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  • Another one of the new Predators in the Mountains is the Bear. These huge Predators roam in a few parts of the Mountains, The best known location is the Lowland Forest you enter shortly after entering the Mountains from the Meadow/Starting Area.
  • Shelter 2 MAC Game‘s environments are on much of a larger scale compared to its predecessor and give space for a lot more freedom than ever before, letting players find favourite spots for their return. This time seasons and weather change, merciless winters and bloomy summers await you! Also try to play: Jotun Mac Download.
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A complete list of shelters, an interactive map, coordinates, distances
and all frequently asked questions related to the AT shelters.

CC BY-SA 3.0 David Benbennick

What are Appalachian Trail shelters?

Appalachian Trail shelters are simple wooden structures scattered along the length of the trail for hikers to sleep in. They, most commonly, have three wooden walls (the fourth wall being exposed) and are elevated a couple feet off the ground. The shelters often have a slanted roof like a 'lean-to' and are tall enough to stand up inside. They can also look like log cabins, small barns or primitive custom-houses.

Where are the shelters located?

There are about 260 shelters scattered along the entire length of the 2,190 mile trail. Therefore, on average, there is a shelter located every 8.5 miles. Sometimes they might be closer together (maybe 5 miles), while other times they might be farther apart (maybe 15 miles).

Most shelters are physically located directly on the trail, or within a stone's throw away. Occasionally, they might be located 0.1 to 0.5 miles off a smaller side trail.

*Info is to our best knowledge and not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.
*Data provided by Whiteblaze, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, TNlandforums.

How do you sleep in them?

They vary in size and dimensions. Most shelters are designed to sleep a capacity of 8 people though. Hikers lay out their pads and sleeping bags like sardines in a line next to one another on the floor. Some more luxurious ones have segmented sleeping bunks.

What amenities do shelters have?

It's pretty basic. Think of them more like permanent tents or enlarged dog houses.. rather than any kind of 'housing'. No electricity, no running water, etc. Inside the shelter might be one shelf containing a log book and pen.. a broom will usually be tucked away in the corner to sweep out dirt.

AT shelters typically have a picnic table outside to cook on, write in your journal, play cards, layout clothes, etc. There is also usually a fire pit, a water source nearby (stream, pipe in the ground, etc) and a privy. Privies are like backcountry outhouses located about 50 yards from the shelter. In areas with high bear-density, there are bear boxes or bear cables to stores your scented items.

Do I need a reservation?

The short answer is no - you do not need a reservation to sleep in the shelters. These are public facilities that are, well, open to the public. Anyone and everyone can hike out on the Appalachian Trail and go sleep in a shelter without a reservation and without payment.

That being said, there are a few small sections (notably The Great Smoky Mountains in TN/NC and The Whites in NH) that require some planning. You must get a permit for the Smokys and, unless you are a thruhiker, you must reserve and pay for a 'hut' in the Whites. See more from the ATC on permits here.

Shelter Etiquette.

1) First Come, First Serve. If the weather is bad, make room. I have seen 14 people cram into an 8 person shelter. You can always put someone at your feet or squeeze in a little bit more. Be considerate before sprawling out all of your gear and becoming a shelter hog.

2) Be Quiet After Dark. Most hikers sleep with the sun. Therefore, ‘hiker midnight’ is early, just after the sun goes down. Some people snore like gods of thunder so bring ear plugs. On that note, be considerate if you come in late at night in case some people are already asleep.

3) Cook Outside. For fear of burning down the wooden shelter, you are not supposed to cook in the shelter. Admittedly, on some particularly cold nights, I did not want to leave my sleeping bag and opted to cook inside. Be careful if you do. Otherwise, cook outside on the forest floor nearby, on the fire pit, etc.

4) Keep it Clean. Your crumbs can attract all sorts of wildlife and be a major pain for the next hiker. Sweep up if you make a mess. And always, Leave No Trace.

5) No Graffiti. Your expressions, drawings, carvings, names and phrases are not appreciated on the walls. Don't be a jerk. Some are historical landmarks nearly 100 years old and have been, and continue to be, maintained by dedicated volunteers.

Should I sleep in the AT shelters or my tent?

Shelter 2 Mountains Download For Mac Catalina

Thru-hikers should plan to sleep in both the shelters and their own personal tents. Most try to sleep in the shelters as much as possible though. Why?

AT Shelter Pros.

  • No Rain. If it rains during the night, you won’t have to pack up a wet tent the next morning. Packing up while it is actually raining is even worse. Everything gets wet. The shelter is a nice dry station to get ready in.

