + Spellcaster
Dark Witch (1800/1700) = Dancing Elf + Dancing Elf
Dark Witch (1800/1700) = Fairy + Spellcaster
Dark Witch (1800/1700) = Female + Female
GameDark Witch = Skelengal + Dancing Elf
Darkfire Dragon (1500/1250) = Firegrass + Petit Dragon
Darkfire Dragon (1500/1250) = Firegrass + PetitDragon
Darkworld Thorns = Mystery Hand + Fungi Mask
Deepsea Shark (1900/1600) = BottomDweller + Tongyo
Deepsea Shark = Bottom Dweller + Tongyo
Disc Magician = Mystical Lamp + Mechanical Spider
Dragon Zombie (1600/0) = Dragon + Zombie
Dragoness The Wicked Knight (1200/900) = Armaill + One Eyed Shield Dragon
Empress Judge (2100/1700) = Queen's Double + Hibikime
Flame Cerebrus (2100/1800) = Armaill (700/1300) + Little Chimera (600/550) or Milus Radiant (300/250)
Flame Cerebrus (2100/1800) = Beast + Pyro
Flame Cerebrus (2100/1800) = Burglar (850/800) + Firegrass (700/600) or Flame Ghost (1000/800)
Flame Cerebrus (2100/1800) = Candle of Fate (600/600) + Armored Rat (950/1100) or Fusionist (900/700) or Milus Radiant (300/250) or Silver Fang (1200/800) or Wolf (1200/800)
Flame Cerebrus (2100/1800) = Flame Manipulator (900/1000) + Mystical Sheep #2 (800/1000) or Frenzied Panda (1200/1000)
Flame Cerebrus = Fire Reaper + Little Chimera
Flame Cerebus (2100/1800) = Milus Radiant + Viper Snake
Flame Cerebus = Air Marmot + Fire Reaper
Flame Swordsman = Mavelus + Supporters In Shadow
Flower Wolf (1800/1400) = Beast + Plant
Flower Wolf (1800/1400) = Green Kappa + Air Mamot of Nefariousaess
Flower Wolf (1800/1400) = Milus Radiant + Dark Plant
Flower Wolf (1800/1400) = Mushroom Man + Milus Radiant
Flower Wolf (1800/1400) = Plant + Beast
Flower Wolf (1800/1400) = Silver Fang + Darkworld Thorns
Flower Wolf (1800/1400) = Yashinoki + Air Marmot of Nefariousness
Gaia the Dragon Champion (2600/2100) = Curse of Dragon (2000/1500) + Gaia the Fierce Knight (2300/2100)
Galtia the D. Knight = Guardian of the Labyrinth + Protector of the Throne
Garvas (2000/1500) = Dancing Elf + Air Mamot of Nefariousness
Garvas (2000/1500) = Happy Lover + Wicked Worm Beast
Garvas (2000/1700) = Ancient Brain (1000/700) + Dig Beak (500/800) or Gate Deeg (700/800)
Garvas = Fusionist + Master And Expert
Garvus = Griffore + Happy Lover
Great Mammoth of Goldfine (2200/1800) = Corroding Shark (1100/700) + Mammoth Graveyard (1200/800)
Great Mammoth of Goldfine (2200/1800) = Mammoth Graveyard + Zombie
Great Mammoth Of Goldfine = Mammoth Graveyard + Dragon Zombie
Great Mammoth Of Goldfine = Mammoth Graveyard + The Wandering Doomed
Great Mammoth of Goldfine(2200/1800) = The 13th Grave (1200/900) + Mammoth Graveyard(1200/800)
Great Moth (2500/2000) = Cocoon of Evolution (0/2000) + Larvae Moth (500/400)
Hiptanio (-100) = Sparks (Magic Card) + Sparks (Magic Card)
Hyosube (1500/900) = The Furious Sea King + Psychic Kappa
Ice Water = White Dolphin + Muse A
Judge Man (2200/1500) = Axe Raider (1700/1150) + The Judgement Hand (1400/700)
Judge Man (2200/1500) = Celtic Guardian (1400/1200) + The Judgment Hand (1400/700)

