Sims 3 Vampire Mod

PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION. Thanks for watching! Leave a like if you enjoyed this video. Mod Download Link:.You will find full description of the mod on. Now, you know that the vampires in Late Night and Supernatural don't have that many powers? I mean It's pretty limited. Well I found something you might like, as one night I've been searching stuff for Sims 3 and came across this: Vampire Tweaker. This is a mod, found on which adds more effects and vampire powers. Now, you know that the vampires in Late Night and Supernatural don't have that many powers? I mean It's pretty limited. Well I found something you might like, as one night I've been searching stuff for Sims 3 and came across this: Vampire Tweaker. This is a mod, found on which adds more effects and vampire powers.

Vampires have been part of our collective for hundreds of years, at least in one way or another.

And considering just how popular they are nowadays (thanks Twilight) it’s no surprise they also found their way into The Sims 4.

The Vampire Game Pack was released way back in 2017 which added vampirism, vampire powers, and a new residential world called Forgotten Hollow where these creatures of the dark prefer to live their “lives”.

It was a massive content update with new aspirations, traits, and a lot of CAS additions. And yet, people still don’t have enough.

New vampire CC is still some of the most requested by players. And modders work tirelessly to deliver.

If you’re one of those people that just can’t get enough of the mysterious bloodsucking creatures, well then this gallery is for you.

17. Vampire Sun Immunity

Do you know what sets vampires from Sims 4 and Twilight apart?

TS4 vampires wither and die within seconds of being under the sun, while those in Twilight just… sparkle.

Well this mod by creator RevyRei won’t make your vampires sparkle.

But it will make them immune to the sun’s UV rays.

Now your trendy Millenial nosferatu can freely enjoy the beach, picnics in the park, and going to Coachella with the squad without worrying about the Reaper visiting them.

16. Vampires – Free Perks

Another somewhat cheaty but useful addition to your Sims 4 mod library is this freebie by modder Baibaihe.

As you probably got from the name, this simply makes all vampire perks free so you won’t need to spend any points to become the best vampire that ever was.

It’s ideal both for outright cheating, or just softening the difficulties of vampirism by getting stuff like Tamed Thirst so you don’t need to kill.

Alternatively there’s a toned-down version that only makes the perks cheaper, to streamline your vampire’s progression without outright removing it. So it’s not totally game-breaking that way. Truck truck.

15. Vampires – No Weakness

And why stop at making perks free? Why not also remove any downsides to vampirism?

Both of these mods are just meant to let you play around freely without worries or limitations.

After all, didn’t your Sim become an immortal being to have fun?

Or you can also choose to make a Sim with every single weakness, a wretched being full of hatred and frustration! Why?

I don’t really know.

But what matters is that you can.

14. Slower Thirst Decay

Have you ever felt like your vampires are a bit on the greedy side?

Just a couple of neck sips a week should be enough to keep them going… and yet, they seem to want to drink the whole neighborhood.

With this small tweak by modder Baibaihe your vampire’s thirst motive will decay half as fast. So you don’t have to worry about having to risk your life hunting in the middle of the day.

I mean sure, you could make some plasma packs. But who wants to hunt that many frogs?

13. Turn Into Vampire Always Succeeds

Another minor inconvenience that vampire Sims may run into from time to time is wanting to turn someone into a vampire and failing in the process.

Especially during the day.

Thanks to this simple tweak by modder Couch, trying to turn another Sim into a denizen of the night will never fail. This actually lets you turn everyone in your town into your blood-bound slave, if you desire.

12. Plasma Pack from Plasma Fruit

One of the few ways for a vampire to avoid having to feed off another Sim is to make Plasma Packs by processing frogs or fish into bootleg blood bags.

But isn’t that a bit unfair towards them?

Prolific creator LittleMsSam certainly thinks so.

Which is why she made this simple mod that lets you take Plasma Fruit and turn it into Plasma Packs rather than eat it directly.

They’re 50% better at quenching your thirst, surpassing even homemade Plasma Packs made out of the previously mentioned critters.

This is ideal for Sims with the Good Vampire aspiration.

11. Vampires: Stop Pestering Me!

One of the first things you’ll notice after installing the Vampires Game Pack and meeting some bloodsuckers is that they’re very insistent on trying to consume you at inconvenient times.

They’ll make creepy calls, invite you to sketchy places, and even break into your home to try and suck you dry every other day.

Long story short, they can be unbearable for the average sim.

Now thanks to this mod by Vwaryloth you can rest easy knowing vampires can’t invade your home. They’ll also stop being creepy towards you, and Vlad will simply leave you alone.

10. Harvestable Heart Tree

I love trees that grow things that aren’t fruit.

The trees that grow money in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are a prime example. And now, so are Vampire Heart Trees in TS4.