  • Space. You can stand up. That is a huge luxury. Your tent can be a tiny, claustrophobic space to change clothes and pack up in. If the weather is bad for a long period of time, your tent can turn into a miserable coffin.

  • Social. People congregate by the shelters. It is where they sleep and hang out. Half of the fun on the AT is meeting good people.

  • Easy. No setting up your tent at night AND no packing it up in the morning.

  • Amenities. As mentioned, there is usually water, picnic table and a ‘bathroom’ which is more than any kind of plain tent site or random stealth site.

AT Shelter Cons.

  • Inflexible Location. The structures are permanent. Therefore, your hiking mileage revolves around their location. Let’s say you wake up sluggish and only feel like hiking 10 miles. You are probably limited to two options - a shelter 5 miles away or one 15 miles away. Not ideal. You could also encounter nasty weather and need to set up pronto way before reaching the shelter. What if you cross over a beautiful mountain with a nice perch and want to camp out there?

  • No Capacity. Even as a SOBO, I encountered a few packed out shelters. NOBO overcrowding is very common and can be a real problem. As my SOBO bubble collided with the NOBO bubble, it was not uncommon for a 10 man shelter to have 20 thru-hikers show up at night. The later half would need to sleep in their tents or hammocks.

  • Extra Miles. As mentioned, sometimes shelters are located half a mile off trail. You might rather set up camp than hike the extra half mile each way.

I slept in the shelters probably 80% of the time and in my tent the other 20%. I HIGHLY recommend bringing your own shelter as a backup option (tent, hammock, tarp, bivy). The AT shelters are a great Plan A, but due to their inflexible location and potential for overcrowding, you want your own Plan B.

© Matt Berger (@sheriff_woody_pct)

A Note About Mice.

Extremely common in (some) shelters. A lot of people have slept in the shelters before you and, unfortunately, have trained the mice to know food opportunities await. There are mouse lines to hang your food from inside. These are strings dangling from the shelter ceiling rafters and have some sort of ‘stopper’ or block midline to prevent a mouse from crawling down and accessing your hanging food bag.

There were times I went hundreds of miles without seeing or even hearing a mouse. In the most overrun shelters though, mice scurried across my sleeping bag at night and chewed so loud in the corners, I could hardly sleep.

One night, after a long day of hiking in the rain, I hung my rain shell up on a nail in the shelter to dry out. The next morning I realized there was a hole big enough for my finger to poke through in the left chest pocket. I had forgotten about an empty granola bar wrapper in there. A mouse had somehow smelled the crumbs, climbed up the wall, and gnawed through my pocket. Lesson learned; hang EVERYTHING edible on the mouse lines. Other than that one incident, the only ‘break-ins’ occurred when I left my food bag on the floor unattended.

Full List of Appalachian Trail Shelters.

