Seecamp Serial Number Chart

Mar 21, 2016 - The L.W. Seecamp Company Forum - Serial Number/ Date of Birth - Lookup Tables. The serial number found on your gun can tell you when your gun was manufactured. To find where your serial number is located, you will need to refer to your owner's manual. We have most owner's manuals online. We have also developed a section called, 'Date Your Gun' in the Services section to help you read the serial number for your gun. Handcrafted in the USA AND engraved with a special TRUMP Serial Number! Buds has just received Serial Numbers TRUMP001 through TRUMP100. Weight(empty mag)- 11.5oz. Action- DAO(delayed blowback) Trigger pull- 11.5lbs. Material- Stainless Steel.

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Detonics Model Chart

Matte blue
Combat Master MkII
Essex frame
Hard chrome
Combat Master MC1Matte blue slide, matte stainless frameTransitional to Caspian frames
Combat Master MkIV
Caspian stainless frame
Brushed/matte stainless
Combat Master MkVI
Later models had three recoil springs. Caspian stainless frame
Flattop stainless, with no sights
Rounded edges,additional removal of slide material. Small run of 50 made for CIA which also featured magnaporting. Caspian stainless frame

Seecamp Date Of Manufacture

Model names and the Specifications for models other than Combat Master

Seecamp Serial Number Chart
Years of Manufacture
Military Combat MC2Dull, non-glare combat finish and fixed sights. Came with a camouflaged pile-lined wallet(rug), and Pachmayr grips.
Discontinued in 1984
O.S. ModelEmergency backup pistol similar to the Combatmaster, 6 shot mag., choice of stain stainless, or all black finish
2 manufactured, 1991 only
ScoremasterMatch Pistol with extremely close tolerances, 5 or 6 inch barrel Millett Adjustable Sights, and Grip Safety, 7 or 8 shot magazine, weighed 42 ounces
CompmasterSimilar to the Scoremaster, except it is fully compensated.
Competition Master T.F.Competition model with dual port compensator, rotational torque compensating vents, patented coned barrel system, hand tuned trigger, and they included all competition modifications.
Discontinued in 1992
ServicemasterShortened version of the Scoremasters, with a non-glare combat finish, 4.25 inch barrel, coned barrel system, 8 shot magazine, and interchangeable front and rear adjustable sights. Weighed 39. ounces,
Discontinued in 1986
Servicemaster II Same as the Servicemaster except offered in a Polished Stainless Steel finish.
Manufactured from 1986-1992
Royal Escort Action similar to the Combat Master, 3.5 inch barrel, 6 shot magazine, black frame, slide and grips are iridescent purple, hammer and Trigger are 24 Karat Gold Plated.
Less than 25 were manufactured, 1990-92
Midnight EscortSimilar to the Royal escort, except Stainless, with a black slide, and smooth black grips(onyx).
Less than 30 were manufactured. 1990-92
Jade EscortSimilar to the Midnight Escort, except has Stainless Frame, Jade Colored Slide and Real Jade Grips.
Less than 10 were manufactured. 1990-92

Pocket 9 Series

Years of Manufacture
Pocket 9 Double action, 3 inch barrel, 6 shot magazine, soft matte sheen finish
Pocket 9LSSimilar to the Pocket 9, with a 4 inch barrel, again Limited production
Pocket .380Similar to the Pocket 9, 23 ounces
Power 9 Similar to the pocket 9 except has polished slide sides, and came with 2 magazines.

The Pocket 9 Series were produced from 1985 thru 1986 only and discontinued due to lack of demand. Special thanks to Mick at MRM for supplying the above information.

Production Numbers from 1984-1987

Year .380 9mm .45 Total

Misc Notes and History

The first patents for Detonics Inc. reflect a filing date of June 3, 1976 and were submitted by Patrick Yates, Sidney Woodcock, and Jeffrey Bealls.

Production numbers were 26,000 units between the Detonics and New Detonics Inc. Courtesy [email protected]

1045 investors were brought into the company to form the New Detonics corporation, which was relocated to Phoenix, AZ. This effort was spearheaded by Robby Barkum, who is known for his Robar finish. Courtesy Calus

The New Detonics Corporation, ceased operating in the spring of 1992 and all assets were sold at auction in Phoenix, AZ.

At one time an Ex-Detonics employee stole a Detonics imprinting plate and stamped out some fake Detoincs pistols using ODI/Viking frames. Courtesy Tony Rumore

At one time they ran out of Detonics shipping boxes so they took the .451 Conversion kits out of their own boxes and shipped complete pistols in them. The '1' on the boxes was carefully painted out as well as the 'Conversion' part. Courtesy Tony Rumore

At one point they made up a pile of 9mm Combatmasters but they did not sell well, so after collecting dust for several years, they yanked the top ends off of them and converted them back to 45's. Courtesy Tony Rumore

A little known movie fact from Terminator II - Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) used a modified Detonics in the scene directly after she emptied her M16 into Miles Dyson's (Joe Morton) house. The gun was a Scoremaster frame with a Combatmaster slide and a comp'd barrel to make it look like a longslide. A former Detonics employee confirmed that the pistol was built years earlier but to everbody's knowledge was never used in a movie until years later when it came out in T2. Courtesy Tony Rumore


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This semi-automatic action was chambered in the .223 or the 5.56 NATO caliber and is a gas operated rotating bolt which sits in the aluminum receiver. Additionally, the feed system on the AR 15 is a box magazine with varying capacities and various aftermarket manufacturers.

The AR 15 comes in a wide array of configurations usually weighing in the range of 5 to 9 pounds, and sport barrel lengths from 6.5 to 24 inches, depending on the intended use. Ford 5600 manual. Traditionally, the AR 15 was fitted with iron sights with the front site adjustable, but some models do have adjustable rear sights as well and other still have flattops, which are intended to have optics mounted on them.

These rifles have a maximum effective range from about 300 - 500 yards.

AR 15 Serial Numbers under Armalite * Always Verify with Armalite

Seecamp 25 Acp For Sale

AR 15 Serial Numbers over 30,000 was the Pre-Ban cut-off, call to verify.* (Some Eagle lowers below the 30,000 range were determined to be POST ban by BATF - call to verify) Armalite sells Eagle lowers, but sells factory complete rifles with Armalite lowers.

AR 15 Serial Numbers Under Colt* Always Verify - Call to Verify 800-962-COLT

Seecamp Serial Number Chart Numbers

CC001616 and Below - Pre-Ban
CH019500 and Below - Pre-Ban
GC018500 and Below - Pre-Ban
LH011326 and Below - Pre-Ban
MH086020 and Below - Pre-Ban
NL004800 and Below - Pre-Ban
SL027246 and Below - Pre-Ban
SP360200 and Below - Pre-Ban
1963 SP00001-SP00023**
1965 SP02501
1966 SP05600
1969 SP14000-SP14653
1977 SP67651
1978 SP83400
ST038100 and Below - Pre-Ban
TA10100 and Below - Pre-Ban
BD000134 and Below - Pre-Ban (AR-15A3 Tactical Carbine - very rare model)
MT00001 and Above - Post-Ban
BK000001and Above - Post Ban (CAR-A3)
CST000001 and Above - Post-Ban (Began Late 1997 Production)
CMH000001 and Above - Post Ban
CCH010000 and Above - Post Ban MT6700, MT6700C and MT6700CH series, 1998 production