This mod by IceMunMun was meant to serve as a sort of Valentine’s Day celebration for vampires, introducing edible Vampire Hearts that fill their thirst.

And it can even be used to cook vampire food given the recipe uses fruits.

These hearts grow from a very special tree that you can plant and nurture yourself, and it may grow different kinds of heart fruit that not only glows different colors, but will give you moodlets like Flirty or Happy.

It just adds to the fun, really.

9. Airianna’s Vampire Tweaks

There are a couple things about vampire gameplay that simply make no sense.

Things like always being out of vampire energy, and the fact that several traits related to hunger or energy do not affect them.

Thanks to these Vampire Tweaks by modder Airianna, Vampires will now use Dark Meditation to replenish their Vampire Energy whenever they’re idle.

And some traits like Hardly Hungry and Never Weary have been modified to affect Thirst and Vampire Energy in the same way they do normal sims.

They’re small changes, I’ll admit.

But after a few hours with this mod you won’t be able to go back.

Sims 3 Vampire Mod

8. Vampire Powers

Sims 3 Vampire Mod

Instead of simply installing a mod that cheats your way out of avoiding the sun or having to drink human blood, consider this immersive alternative by modder LittleMsSam.

The way this mod works is adding a couple of extra powers your vampires can spend their vampire energy on, including enabling their mirror reflection, stopping uncontrollable hissing, and becoming immune to sunlight.

These effects are temporary and will fade away after seven in-game days. So they’re perfect for those times when you just wish your sim could attend a specific daylight event.

7. KM Vampire Eyes

If you’re just looking for a bit more variety in your vampire Sims’ looks, KM Vampire Eyes is something you can’t pass up.

This mod by creator KittyMeow adds 10 new eye colors and some variations, available for all sims if you’d like, but intended to be used on vampires.

Among the most unique are a couple that turn the sclera (the white of the eye) completely black, which creates a great contrast with bright iris colors.

6. Vampirify – Vampire Creation Spell

In a world where vampires are real, learning the most you can about them is a matter of life and death.

And this is something that anyone well-versed in the magical arts should be keenly aware of.

With this mod by R3M, studying so much vampire lore will eventually give spellcasters the Vampirify spell. Which not only turns anyone into a vampire, but makes whoever cast the spell into their master.

All of this despite not being bloodsuckers themselves. Dark, yeah?

As a bonus they’ll also gain a spell to reverse vampirism and turn denizens of the night back into normal humans, which is an invaluable skill for anyone living close to a vampire den.

5. Vampires Can Kill

Despite being named “Vampires Can Kill”, this mod by Zer0 is actually a collection of vampire-related tweaks that go beyond whether drinking blood can end a life.

Its primary feature is, of course, adding the possibility to kill other sims by over-drinking. Whether on purpose or by accident.

For some of you I know it’s no accident. Remember all those years of removing the ladder out of the swimming pool?

But by far the most interesting addition from this mod is turning all sims into cattle through the Manipulate Life Spirit interaction, binding them to the vampire in a sort of symbiotic relationship.

Cattle Sims are only happy when they’re serving their master. But will slowly wither away and die as the vampire sucks them dry, bringing their story to a tragic end. How fun, yet tragic. Yet fun!

4. Immersive Vampires

Another amazing mod by vampire-lover and modder Zer0 is Immersive Vampires.

This makes living as a vampire sim not only more realistic, but overall more engaging.

It fleshes-out vampire gameplay by giving you the possibility to confess your vampirisim to other Sims, either to scare them or because they’re your friends and you just want them to know.

However not all Sims will react the same. And they all have their own opinions on vampirekind based on their traits and past experiences.

You can try to convince them vampires aren’t that bad, but you won’t always succeed. And some might even become vampire hunters and make it their life’s mission to unmask you and your kind.

3. Event: Vampire Initiation Ritual

Willingly becoming a vampire is something that does not always get treated with severity.

You’re becoming an immortal. That’s got to be at least as important as a wedding!

Polish creator IlkaVelle took it upon herself to make an event out of it, complete with a Senior Vampire host and both vampire and human guests.

If you manage to pull off a good turning party you’ll get a sizable starter pack including Plasma Packs, Plasma Fruits, the Ultimate Vampire Tome and even a Coffin so you can sleep in peace. How sweet.

2. Darkside Vampire Career

Rumors have been circulating all around town about the Darkside Club.

This is a new nightclub with a secret… it’s actually a hub for vampire operations and entertainment.

This mod by TiaraM opens the doors to three different career paths, all beginning at the Darkside.

Whether you want to become the vampires’ plaything, turn into a denizen of the night yourself, or devote your life to hunt them – it’s up to you.

Personally, I think becoming a premium escort for vampires and getting paid to let them suck my blood sounds like a dream job. Better than McDonald’s, at least.

