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Sometimes you want your players to feel like something dangerous is going on, but in reality its just a mundane occurrence. I’ve put together a table of 100 spooky and unnerving, yet harmless encounters for you to frighten and confuse your players! Roll a d100 on the table below to get started.

Specimen 8 (Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion) Specimen 9 (Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion) Specimen 10 (Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion) Specimen 11 (Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion) Specimen 12 (Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion) Specimen 13 (Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion) The Cat (Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion) Woormy Charles; Spooky’s Dad; Monica Spooky’s Mom.

  1. A birds nest sits in a crack in the wall. It has three warm eggs inside
  2. A body hangs by its neck from a chandelier
  3. A broken weapon lies discarded here. It has been sundered by something of great strength.
  4. A cage containing the bones of a child hangs from the ceiling
  5. A ceiling tile falls, narrowly missing the party
  6. A chess board is set up in an alcove with a half finished game laid out
  7. A chicken pecks at the floor
  8. A circle of carefully stacked stones have been arranged in the middle of the hallway
  9. A corpse lies on the floor. The word “SEVEN” has been carved into its skull
  10. A crudely drawn image of a vulture on a wall deeply unsettles the PCs
  11. A curious rat trails the party
  12. A dead cow lies on the floor. It is clearly rotten but has no smell
  13. A deep thumping approaches the party until it sounds like it is in the room with them, then stops
  14. A delicious dessert sits on a wooden stool
  15. A faded sign advertising “Hot Meat Pies” leans against the wall
  16. A frog with a ribbon tied around its neck hops across the floor
  17. A fungus growing along the floor rapidly fades and dies as the PCs approach it.
  18. A gold chamber pot with still warm feces
  19. A group of rats gnaw at the head of an Orc. The body is nowhere to be found
  20. A head with its lips sewn shut lies on the floor
  21. A large cobweb sits in the corner. A first glance a PC sees the name of a loved one written in it, but when he looks back at the web the name is gone.
  22. A large spider crawls out of a PC’s ear
  23. A large, flaming spider screeches as it races about, and is killed by the flames
  24. A lone moth flits around a torch. It seems to pass through solid materials and will slowly fade from sight.
  25. A loose stone reveals the bones of a child
  26. A mask rests on a table. After a moment, it sighs, whispering “You’re not perfect”, before crumbling into dust.
  27. A pack and its contents lie strewn across the ground
  28. A pair of glowing lights is visible in the distance, but fade as the PCs approach.
  29. A PC feels a hand in his pouch, but nothing is missing
  30. A PC finds a slip of paper with his name on it
  31. A PC finds himself unconsciously flipping a coin and nervously checking the outcome
  32. A PC has a flash of a vision in which the other PCs are stone statues
  33. A PC hears a horrid, cacophonous roar which fills his ears and reverberates off the walls. No one else hears this
  34. A PC hears whispering right behind him, but there is no one there
  35. A PC splashes into a puddle that was not there an instant before. He is soaked in stale water
  36. A pigeon lands on a PC’s shoulder. It has a message tied to its foot which reads “Trust no one,” written in the PC’s handwriting
  37. A rat gnaws at a bone nearby and suddenly a hawk swoops down, grabs it, and vanishes around a corner
  38. A severed hand covered in stitches lies on the floor
  39. A sheet of music is pinned to the wall with a dagger
  40. A shield lies on the ground here, ripped into two pieces by something of immense strength.
  41. A single strawberry grows in a pot of earth
  42. A skeletal foot seems to be partially embedded into the wall.
  43. A small flower grows in a crack in the floor.
  44. A small ray of light reaches through a crack in the ceiling.
  45. A spider covered in spines scurries away
  46. A suit of armor crumples to the ground with a human sounding sigh
  47. A tarnished silver key hangs from a ring on the wall
  48. A throbbing spider nest the size of a cat is attached to the ceiling. Several spiders run across it.
  49. A timid voice whispers a PC’s name before laughing and fading away.
  50. A vile liquid bubbles and seeps up from one of the tile-stones.
  51. A wall stone has been shifted, revealing a natural cave entrance
  52. A zombie with no arms or lower jaw follows the party
  53. All of the PCs speak in unison “It is done,” and find themselves feeling elated
  54. An arrow sticks from a chink in the wall
  55. An old ring sits in a crack in the floor
  56. An old trail of blood leads away, as if a body were dragged. It stops suddenly
  57. Bloody footprints left by a large creature lead down the hall, and slowly fade
  58. Dried petals of an unidentifiable flower litter the floor.
  59. Hundreds of insects swarm a corpse
  60. One by one, the lights in the room go out
  61. One PC has a vision of the other PCs being murdered one by one. The killer wears the PC’s face and a smile.
  62. Several headless corpses lie around a chopping block. Their heads are nowhere to be found
  63. Statues of guards flank a bricked up doorway
  64. The distinct skittering of tiny paws can be heard for a moment.
  65. The dust is thick in the air here, and the PCs feel the need to cough.
  66. The eyes of a moth-eaten painting lazily follow the PCs.
  67. The floor here is crawling with maggots.
  68. The full name of someone dear to one of the PCs is scratched into a wall
  69. The ground beneath the PCs’ feet suddenly becomes extremely sticky.
  70. The lights dim and it appears as if the PCs are moving through a field of stars for a moment
  71. The party leader gets a whiff of the perfume a loved one used to wear
  72. The party leader suddenly knows the identity of a killer who committed a crime here long ago
  73. The PCs can hear heavy breathing.
  74. The PCs feel a sudden chill here.
  75. The PCs find that they have all drawn their weapons unconsciously
  76. The PCs have been idly talking about an old friend before remembering that they know no one by that name
  77. The PCs hear the lonely howl of a single wolf.
  78. The PCs hear the sounds of a massive metal blade being dragged across the ground. It slowly fades into the distance regardless of the PCs’ actions.
  79. The PCs hear the sounds of drums. Drums, in the deep. They fade as the PCs move.
  80. The PCs suddenly realize that their footfalls have been completely silent for several minutes. As soon as they do so, their footsteps can be heard again
  81. The remains of an adventurer are pinned to the wall with daggers
  82. The smell of the sea is overwhelmingly strong in a corner of the room
  83. The sound of a conversation the PCs had earlier can be clearly heard from behind a door
  84. The sound of hurried footsteps echo, and suddenly stop
  85. The sound of shattering pottery echoes from around a corner. If the PCs investigate they find a broken vase and no one in sight
  86. The sound of singing floats from a doorway and fades
  87. The torch here seems to be burning a strange color. It returns to normal as soon as the PCs interact with it.
  88. The wall has been carved away, and a large standing stone has been placed in the newly formed alcove. It is covered in strange writing
  89. There is a box here faintly emitting a sweet aroma. It is filled with decaying fruit.
  90. There is a desk and a pair of chairs here. One of the chairs is covered in dried blood.
  91. There is a locked box here, filled with tiny slips of paper with names on them. Approximately half the names are crossed out.
  92. There is a pile of teeth here.
  93. There is a scroll here describing the trial and messy execution of one of the PCs.
  94. There is an empty net here on the ground, ripped and torn to shreds.
  95. Thin metallic shavings form an intricate pattern in the floor.
  96. Two ancient corpses embrace one another
  97. Two cats chase each other and run past the PCs
  98. Water drips slowly from the ceiling, but it distinctly smells like blood.
  99. What appears to be the carcass of a rat lies on the floor. As the PCs approach, it suddenly springs into action and darts away.
  100. When a PC steps on a certain stone he hears a click, but nothing happens.

