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  2. The Island of Sodor Route has been moved to its own page! There isn't really a need for a 'Contact' page, so I removed it. The Island of Sodor's exclusive page will replace it. The new website is now OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS! To celebrate the grand opening, here is a new diorama released after a long time without one.
  3. ABOUT: The original Sodor Island 3D Website. This features the olden days of 2006 content made by the original SI3D team. Locomotives, Routes, and Models made in Trainz 2006 are found here. Some very classic dependencies are here, so you should download a few routes from there to get you started with collecting Trainz Thomas & Friends Content.

December 27, 2018 - Christmas Rolling Stock for the Trainz series now available!Free download program 3d studio max 6 trial full.

Sodor Island 3d Archive

Sodor island 3d

Wow, it's been quite a while since the last time I did something for this website since I kind of ran out ideas (it's hard to believe that this website is now over five years old!), but now I'm back with a set of seasonal rolling stock for Trainz! They are two separate releases: a Christmas coach car, and a pack of four Christmas freight cars, made for British-based routes to be compatible with Thomas & Friends content, such as ones made by Sodor Island 3D, which was sadly defunct earlier this year, but thankfully it has been brought back recently, under a different website! I actually worked on them a few years ago, but I kept forgetting about them every Christmas until now. However, despite being a couple days late, now is the time to finally make up for it.

You can find them all on the Rolling Stock section for my Trainz content. Please note that the tank car is incompatible with Trainz Simulator 2010: Engineer's Edition. Nevertheless, please enjoy and have fun! Oh, and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sodor Island 3d

Sodor Island 3d Wixsitelasopasuper