1. Bloodborne Aspiration

Based on Vampires “Don’t Sleep Alone: Your Guide to Meeting, Dating, and Seducing a Vampire” by Elizabeth Barrial, this mod by creator Sresla introduces a new aspiration for vampire sims bent on discovering the truth about their ancestry.

And it’s a doozy.

You’ll go through several stages, learning about vampires and completing tasks that little by little reveal the truth about your Vampiric Caste.

If you’re looking for something to give your adventures a bit of narrative structure, the Bloodborne aspiration might be your ticket to hours of fun.

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Sims 3 Vampire Mods

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Sims 3 Vampire Mod Skin

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The Sims 3, without any mods, does not have that many great hair options. If you want to check out great hair models designed by other creators and make your Sims look much more unique and stylish, download The Sims 3 Hair Mods choose what you want and download the hair in your dreams.

Private Room Door

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Change At Home After Work

I’ve always disliked the fact that sims head home after work and stay in their work attire, even if they head out again after that. With this pure scripting mod, they will change into their everyday clothes upon reaching home while wearing their work attire.

Sims 3 Vampire Mod Bite Anyone

Download Change At Home After Work

The Normandy SR2

And as our last pick, the coolest The Sims 3 mod: The Normandy SR2. It adds the famous Normandy SR2 to the game as a house that you can move in. Everything is well implemented to the style of The Sims 3. If you are a Mass Effect fan like myself, you must install this mod.

Download The Normandy SR2

Snow but better! – Snow Replacement Mod

Sims 3 Vampire Cc

The Sims 3 is a game that has lasted over the years as one of the top PC games of the franchise. There are some downfalls however to a game that old, graphics being one of them. A lot of the textures that are included in the “Seasons” DLC are dated looking and simply not pleasant. This mod overwrites those older textures, with completely re-done snow textures and more detailed frosted windows and glass.

The Sims 3 Vampire Mod

It also fixes the ugly grass patches and increases the details of roads. A lot of work was put into this mod to make your game look better, and who doesn’t want that! Install this mod today to make the wintertime a beautiful time.

Download Snow but better! – Snow Replacement Mod

Note: This mod requires the Seasons DLC.

The Third Person Mod

Normally, the Sims 3 is a top-down perspective type of game. It gives you the ability to manage the Sims how you like and lets you oversee whatever you need to. This mod allows you to take matters into your own hands and control and view your Sims by seeing the world through their perspective, giving you a whole other level of immersion into your gameplay.

With just one press of a button, you can smoothly and seamlessly transition between normal mode and third-person mode. It also lets you control your Sims using the keyboard and move them around the world however you like. Each Sim has its own animations and they all look and feel different from one another in this mod. The camera is also intelligent and will adapt and move around depending on what your Sims are doing and their situation at the time.

This is overall one of the best mods I have ever seen for the Sims 3, as it has continued support into 2019 and is truly built from the ground up, covering all the bases to provide the most immersive experience possible in the Sims 3.

Download The Third Person Mod

Deep Conversations

Conversations in The Sims 3 are typically very boring and not important at all, you have no control over what the Sims talk about, and no control over whether the outcome is positive or negative. A lot of the time players just skip through the scenes and barely pay attention to what is being said.

The Deep Conversations mod completely changes how the Sims interact and allows you to get more insight on what they talk about, and let you step in sometimes! This mod comes with a “Get to Know” feature, which lets you learn everything about the neighbor you are talking to, and they provide that info in first-person. Deeper Conversations also has interactive dialogs from time to time, to help choose what your Sim says given the different circumstances. These will give unique and unexpected results depending on what you choose.

Conversations will also be remembered and have an impact on future conversations, meaning every conversation is actually meaningful and contributes to the Sims mood during the conversation. Deeper Conversations thoroughly overhauls the conversation interactions, and I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to get more immersed and involved in each Sims storyline.

Download Deep Conversations

Ninja Career Mod

Many of us as a child wanted to grow up and be a ninja, they are super cool and they fight off bad guys and have other noble duties. With this mod, it allows that dream to become a reality for your sims, by adding a ninja career to the game. The ninjas will work Monday through Friday in the evening and they have different ranks corresponding to their belt color. The lowest being a white belt, and the highest being a black belt.

You can watch your Sims train and progress themselves through the ranks to become the ultimate Ninja with this mod. If you could never become a ninja yourself, you can always download this mod to let your Sims do the hard work and training for you!

Download Ninja Career Mod

Note: This mod requires NRaas Career Mod and World Adventures expansion pack.

SIMS 3 Hair Mods

SIMS 3 Vampire Mods


Here they are, best The Sims 3 mods that you can try out right now. Even though it is a fairly old game, these mods can make the game feel fresh again for you and fix a lot of the annoyances that the native game came with, enhancing your experience. If you found any of the Sims 3 mods we listed here great or helpful or think we missed any, let us know below!

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