NameStateMile (NOBO)Next Shelter (NOBO)Distance from TrailElevation (ft)Capacity
Amicalola Falls State ParkGA-8.80.1xxx1,800xxx
Max Epperson ShelterGA-8.77.2xxx1,85812
Black Gap ShelterGA- m W3,3008
Springer MountainGA00.2Summit.3,782xxx
Springer Mountain ShelterGA0.22.60.2 m E3,73312
Stover Creek ShelterGA2.85.30.1 m E2,93216
Hawk Mountain ShelterGA8.17.702. m W3,20912
Gooch Mountain ShelterGA15.812.40.1 m W2,82114
Woods Hole ShelterGA28.21.10.4 m W3,6887
Blood Mountain ShelterGA29.39.1On AT4,4618
Whitley Gap ShelterGA38.44.81.2 m E3,6506
Low Gap ShelterGA43.27.3On AT3,0547
Blue Mountain ShelterGA50.58.1On AT3,9067
Tray Mountain ShelterGA58.67.40.2 m W4,1997
Deep Gap ShelterGA668.10.3 m E3,58312
Plumorchard Gap ShelterGA74.17.30.2 m E3,16514
Muskrat Creek ShelterNC81.44.9On AT4,5806
Standing Indian ShelterNC86.37.6On AT4,7578
Carter Gap ShelterNC93.98.6On AT4,5206o/8n
Long Branch ShelterNC102.53.5On AT4,99516
Rock Gap ShelterNC1068On AT3,7878
Siler Bald ShelterNC1146.80.5 m E4,7868
Wayah Bald ShelterNC120.84.8E to shelter4,7298
Cold Spring ShelterNC125.65.8On AT4,9456
Wesser Bald ShelterNC131.44.90.1 m W4,2278
A. Rufus Morgan ShelterNC136.37.7On AT2,2016
Sassafras Gap ShelterNC1449.10.1 m W4,40014
Brown Fork Gap ShelterNC153.16.1On AT3,7396
Cable Gap ShelterNC159.26.7On AT2,9056
Fontana Dam ShelterNC165.911.4E of AT.1,86420
Mollies Ridge ShelterTN177.33.1On AT4,60212
Russell Field ShelterTN180.42.8On AT4,36714
Spence Field ShelterNC183.26.10.2 m E4,92112
Derrick Knob ShelterTN189.35.7On AT4,90112
Silers Bald ShelterNC1951.7On AT5,45412
Double Spring Gap ShelterNC196.76.1On AT5,51112
Mt. Collins ShelterTN202.87.30.5 m W5,97012
Icewater Spring ShelterNC210.17.2E of AT.5,93912
Pecks Corner ShelterNC217.34.90.5 m E5,55512
Tri-corner Knob ShelterNC222.27.7On AT5,91112
Cosby Knob ShelterNC229.97.1100 yds E4,79112
Davenport Gap ShelterTN23710.5On AT2,57212
Groundhog Creek ShelterNC247.58.20.2 m E2,9296
Roaring Fork ShelterNC255.74.9On AT4,03610
Walnut Mountain ShelterTN260.69.9On AT4,3626
Deer Park Mountain ShelterNC270.514.20.2 m E2,3395
Spring Mountain ShelterTN284.78.6On AT3,5565
Little Laurel ShelterNC293.36.8On AT3,6705
Jerry Cabin ShelterNC300.16.3On AT4,1666
Flint Mountain ShelterNC306.48.8On AT3,5868
Hogback Ridge ShelterNC315.210.10.1 m E4,3326
Bald Mountain ShelterTN325.310.60.1 m W4,09610
No Business Knob ShelterTN335.910.5On AT3,1906
Curley Maple Gap ShelterTN346.412.8On AT3,08314
Cherry Gap ShelterTN359.29.1On AT4,0126
Clyde Smith ShelterTN368.38.50.1 W4,51410
Roan High Knob ShelterTN376.85.20.1 m E6,19415
Stan Murray ShelterNC3821.9On AT5,0636
Overmountain ShelterNC383.9180.3 m E4,65420
Mountaineer ShelterTN401.99.6On AT3,19214
Moreland Gap ShelterTN411.58.6On AT3,8236
Laurel Fork ShelterTN420.18.6On AT2,1868
Watauga Lake ShelterTN428.77.2On AT2,0846
Vandeventer ShelterTN435.96.8On AT3,5796
Iron Mountain ShelterTN442.77.6On AT4,1186
Double Springs ShelterTN450.38.3On AT4,2256
Abingdon Gap ShelterTN458.619.7On AT3,7985
Saunders ShelterVA478.36.50.2 m W3,3788
Lost Mountain ShelterVA484.812.3On AT3,3998
Thomas Knob ShelterVA497.15.2On AT5,43016
Wise ShelterVA502.36.7On AT4,4298
Old Orchard ShelterVA5094.2On AT4,0846
