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I have a fully equipped studio in my house and at the heart of the studio is my Digidesign Digi 002 Rack Music Production System. This Digidesign interface will work with several different software music workstations. The Digidesign Digi 002 Rack Music Production System runs with an included copy of Pro-Tools LE. The really great thing is that there are several other software suites that run seamlessly with the Digidesign Digi 002 Rack interface using the Digidesign drivers. So if you can find a Digi 002 Rack on eBay you can use it with software suites other than Pro-Tools.
Today I’m going to review and discuss a sotware that I’m very fond of, Sony Acid Pro 6. Sony Acid Pro 6 is a fully featured Professional Music Workstation. It works seamlessly with the Digi 002 Rack which has all of your mic and instrument inputs as well as an integrated MIDI interface. Sony Acid Pro 6 will handle all aspects of your music production. First of all, it handles all of your multi-track audio recording and the number of tracks you can do is limited only by the power of your computer. I have been able to record 16 tracks simultaneously on my Core2 Duo E6400 based PC with no problems at all and I’ve been able to play back 24 tracks without any problems. Acid gives you a great amount of performance tweakability so you can use even lower powered computers with great success. Sony Acid Pro 6 is also a fully featured MIDI sequencer. Sony Acid Pro 6 will allow you to use external synthesizer software such as Propellerhead Reason 4.0 as a plugin to Sony Acid 6. Sony Acid Pro 6 then becomes the master control for the plugins just the same as Pro Tools controls it’s plugins. Speaking of plugins, if you do have a version or Pro Tools, Sony Acid Pro 6 will function as a plugin for Pro Tools and you can control all the work you’ve done in Sony Acid 6 with Pro Tools. Sony Acid Pro 6 is very versitile and is compatible with a lot of other software and hardware. It integrates very easily with MIDI Control surfaces and MIDI Keyboard Controllers allowing you maximum conrol while playing your MIDI instruments.
The biggest feature of Sony Acid Pro 6 is it’s ability to work with sampled loops. These are small clips of audio that have been mapped out to work within variable project settings. So let’s say you have a loop of a 2-bar bassline in the key of E at 100 BPM (Beats Per Minute). But your song is in the key of G and it’s 120 BPM. Sony Acid Pro 6 will automatically transpose and speed up that loop when you drag it and drop it into your song. It’s a really beautiful feature to be able to use loops and quickly create drum patterns or any other instrument patterns that you want to use as building blocks for your song. I have learned to really love working with loops. Religious beliefs and ceremoniesiroquois. You can create quickly and Sony Acid 6 lets you manipulate them so much that they really become unique to your project.
Here’s a song that I created entirely with Sony Acid Pro 6. It’s a combination of loops, MIDI Sequencing and live multi-track recording. The song is called “Guitar Rock”. The Drums, Bass and Rhythm Guitar are all loops that I’ve manipulated to play the backing and arrangement of the song. The synthesizers are generated by Propellerhead Reason 4.0 and I played the parts into Acid’s MIDI sequencer using my Roland A-30 Keyboard controller. I used Reason 4.0 as a plugin and I’ve controlled it with Acid. Finally, all the lead guitar parts and the guitar orchestra I played in live on my guitar using Acid’s audio multi-tracking capability. So this song really demonstrates all aspects of Sony Acid Pro 6‘s full power since I’ve used Looping, MIDI Sequencing, and Multi-Track recording to create this song:Guitar Rock by Matt Rushton

So it’s with great pleasure and %100 confidence that I’m recommending Sony Acid Pro 6 Professional Music Workstation to you today. It’s honestly worth more than what it sells for especially when you compare it to other Music Software Suites such as Steinberg Nuendo and Pro Tools LE.

Sony acid pro

PCWin has not developed this software Sony ACID Pro Acid Pro 6.0d build and in no way responsible for the use of the software and any damage done to your systems. You are solely responsible for adequate protection and backup of the data and equipment used in connection with using software Sony ACID Pro Acid Pro 6.0d build. Upgrade to new ACID Pro 6 software for only $129.95. through May 31, 2006. ACID Pro software is now a complete digital audio workstation. By combining industry-leading loop-based music composition technology with multitrack recording and comprehensive MIDI support, ACID Pro 6 software is among the best environments for music production on the PC.

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