Skyrim Thieves Guild Overhaul


Skyrim Thieves Guild Overhaul

What a difference this mod makes to the ladies of the Thieves Guild. Dear esther: landmark edition crack. They become unrecognizable compared to their vanilla looks so perhaps their personalities changed as well? Probably not but at least they will be easier to look at while they chew head your off if asking about anything other than guild business. The mod comes with an option to have or have not HDT for the hair so be sure to read the description carefully to ensure which file you should choose to download.

Thieves Guild Character Overhaul
Vex – Tonilia – Sapphire – Karliah – Galathil
by Hieroglyphics

Skyrim Mods Thieves Guild Overhaul

I really recommend you to go try, download and endorse this awesome mod at: Music: Emotional-Folk Music - Vindsvept - Lig. These arrows can be found in various Thieves Guild caches, or purchased from Tonilia in the Thieves Guild HQ. Added additional loot and items to houses and shops across Skyrim. Not a huge amount, but enough to hopefully make burglary feel a bit more rewarding. Phase 3 (Current version 3.31): - Rebuilt all mod cell navmeshes by hand. Opulent Thieves Guild. Check Out This Mod. Hey, thieves might be low-lives, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a strong sense of what it means to live a proper life. This mod overhauls the upgrades that you can make to the Ragged Flagon and the Thieves Guild HQ, making the whole environment much more aesthetically pleasing.