Save Game Yugioh Forbidden Memories Full Cards Download

Judge Man (2200/1500) = Judgment Hand + Queen's Double
Judge Man = The Judgment Hand + Warrior
Karbonala Warrior (1500/1200) = M-Warrior #1 + M-Warrior #2
Koumori Dragon (1500/1200) = Mystery Hand + Yamatano Dragon Scroll
Koumori Dragon = Petit Dragon + Wicked Dragon
Kunai with Chain (Equip) = Legendary Sword (Equip) + Sword of Dark Destruction (Equip)
Labyrinth Tank = Giga-Tech Wolf + Cannon Solider
Launch Spider (2200/2500) = Jirai Gumo + Metalmorph
Mavelus = Kurama + Fire Eye
Metal Dragon (1850/1700) = Yamatano Dragon Scroll + Bat
Metal Dragon (1850/1750) = Dragon (<1600 ATK) + Machine
Metal Fish (1600/1900) = Green Kappa + Bat + White Dolphin
MetalZoa (3000/2800) = Zoa + Metalmorph
Meteor B. Dragon (3500/2000) = R. Eyes B. Dragon + Meteor Dragon
Meteor B. Dragon = Meteor Dragon + Red Eyes B. Dragon
Mystical Sand (2100/1700) = Ancient Elf (1450/1200) + Ancient Jar (400/200) or Pot the Trick (400/400)
Mystical Sand (2100/1700) = Beautiful Head Huntress (1600/800) + Ancient Jar (400/200)
Mystical Sand (2100/1700) = Dancing Elf + Dissolverock
Mystical Sand (2100/1700) = Dancing Elf + Milus Radiant
Mystical Sand (2100/1700) = Dancing Elf + Morphing Jar
Mystical Sand (2100/1700) = Fairy + Lunar Queen Elzaim (750/1100)
Mystical Sand (2100/1700) = Female Monster + Rock
Mystical Sand (2100/1700) = Haniwa (500/500) + Lunar Queen Elzaim (750/1100)
Mystical Sand (2100/1700) = Key Mace + Morphing Jar
Mystical Sand (2100/1700) = Muki Muki + Dancing Elf
Mystical Sand (2100/1700) = Pot of Trick + Witch of Black Forrest
Mystical Sand (2100/1700) = Witch of Black Forest + Morphing Jar
Mystical Sand = Any girl (<2100) + Any rock (<2100)
Mystical Sand = Key Mace + Rock
Mystical Sand = Water Element + Morphing Jar
Mystical Sheep #1 (1150/900) = Mystical Sheep #2 (800/1000) + Bolt Penguin (1100/800)
Nekogal # 2 = Water Element + Griffore
Nekogal #2 (1900/2000) = Female + Beast
Nekogal #2 = Key Mace + Little Chimera
Nekogal (1900/2000) = Female + Beast
Pumpkin King Of Ghosts = The Wandering Doomed + Bean Soldier
Pumpking the King of Ghosts (1800/2000) = Plant + Zombie
Queen of Autumn Leaves (1800/1500) = Female + Plant
Rabid Horseman (2000/1700) = Battle Ox (1700/1000) + Mystic Horseman (1300/1550)
Rabid Horseman = Battle Ox + Mystic Horseman
Rabid Horseman = Mystichorseman + Battle Ox
Red Eyes Black Dragon (2400/2000) = Blackland Fire Dragon (1500/800) + Tyhone #2 (1700/1900)
Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon = Red Eyes Black Dragon + Metal Morph
Rose of the Dunn (2000/1800) = Female + Fiend
Rose Spector of Dunn (2000/1800) = Arlownay (800/1000) + Dark Prisoner (600/1000) or Embryonic Beast (500/750)
