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EQUUSTM Horse Stall Kit

RW is a business with range – we began as a manufacturer of hardware for farms, barns, and stables 140 years ago. Our product has held strong ever since. With a full 10-year warranty (the best in the industry), our hardware supports barn and stable doors from 200 – 5,000 lbs. Plyco is the web's leading supplier of wholesale horse stall units, horse stable dutch door systems, and galvanized steel components for horse barns. Our featured product, the Plyco the Plyco Equus Dutch Door, features a 16 gauge, galvanized steel design that is expertly welded in one, solid piece. Legacy Stables, LLC. 29 views September 8, 2016. Related Pages See All. 494 Followers Equestrian Center. Royal Equestrian. 535 Followers Equestrian Center. 621 Followers Horse Riding School. Emerald Creek Farm. 653 Followers Horseback Riding Center. Kingdom rush origins pc save file. County Road 9 Fort Collins, Colorado 80524 970-493-3013 (1 mile west of I-25) This site is designed & maintained. County Road 9 Fort Collins, Colorado 80524 970-493-3013 (1 mile west of I-25) This site is designed & maintained.

EQUUS Dutch Door Kit
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Equus Grills & Gates
Equus Horse Stall Latches
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EQUUS Horse Stall Systems and Dutch Doors

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Plyco is the web's leading supplier of wholesale horse stall units, horse stable dutch door systems, and galvanized steel components for horse barns. Our featured product, the Plyco the Plyco Equus Dutch Door, features a 16 gauge, galvanized steel design that is expertly welded in one, solid piece. The Equus Champion Slide Door system is available in both double and single leaf style construction, and is specifically designed to coordinate with our Dutch doors.

Wholesale Horse Barn Building Materials from Plyco

Plyco Dutch doors, horse stall gates and grills safeguard your prized animals in style. Both their rugged functionality and aesthetically pleasing, ornate layout will leave you with a horse stall system that not only looks great, but is also built to withstand the test of time! Each type of Equus horse stall system can feature traditional cross buck patterning, is available in a variety of popular color options, and even be upgraded with acrylic windowing. As an added bonus, all Equus horse stalls include all the necessary hardware components you need for easy assembly, and all parts are are pre-drilled and pre-cut for lightning fast installation.

Different Styles of Prefabricated Horse Stalls by Plyco

Black Welded Horse Stall Grills and Gates

Shop black welded parts for full horse stall kits from Plyco. Black welded materials and components are tough against the elements and live a long life, built to withstand heavy wear and tear.

Wholsesale Black Powder Coated Horse Shed Kits

Plyco Corporation offers the highest quality modular black powder coated horse stall kits and components. Sliding doors, feed doors, grills, gates, walls and fronts: we've got highly customizable black powder components for full horse stall kits.

Galvanized 16 Gauge Steel Horse Stable Components

Galvanized coated horse stall parts contain zinc to make the metal more weather resistant. They are naturally more resistant to rust, corrosion and stand up tough against all external threats. Our prefabricated galvanized horse stable parts beat the field in terms of both price and quality.

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Shop Plyco horse stall systems using the menu on the left or contact Plyco post-frame building component experts by calling 1-800-558-5895.

EQUUS Dutch Door Systems for Horse Stalls

The Equus product line of wholesale horse stalls incorporates a number of innovative components that are specifically manufactured for the equestrian market. The stall system comes in kit form, allowing the builder the ultimate level of flexability. Just like our award-winning windows and walk doors, plyco allows you to customize your diminsions, and these horse stable are built to your individual specificatins. The stall system grid components are available in G90 galvanized kit, black powder coated kits and black welded units. In addition to the grill components Plyco will provide you all of the necessary channels, crib caps, wall braces, and additional hardware for installation that you will need.

Galvanized Sliding Champon Doors for Horse Stables

Sls Exterior 4x1 Doorwaysugars Legacy Stables
Unassembled dutch door kit comes complete with all hardware.

Plyco’s Equus Dutch Door System is one of the top prefered models of horse stall doors in the nation. Built with the best quality metals and parts, these stable doors are built to last. The full door panel perimeter galvanized 16 gauge steel frame is formed in one piece, then layered with a powder coated painted for extra protection. The full perimeter eliminates unsightly mitered corners, increases the strength of the door panel, and helps prevent warping due to excess moisture. The door panels with matching crossbucks, can be neatly assembled over a matching or contrasting 29 gauge steel covered commercial grade OSB core. All hinges are “E” coated for corrosion resistance then powder coated to match the door.

Equus stalls can even be upgraded with Plyco's recommended predrilled steel jamb kit for even faster installatoin! The door can be ordered either pre-assembled (AP-4700 Series) or unassembled (U-4700).

These doors are ideal for use as an exterior or interior door for tack rooms and offices.

Champion Slide Doors for Horse Barns

Champion horse stall sliding doors may be customized to fit your customer's vision for their horse barn.

The Champion slide door is designed to match the Equus Dutch Door in appearance, but also gives your stall units a sleek, professional touch. The Champion Slide Door is available in single and double leaf configurations, with either double crossbucks or a crossbuck in the bottom of the leaf and a window in the top half.

We ship the door in kit form. In this kit, you will receive the aluminum verticals, aluminum bottom rail, steel box girts, face linials, sheet steel, window or windows, hardware and installation instructions. All building components are pre-cut and pre-drilled for easy assembly.

You will only need to furnish plywood or similar product to back the sheet steel to complete the door assembly. Also available from Plyco is a Combo track and hardware kit to hang your new Champion Sliding Doors. Shop horse stall doors using the menu to the left!

For more information on which horse stall systems, Dutch doors, and horse gates are best for you, contact Plyco’s now using our fast and easy online form.

There is a variety of sliding door track hardware supplies available for an ultra smooth-sliding operation of your horse stall doors! Each track component exists to limit the movement of the door and to keep the horses from kicking out the bottom of the door. Made of high-quality materials, these supplies are integral to the safety of your horses. If you have questions on what mounting hardware you need or have questions on door specifics, we have many friendly experts ready to help you with your project!

  • Premium Track Hardware: Shop from our new-and-improved track system supplies. From the mounting hardware to the 8' Premium track itself, this page has everything you'd need to set up a sliding door system. The new 8' Premium track's unique, teardrop-shaped profile allows the track to be squarely mounted to the stall/barn. Additionally, the rounded bottom allows for a heavy-duty, self-cleaning and self-aligning track system!
  • Top Door Latch System Hardware: The top door latch system is used with our Essex and Oxford horse stall series. This self-locking latch system will make sure your horse stall door stays fully and securely closed. You can get everything you need in our top door latch kit.
  • Barn Sliding Door Hardware: Entering and exiting your barn could be effortless! Adding a barn door 8' Premium track & hardware kit will instantly make your barn much more accessible.
  • Square Track Hardware: If you have stalls with a pre-existing square track, you can choose from the remaining replacement products we carry. Choose from square track brackets, trolleys, and more. If you don't see the part you're looking for, please contact us and we can look into finding the best solution for you.