Hurricane Mountain ShelterVA513.29.20.1 m W3,8108
Trimpi ShelterVA522.49.80.1 m E3,0298
Partnership ShelterVA532.27On AT3,36016
Chatfield ShelterVA539.28On AT3,2006
Davis Path CampsiteVA547.211.3On AT2,87612
Knot Maul Branch ShelterVA558.59.4On AT2,7618
Chestnut Knob ShelterVA567.910.7On AT4,4108
Jenkins ShelterVA578.613.5On AT2,4218
Helveys Mill ShelterVA592.19.70.3 m E3,1396
Jenny Knob ShelterVA601.814.5On AT2,6846
Wapiti ShelterVA616.39.50.1 m E2,6625
Docs Knob ShelterVA625.815.7On AT3,5608
Rice Field ShelterVA641.512.60.1 m E3,3707
Pine Swamp Branch ShelterVA654.13.9On AT2,5498
Bailey Gap ShelterVA6588.8On AT3,5316
War Spur ShelterVA666.85.8On AT2,3776
Laurel Creek ShelterVA672.66.4On AT2,8176
Sarver Hollow ShelterVA67960.4 m E3,4186
Niday ShelterVA68510.1On AT2,0056
Pickle Branch ShelterVA695.113.60.3 m E1,9216
Johns Spring/Boy Scout ShelterVA708.71On AT1,9746
Catawba Mountain ShelterVA709.72.4On AT2,2206
Campbell ShelterVA712.16On AT2,6496
Lamberts Meadow ShelterVA718.114.4On AT2,1436
Fullhardt Knob ShelterVA732.56.20.1 m E2,6516
Wilson Creek ShelterVA738.77.3On AT1,8716
Bobblets Gap ShelterVA7466.50.2 m W2,1016
Cove Mountain ShelterVA752.57On AT1,9636
Bryant Ridge ShelterVA759.54.9On AT1,30220
Cornelius Creek ShelterVA764.45.3On AT3,1266
Thunder Hill ShelterVA769.712.4On AT3,9346
Matts Creek ShelterVA782.13.9On AT8696
Johns Hollow ShelterVA7868.8On AT1,0366
Punchbowl ShelterVA794.89.50.2 m W2,5046
Brown Mountain Creek ShelterVA804.35.6On AT1,3816
Cow Camp Gap ShelterVA809.910.20.6 m E3,4878
Seeley-Woodworth ShelterVA820.16.6On AT3,8228
The Priest ShelterVA826.77.60.1 m E3,9038
Harpers Creek ShelterVA834.36.2On AT1,9106
Maupin Field ShelterVA840.515.8On AT2,7656
Paul C. Wolfe ShelterVA856.312.7On AT1,59410
Calf Mountain ShelterVA869130.3 m W2,7036
Blackrock HutVA88213.20.2 m E2,7586
Pinefield HutVA895.28.20.1 m E2,4936
Hightop HutVA903.412.40.1 m W3,2008
Bearfence Mountain HutVA915.811.50.1 m E3,2126
Rock Spring HutVA927.315.30.2 m W3,5309+8
Byrds Nest #3 HutVA938.217.5On AT3,2798
Pass Mountain HutVA942.613.10.2 m E2,8128
Gravel Springs HutVA955.710.50.2 m E2,6588
Tom Floyd Wayside ShelterVA966.28.1On AT1,9616
Jim & Molly Denton ShelterVA974.35.5On AT1,3438
Manassas Gap ShelterVA979.84.5On AT1,6966
Dicks Dome ShelterVA984.38.40.2 m E1,4094
Rod Hollow ShelterVA992.76.90.1 m W9178
Sam Moore ShelterVA999.614.2On AT9316
David Lesser Memorial ShelterVA1013.815.60.1 m E1,4386
Ed Garvey ShelterMD1029.44.1On AT1,10012
Crampton Gap ShelterMD1033.550.3 m E1,1856
Rocky Run SheltersMD1038.57.50.2 m W1,01116
Dahlgren Backpack CampgroundMD1040.38.9On AT980A lot
Pine Knob ShelterMD10468.20.1 m W1,3895
Pogo Memorial CampsiteMD1049.29.9E of AT.1,500???
Ensign Cowall ShelterMD1054.24.9On AT1,4158
Raven Rock ShelterMD1059.19.60.1 m W1,68216
Deer Lick SheltersPA1068.72.4On AT1,4352+5
Antietam ShelterPA1071.11.2On AT9116
Tumbling Run SheltersPA1072.36.6On AT1,0898
Rocky Mountain SheltersPA1078.95.60.2 m E1,6608
Quarry Gap SheltersPA1084.57.4On AT1,4738
Birch Run ShelterPA1091.96.2On AT1,81110
Toms Run SheltersPA1098.110.9On AT1,3198
James Fry (Tagg Run) ShelterPA11098.10.2 m E7199
Alec Kennedy ShelterPA1117.118.20.2 m E9667
Darlington ShelterPA1135.37.30.1 m E1,2235