Ryu-Kishin Powered (1600/1200) = Ryu-Kishin + Sectarian of Secrets
Sea King Dragon (2000/1700) = Catapult Turtle (1000/2000) + Metal Dragon (1850/1700)
Shadow Flame Dragon (8700/8200) = Three-Headed Firetooth Dragon + Fiend
Skelgon = Dragon Zombie + The Wandering Doomed
Soul Hunters (2200/1800) = Clown Zombie (1350/0) + Mechaleon (800/600) or Sinister Serpent (300/250)
Spike Sedra (1600/1400) = Dragon + Aqua
Stone Dragon (2000/2300) = Dragon (<1600 ATK) + Rock
Thousands Dragon = Any dragon (<2400) + Time Wizard
Stone Dragon (2000/2300) = Ancient Jar (400/200) + Crawling Dragon (1600/1400) or Black Land Fire Dragon (1500/800)
Stone Dragon (2000/2300) = Muki Muki + Crawling Dragon
Stone Dragon (2000/2300) = Yamatano Dragon Scroll + Morphing Jar
Stone Dragon (2000/2300) = Dissolverock + Baby Dragon
Stone Dragon (2000/2300) = Dissolverock + Yamatano Dragon Scroll
Summon Skull = Embryonic Beast + Time Wizard
Summoned Skull (2500/1200) = Castle of Dark Illusions (1200/2500) + Job Change Mirror (800/1300)
Summoned Skull (2500/1200) = Crass Crown (1350/1400) + Job Change Mirror (800/1300)
Summoned Skull = Crass Clown + Job Change Mirror
Summoned Skull = Sangan + Job-Change Mirror
Summoned Skull = Time Wizard + Embroynic Beast
Summoned Skull = Time Wizard + Embryonic Beast
Summoned Skull = Trials of Mightmare + Beastly Mirror
Sword Arm Of Dragon (1750 ATK) = Warrior (<1700 ATK) + Dragon (<1700 ATK, but not Dark Fire Dragon)
Tatsunootoshigo = Beast + Water
Thousand Dragon (2400/2000) = Baby Dragon (1200/700) + Time Wizard (500/400)
Thousand Dragon (2400/2000) = Crawling Dragon (1600/1400) + Time Wizard (500/400)
Thousand Dragon (2400/2000) = Dragon (<1600 ATK) + Time Wizard
Thousand Dragon = Time Wizard + One Eyed Shield Dragon
Three-Headed Firetooth Dragon (5400/5150) = Blue Eyes White Dragon + Meteor B. Dragon + Sword Arm of Dragon
MemoriesThunder Dragon (1600/1400) = Thunder + Dragon
Thunder Dragon (1600/1500) = Dragon (<1600 ATK) + Thunder
Thunder Dragon = Petit Dragon + The Immortal Of Thunder
Twin Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2000) = Dragon(1600 atk or above) + Thunder
Twin Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2000) = Thunder Dragon + Darkfire Dragon
Twin Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2100) = Black Dragon Jungle King (2100/1800) + Electric Lizard (850/800) or Electric Snake (800/900) or The Immortal of Thunder (1500/1300) or Kaminarikozou (700/600) or LaLa Li-oon (600/600) or Oscillo Hero #2 (1000/500)
Twin Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2100) = Bolt Escargot (1400/1500) + Crawling Dragon (1600/1400) or Crawling Dragon #2 (1600/1200) or Dragon Zombie (1600/0) or Thousand Dragon (2400/2000) or Thunder Dragon (1600/1500)

