Sims 2 Brandi Broke Personality Traits

So you guys are aware that I’m in the UK right? And that we didn’t get the game till yesterday (sorry, I know, I’ve harped on about this enough LOL). Well as it happens, right as the game was released in the States, a fabulous (or not so fabulous depending on your attitude to the Sims 2 townies) idea popped into my head!

+2 Charisma/Body: 14: Fined a day’s pay/-2 Charisma: 85: Job: Chancecard: Choice: Result% Superstar: You’re the only one who sees a woman choking at a dinnertable. Will you do the Heimlich Maneuver or warn the manager? Give heimlich: Promoted to Assistant Coach: 85-§20.000,-14: Find manager +2 Logic: 14-2 Charisma/Mech. I made a test quiz for fun. It’s limited because I don’t want to pay shit, meaning that only 25 people can take this quiz before it stops working or something (?) but hey, if you want my version of a sims personality quiz, here you go, have fun. This is a list of The Sims 2 premade characters. It is divided into characters from Pleasantview and ones from Strangetown. 1 Pleasantview 1.1 Mortimer Goth 1.2 Bella Goth 1.3 Cassandra Goth 1.4 Alexander Goth 1.5 Don Lothario 1.6 Darren Dreamer 1.7 Dirk Dreamer 1.8 Daniel Pleasant 1.9 Mary-Sue Pleasant 1.10 Angela Pleasant 1.11 Lilith Pleasant 1.12 Brandi Broke 2 Strangetown 2.1 Pascal. The Sims 2 is the second standalone game in The Sims series, released in 2004, with a total of eight expansion packs. In contrast to The Sims, the game introduced three interconnected concepts: aging, Wants and Fears, and Aspiration.Sims now age through various stages—infant, toddler, child, teen, adult, elder —and could be created in any stage except the first.

In my Sims 2 hood, I always regretted removing the default townies, after I while, I found myself wanting to know if any of them would have fallen for each other or any of my playables – so what was my fabulous idea I hear you cry? Ah ok, so you already read the title? Yep to bring those same townies into my Sims 4 game and I’ve spent all week while you lot were busy playing working on these guys to distract myself.

Yesterday I loaded them up to the gallery, so if you too are mad enough to want these trouble makers in your game, please visit my gallery page: sparklesim or search the hash tags: #sims2 #sims2townies #townies and in the case of the guys #goopy

And now I present, The Sims 4 Townies:

Goopy GilsCarbo – Surely the King of Sims 2 Townies! The guy everyone knew for his love of plaid (and legacy sims).

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Goopy keeps his serial romantic aspiration with the romantic, lazy and outgoing traits added. You could switch lazy for goofball if you prefer. He might also have a slightly silly walk! Sorry but no plaid shorts in Sims 4 (outrage!)

Ben (Benjamin) Long – generally viewed as one of the better legacy breeding options but watch that profile!

Ben is a knowledgeable renaissance sim who likes to keep active, loves the outdoors but is a bit of a slob. Watch that nose doesn’t catch you in the eye!

Kennedy Kox – yes, I’ve spelt that wrong. Why? Because EA has banned the surname they originally gave him. You’ll need to add this manually if you want the proper Kennedy.

Kennedy was renowned for starting legacy fights so his personality is a Mansion wanting fortune sim who is ambitious, mean and just a little hot headed – watch out!

Komei Tellerman – He’s not really much better than Kennedy in the reputation department., which isn’t a surprise as he has the same personality point spread.

To keep them distinct, I took Komei’s interests into account. So he wants to be a public enemy, which his materialistic, mean and evil traits should help with.

Joe Carr – Good old Joe. Of the Sims 2 fortune sims, generally the nicest of them and not a bad catch for a legacy, though maybe not as well know as the above.

Joe wants nothing better than to swim in his huge pile of simoleons (watch the paper cuts – there’s no hospital in WC!) and is a good athletic sim with a bit of a perfectionist streak.

Amin Sims – Mr Popularity of the Sims 2. I never really had a problem with this guy though I believe some people did.

As the one and only pop sim amongst the Sims 2 townies, Amin had the job of being a friend to the world. His outgoing and self-assured traits will definitely come in handy while hosting dinner parties to satisfy his underlying foodie nature.

Brandon Lillard – have to be honest, don’t know much about him. He was a bit of a forgotten townie in the legacies I read – maybe he was shy?

Well that goes against his romancing tendencies as he’s also a serial romantic but along side the romantic and creative side he’s also a bit scared of commitment!

Last but not least, Abhijeet Deppiesse – Yes I have now written his surname enough times I should be able to spell it without looking it up – can I? No!