Cove Mountain ShelterPA1142.68.30.2 m E1,2688
Clarks Ferry ShelterPA1150.96.70.1 m E1,2588
Peters Mountain ShelterPA1157.618On AT1,18816
Rausch Gap ShelterPA1175.613.40.3 m E1,0946
William Penn ShelterPA11894.10.1 m E1,42116
501 ShelterPA1193.115.10.1 m W1,47312
Eagles Nest ShelterPA1208.214.70.3 m W1,5938
Windsor Furnace ShelterPA1222.99.10.1 m W8678
Eckville ShelterPA12327.40.2 m E6976
Allentown Hiking Club ShelterPA1239.410On AT1,5008
Bake Oven Knob ShelterPA1249.46.8On AT1,4046
George W. Outerbridge ShelterPA1256.216.7On AT9996
Leroy A. Smith ShelterPA1272.913.70.2 m E1,4778
Kirkridge ShelterPA1286.631.2On AT1,4676
Backpacker Camp #2NJ1298.326.1Trail to W1,287???
Brink Road ShelterNJ1317.86.60.2.m W1,2348
Gren Anderson ShelterNJ1324.45.80.1 m W1,3418
Mashipacong ShelterNJ1330.22.6On AT1,4318
Rutherford ShelterNJ1332.84.60.4 m E1,4916
High Point ShelterNJ1337.412.40.1 m E1,3108
Pochuck Mountain ShelterNJ1349.811.50.1 m W8666
Wawayanda ShelterNJ1361.312.10.1 m W1,1896
Wildcat ShelterNY1373.414.30.2 m W1,0668
Fingerboard ShelterNY1387.75.3On AT1,3488
William Brien Memorial ShelterNY13933.2On AT1,0598
West Mountain ShelterNY1396.232.20.6 m E1,1758
RPH ShelterNY1428.49On AT3776
Morgan Stewart Memorial ShelterNY1437.47.8On AT1,3076
Telephone Pioneers ShelterNY1445.28.80.1 m E1,0586
Wiley ShelterNY14544On AT7246
Ten Mile River ShelterCT14588.40.1 m E3006
Mt. Algo ShelterCT1466.47.3On AT6366
Stewart Hollow Brook ShelterCT1473.7100.1 m W4156
Pine Swamp Brook ShelterCT1483.711.4On AT1,1076
Limestone Spring ShelterCT1495.17.50.5 m W1,3216
Riga ShelterCT1502.61.2On AT1,6616
Brassie Brook ShelterCT1503.88.8On AT1,7516
The Hemlocks ShelterMA1512.60.10.1 m E1,93510
Glen Brook ShelterMA1512.714.30.1 m E1,9626
Tom Leonard ShelterMA15275.3On AT1,57410
Mt. Wilcox South SheltersMA1532.31.8On AT1,8355
Mt. Wilcox North ShelterMA1534.1140.3 m E2,08410
Upper Goose Pond CabinMA1548.18.80.5 m W1,57014
October Mountain ShelterMA1556.98.8On AT1,92312
Kay Wood ShelterMA1565.716.90.2 m E1,77510
Mark Noepel ShelterMA1582.66.60.2 m E2,84310
Pecks Brook ShelterMAOff Trailxxx1.0 m E2,48712
Deer Hill ShelterMAOff Trailxxx1.0 m Wxxx12
Bellows Pipe ShelterMAOff Trailxxx1.0 m Exxx12
Wilbur Clearing ShelterMA1589.29.90.3 m W2,3008
Seth Warner ShelterVT1599.17.20.2 m W2,2438
Congdon ShelterVT1606.35.9On AT2,1048
Melville Nauheim ShelterVT1612.28.5On AT2,4368
Goddard ShelterVT1620.74.3On AT3,57312
Kid Gore ShelterVT16254.6On AT2,7968
Story Spring ShelterVT1629.610.4On AT2,8148
Stratton Pond ShelterVT16404.90.2 W2,65516
William B Douglas ShelterVT1644.930.5 m W2,30410
Spruce Peak ShelterVT1647.94.80.1 m W2,24714
Bromley ShelterVT1652.78.1On AT2,60512
Peru Peak ShelterVT1660.84.7On AT2,61610
Lost Pond ShelterVT1665.51.5On AT2,2108
Old Job ShelterVT16670.21.0 m E1,5448
Big Branch ShelterVT1667.23.3On AT1,5128
Little Rock Pond ShelterVT1670.54.8On AT1,8528
Greenwall ShelterVT1675.35.10.2 m E2,1148
Minerva Hinchey ShelterVT1680.43.7On AT1,63110
Clarendon ShelterVT1684.16.10.1 m E1,26410
Governor Clement ShelterVT1690.24.3On AT1,92012
Cooper Lodge ShelterVT1694.52.5On AT3,92816
Pico Camp ShelterVT16971.90.5 m E3,4824
Churchill Scott ShelterVT1698.98.90.1 m W2,62010