Save Game Yu Gi Oh Forbidden Memories Full Cards List

Twin Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2100) = Bolt Penguin (1100/800) + Crawling Dragon (1600/1400) or Crawling Dragon #2 (1600/1200) or Curse of Dragon (2000/1500) or Dragon Zombie (1600/0) or Metal Dragon (1850/1700) or Meteor Dragon (1800/2000) or Spike Seadra (1600/1300) or Stone Dragon (2000/2300) or Sword Arm of Dragon (1750/2030) or Thousand Dragon (2400/2000) or Thunder Dragon (1600/1500)
Twin Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2100) = Zombie Dragon (1600/0) + Mega Thunderball (750/600)
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2100) = Dragon (<1600 ATK) + Machine
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2100) = Dragon (<1600 ATK) + Plant
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2100) = Dragon (<1600 ATK) + Rock
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2100) = Dragon (<1600 ATK) + Thunder
Ushi Oni (2150/1950) = Akakieisu (1000/800) + Ancient Jar (400/200) or Dragon Piper (200/1800)
Ushi Oni (2150/1950) = Ancient Jar + Mystic Lamp
Ushi Oni (2150/1950) = Curtain of the Dark Ones (600/500) + Ancient Jar (400/200) or Morphing Jar (700/600) or Pot the Trick (400/400)
Ushi Oni (2150/1950) = Phantom Dewan + Morphing Jar
Ushi Oni (2150/1950) = Sagii The Dark Clown + Pot Of Tricks
Vermilion Sparrow (1900/1500) = Flame Swordsman + Wolf
War-Lion Ritual = Beast Fangs + Elegant Egotist
Whiptail Crow (1650/1600) = Ryu-Kishin + Droll Bird
Wow Warrior = White Dolphin + Hard Armor
Yamadron Ritual = Dragon Treasure + Elegant Egotist
Zera Ritual = Dark Energy + Malevolent Nuzzler
Zombie Warrior = Skull Servant + Green Kappa Submitted by Neto
  • Gate Guardian Ritual

Have #374 Gate Guardian, #667 Gate Guardian Ritual, #371 Sanga Of The Thunder, #372 Kazejin, and #373 Suijin in your deck. Put them in your field, then put the ritual card.
  • Great way to get excellent cards

After you beat the Low Meadow Mage, Return to the Card Shop and save. After you save, return to the menu where you can have freeduels. Duel the Low Meadow Mage About 200 times and you may get:
2x Meator B. Dragons 3500ATK
2x Skull Knights 2650ATK
2x Dark magicians 2500ATK
2x Gaia the Fierce Knights 2300ATK
Also duel the other mages to get curse of dragon(2000ATK). The mountain mage should give you this. Then you can fuse Curse of Dragon and Gaia the fierce Knight to make Gaia the Dragon Champion(2600ATK) Submitted by Yamiyugi0102
  • Leave the deck-building screen with less than 40 cards

Many of the early Yugioh games allow you to exit the deck-building screen whether you have a full deck or not (unless you are about to or are currently playing a duel). In Forbidden Memories, exiting the deck building screen will force the campaign mode or Free Duel mode to exit out automatically until you have a full deck ready and available. Sounds counterproductive, right? Well, here's the real kicker, here: You can save your game immediately afterwards. So in essence, you can pretty much save your game after you empty out your entire deck, exit out of your current load game, and then trade all the cards that were once in your deck to a second memory card. This is highly invaluable if you desire to build your deck with the very best cards available right from the start (like, say, nothing but Dragons and Thunder monsters as well as suitable equip cards and Raigeki's). This is not only a highly invaluable hidden technique that is helpful for speed running, but it can also help you defeat Heishin using nothing but the cards you can get in your Starter Deck. Maybe even collect a number of rare cards as well as a near-complete list of Equip cards, 3 Raigeki's, and a complete set of Field Spell cards.
  • Make opponent fuse their cards

On your first turn, put a strong card that the CPU will not be able to kill. It should now put down a card and place it in defense mode. On your second turn, put down a weak card in defense mode and leave the strong card in attack mode. The CPU should fuse its cards. If not, start the battle again. Submitted by Neto

Game Yu-gi-oh 2 Nguoi

  • Never use up Starchips

This trick requires three memory cards. Memory cards A and B should have your main game save. Memory card C should just be any game with a different name than your normal game. Put memory card B in slot one and memory card C in slot two. Load your game, buy your desired cards, then save and back out to the main screen. Then, go to 'Trade' and trade all the cards to memory card B. Insert memory card A into slot one and trade the cards back from C to A. You have now purchased cards and gotten them for free. Submitted by Neto
  • Passing the Labyrinth