The last of our male townies is also a romance sim, but unlike the others, he just wants to find his soul mate. Can you help this goofy, romantic genius find his one true love in your hood?

Sims 2 Brandi Broke Personality Traits

So there’s your men, now for you ladies:

Marisa Bendett – If Goopy is the King, then Marissa is the Evil Queen! Think she’s got some good genetics for your legacy line? Think again!

With so many fortune sims already running around Marisa becomes a creative sim who wants to be a best selling author but definitely not of children’s books or love poetry! And she’d rather not read them either despite her bookworm trait.

Brandi Broke

Jan Tellerman – The Snow White of townies to Marisa’s Queen. A sweet personality and some good genetics for those legacy lines. If you couldn’t get Marylena the NPC, Jan was a good next choice!

Jan wants nothing more than to meet her soul mate. Though her love of solitude might get in the way, she is cheerful but also a bit of a glutton.

No relation to Komei by the way!

Andrea Hogan – she may break up happy homes on occasion but not the worst of sims to have in your hood.

She likes her moolah though and has the traits to go with it, as a neatfreak snob who likes the arts. Those who didn’t play Sims 2 must be wondering by now if there really are only two decent sims in this lot?

Melissa Fancey – I’ve taken a bit of a liberty here as her hair is not in Sims 4 and the outfit is the same sort of style but a bit romanced up.

Yes ANOTHER romancer, so I’ve instead taken her interests into account. Komei already has the crime stuff down so Melissa is going into Gem ‘collecting’ helped by her materialistic, outdoor loving, perfectionist personality.

Ivy Copur – One of the few Sims 2 sims that DID have decent genetics – Feel free to marry this one into the legacy unless you are doing an ugliacy!

Ivy was knowledge but skills have been re-routed into creativity in the form of painting. She loves art and is creative but also a bit of a slob so watch you don’t get paint on yourself!

Brandi LeTourneau – a few more liberties here as after creating her she just screamed out for freckles!


This one is also a bit of a sweetheart. She’s another knowledge sim, this time going for the computer whizz aspiration. She’s a genius geek who also likes to make sure everything is clean and tidy – no 7 day gaming sessions without a shower for her (although that might be all she does)!

Sims 2 Brandi Broke Personality Traits Trait

Christy Stratton – Another pretty little thing and a family sim to boot! Apparently she wants to live vicariously through her children, maybe to root out that clumsy trait!

See Full List On

She wants a successful lineage although things could get messy all round with a clumsy sim who likes athletics and is a bit of a foodie. Prepare for trips to the non-existent hospital and make sure you hire a maid!

Brandi Broke – Simgoddessblog

Marylena Hamilton – No, not the delivery NPC, the other one everyone forgets about!

She’s the second family sim in the bunch (the last is Sandy, but you REALLY wouldn’t want her as your matriarch anyway).

She wants a large loving family and her family orientated, cheerful persona should help with that, as long as her perfectionism doesn’t mess things up along the way!

And those are the townies of the Sims 2 – you decide if they are better or worse than those of the Sims 3 and Sims 4, but one thing is certain, they all had very real and very distinct personalities. [And before you ask, no, I haven’t forgotten Sandy Bruty! However there are 9 female townies in Sims 2 and only 8 slots so she will be joining as the guardian for the teens household if I get around to making them for my hood.]

I also want to apologise for any inaccuracies you spot! I was using the non-neutral pictures on the Sims 2 wiki to make most of these guys as there are very few large full face pictures of them on the internet (and I can’t reinstall my Sims 2 cos it doesn’t like my comp )

Brandi Broke Sims 2

Also, as anyone who played Sims 2 knows, all the townies in Sims 2 were taken from a group of 32 (I think!) set faces so occasionally some of them looked like identical twins. Where this is the case here (Benjamin, Kennedy and Amin / Marylena and Melissa) I’ve tried to make small tweaks to the facial structure to make them look at least slightly different while still obviously themselves.

Brandi Broke- Original Sims 2 Sim Remade! By Hamburgerfaye ..

In terms of there aspirations and personalities, these I have tried to take from a combination of their Sims 2 aspirations, their Sims 2 personalities, their interests (where these were listed on the Wiki) and where known, their legacy fan base personas. That is why some of these guys have personalities that weren’t even possible in Sims 2 (e.g. Komei’s dastardly aspiration).

I have to admit I am really pleased with how these guys turned out, especially Goopy, Kennedy, Komei, Marisa, Jan, Andrea and Brandi. Please do pop over to the gallery and pick them up, I’m really looking forward to seeing if I can get them into my hood and what mayhem they may cause. Though as with Sims 2, these sims, or at least the men, come with a “DO NOT BREED!” warning!

Happy Simming!