Tucker Johnson Camping AreaVT1707.8-3.90.4 m W2,2598
Gifford Woods State ParkVT1703.96.9On AT1,6560
Stony Brook ShelterVT1710.89.90.1 m E1,7798
Wintturi ShelterVT1720.79.80.2 m W2,0828
Cloudland Market ShelterVT1730.51.80.5 m W1,3706 ?
Thistle Hill ShelterVT1732.38.80.2 m E1,7748
Happy Hill ShelterVT1741.17.30.1 m E1,4268
Velvet Rocks ShelterNH1748.49.50.2 m W9256
Moose Mountain ShelterNH1757.95.70.1 m E2,1318
Trapper John ShelterNH1763.66.70.2 m W1,5176
Smarts Mountain CabinNH1770.35.3W of AT.3,23712
Hexacuba ShelterNH1775.615.70.3 m E2,0718
Jeffers Brook ShelterNH1791.36.9On AT1,33010
Beaver Brook ShelterNH1798.29On AT3,74910
Eliza Brook Campsite ShelterNH1807.24On AT2,4088s/4c
Kinsman Pond Campsite ShelterNH1811.21.8On AT3,76316s/4c
Lonesome Lake HutNH18139.4On AT2,76446
Greenleaf HutNH1822.43.91.1 m W5,29148
Garfield Ridge Campsite & ShelterNH1826.32.70.2 m W3,95112s/7c
Galehead HutNH18292.8On Frost Tr3,80038
Guyot Campsite ShelterNH1831.84.10.7 m E4,53414s/6c
Zealand Falls HutNH1835.94.9On AT2,63536
Ethan Pond Campsite ShelterNH1840.89.30.2 m W2,8748
Mizpah Spring HutNH1850.14.6E of AT.3,80060
Lake of the Clouds HutNH1854.75.8On AT5,10690
The RMS Perch ShelterNH1860.51.40.9 m W5,2228
Madison Spring HutNH1861.913.70.6 m W4,80050
Osgood Tent SiteNH186517.8W of AT.2,55420
Carter Notch HutNH1875.67.20.1 m E3,89040
Imp Campsite ShelterNH1882.86.10.2 m W3,34410s/5c
Rattle River ShelterNH1888.913.7On AT1,2798
Gentian Pond Shelter & CampsiteNH1902.65.20.2 m E2,18114
Carlo Col Shelter & CampsiteME1907.84.40.3 m W3,21016s/4c
Full Goose ShelterME1912.25.1On AT2,96612
Speck Pond Shelter & CampsiteME1917.36.9On AT3,4388
Baldpate Lean-toME1924.23.50.1 m E2,6838
Frye Notch Lean-toME1927.710.5On AT2,3126
Hall Mountain Lean-toME1938.212.8On AT2,6466
Bemis Mountain Lean-toME19518.3On AT2,8458
Sabbath Day Pond Lean-toME1959.311.2On AT2,3968
Piazza Rock Lean-toME1970.58.9On AT2,1098
Poplar Ridge Lean-toME1979.48On AT2,9686
Spaulding Mountain Lean-toME1987.418.6On AT3,1398
Horns Pond Lean-tosME200610.2On AT3,1838+8
Little Bigelow Lean-toME2016.27.7On AT1,8128
West Carry Pond Lean-toME2023.910On AT1,3458
Pierce Pond Lean-toME2033.99.7On AT1,2246
Pleasant Pond Lean-toME2043.69On AT1,3916
Bald Mountain Brook Lean-toME2052.64.10.1 m E1,3298
Moxie Bald Lean-toME2056.78.9On AT1,2428
Horseshoe Canyon Lean-toME2065.612On AT7948
Leeman Brook Lean-toME2077.67.4On AT1,0776
Wilson Valley Lean-toME20854.7On AT9726
Long Pond Stream Lean-toME2089.74On AT9508
Cloud Pond Lean-toME2093.76.90.4 m E2,5016
Chairback Gap Lean-toME2100.69.9On AT1,9796
Carl A. Newhall Lean-toME2110.57.2On AT1,9386
Logan Brook Lean-toME2117.73.6On AT2,4066
East Branch Lean-toME2121.38.1On AT1,2616
Cooper Brook Falls Lean-toME2129.411.4On AT9466
Potaywadjo Spring Lean-toME2140.810.1On AT6558
Wadleigh Stream Lean-toME2150.98.1On AT7176
Rainbow Stream Lean-toME215911.5On AT1,0236
Hurd Brook Lean-toME2170.513.4On AT7206
The Birches Lean-tos & CampsiteME2183.95.20.2 E1,0968+8
KATAHDIN (BAXTER PEAK)ME2189.1xxxSummit.5,268xxx

*Data provided by Whiteblaze, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, TNlandforums.

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