After you win, go Right, Right, Left, Right.
  • Password mode

On every Duel Monsters card is an eight-digit password on the lower left corner directly below the card's picture. Enter this code at the 'Password' option on the main screen, and the card will be recorded into your card collection. Note: You can only enter the password once.
  • Power up Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon

Use the following trick to power up Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon to 5000+ ATK Points. First, you will need the cards that will create the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon: Any Dragon + Rock + Thunder or Dragon Zombie + any Thunder. The other cards you will need are one Mountain (Magic), three Horn Of Lights (Magic), and three Dragon Treasure. To get three Horn Of Lights and three Dragon Treasure, try starting a new game on another memory card. Try to start with a deck with the Horn Of Light or Dragon Treasure (getting both of them at the same time is almost impossible); then trade onto the game you are permanently playing. Since you cannot get the magic card back on the temporary memory card, keep starting a new game on your temporary memory card and try to get a starter deck with the Horn Of Light (getting a Raigeki is also good). After all that is done, free duel anyone with the memory card with the permanent game. Have the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon already on the field, and if it can be done, if all three Horn Of Lights or Dragon Treasures are in your hand, press Up on all of them and combine with the Dragon. If not, just wait and it will happen. With the three Horns, three Dragon Treasures and the Mountain combined with the Dragon, its ATK power should be about 6300.
Combine the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon with three Dragon Treasure, three Horn Of Light, three Invigoration, two Megamorph, and one Umi. Its ATK power will be about 9800.
Use the following power-ups to power up Twin Headed Thunder Dragon to a 9300 ATK: one Mountain, three Horn Of Lights, three Beast Fangs, three Dragon Treasures, and three Dark Energy. Submitted by Neto
  • Rare Combines

Mamoth Of Goldfine= Mamoth Graveyard+Strong Zombie
curse of Dragon=Metal Dragon+zombie
D.Human=Dragon+Weak Soilder Submitted by YamiYugi
  • Secret Rare Cards

Go to the password menu and type in these codes:
Effect Code
Tri-Horned Dragon 3911115
Cosmo Queen 38999506
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon 23995346
Gate Gaurdian 25833572
Black Skull Dragon 11901678
Millennium Sheild 32012841
Gaia The Dragon Champion 66889139
Red-Eyes B. Dragon 74677422 Submitted by Ivan
  • Summon two Dragons

To summon two Dragons you need to have the Flute Of Summoning Dragon (43973174), The Lord of D. (17985575) and two Dragons in your hand. Put the Flute Of Summoning Dragon on the field when Lord of D. is face up. When you do this you can play two Dragons as a special summoning.
  • Summoned Skull power-ups

Sword of Dark Destruction
Malevolent Nuzzler
Black Pendant
Bright Castle
Horn of the Unicorn
Dark Energy
Kunai with chain
Black Pendant
Sword of Dark Destruction
Axe of Despair

Game Yu-gi-oh Dau Bai

Submitted by Neto
  • Super Rare Card

To get the super rare card get 9,999 star chips and then type in at the password mode 89631139 and then press exchange. Submitted by hiphopbounce214
  • Trap or Magic?

When you are in 1-player mode, and your opponent plays a face-down card in the magic and trap card zone, if it gets darkened, it is a magic card. If it does not get darkened, it is a trap.
  • Ultra Rare Cards

Go to the pasword menu and put in these three codes: 11901678, 25833572, 33396948. Submitted by Stephen
  • Various Characters

Enter the codes: 11901678, 25833572, 33396498. Submitted by Stephen
  • War Lion Ritual

Have #673 War Lion Ritual (card), #483 Garvas, #403 Leogun, and #201 Frenzied Panda.
  • Zera Ritual

Have #671 Zera Ritual (card), #377 Ryu-kishin Powered, #298 Wicked Dragon with the Ersatz Head, #085 King Of Yamimakai.


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