A cat’s coat is its fur and pride – felines spend hours every day grooming themselves. Some common illnesses in cats can cause painful or unpleasant symptoms that result in fur loss, changes in fur texture, or dandruff. Here’s a quick guide to abnormal coat symptoms in cats and their potential causes.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Spooky scary bongo cat by blake1052; Bongo cat by XxphoenixmanxX; Mr.Bongo Cat by Anton3612; Bongo Cat remix by stephanie1008; Bongo Cat by Charmander53; Nom-go Cat by cs1150086; Bongo Cat remix by SsullyY; Bongo Cat by nataliedhps430 (ALI-A RARE FOOTAGE) NINJA KILLING 2 PEOPLE AT ONCE by GoldenTreeBubble; Bongo Cat and Flute Cat plays Ice Man. Spooky mummified cat found buried in Transylvanian house could be worth £1,000 October 9, 2020 A bizarre mummified cat which has been discovered buried in the wall of a Transylvanian house could fetch £1,000 at an auction.

Cat Hair Loss

Cat hair loss can be caused by stress, allergies and more. (Flickr.com/lilmoe72)

Unless your cat is a hairless breed, chances are you’ll be able to notice if your pet is experiencing any fur loss, officially known as alopecia in cats. The baldness can be partial or complete, random or in a pattern, and occur fast or slow. The following conditions all list fur loss as a symptom:

  • Anxiety disorders and stress can cause a cat to over-groom.
  • Hyperthyroidism has the side effect of alopecia.
  • Food allergies and environmental allergies may also cause excessive itching, which can lead to fur loss.
  • Ringworm, a parasitic fungal infection, has fur loss in a circular pattern as a primary symptom.
  • Mange is a condition caused by mites; cats suffering from it frequently experience alopecia.

Treatment: Make an appointment with your vet; all of the above medical conditions require medications prescribed by a veterinarian to treat.

Spooky Cats Cracked

Oily or Greasy Fur in Cats

Senior cats can develop oily fur from lack of grooming if they have a painful joint condition like arthritis. (Flickr.com/kmaraj)

As a cat ages, grooming can become difficult due to joint conditions like osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia. Senior cats sometimes lose interest in grooming themselves as well. Fur can change in texture and become greasy or oily, often appearing spiky or clumped together. This is due to an increase or lack of distribution of the natural oils in the cat’s fur. Conditions like the following can cause this change:

  • Hyperthyroidism causes hormone imbalances; this can change your pet’s fur texture.
  • Seborrhea is a skin condition caused by some parasites, dietary deficiencies, or allergies and may also be genetic.
  • Diabetes mellitus can also be a culprit.

Treatment: If your cat’s condition is caused by difficulty grooming, try brushing your cat with a flat slicker brush. Bathing your pet with a gentle shampoo monthly may also help. However, if your cat is young or is still able to groom regularly, see your veterinarian for treatment of an underlying disease.

Cat Dandruff

Cat dandruff is more easily visible on darker felines and is more of a cosmetic issue. (Flickr.com/quinnanya)

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Spooky Cat Scratch Houses

This unsightly symptom is caused by an excess of dead skin being shed. It is often visible as small white flakes on the animal’s fur. While not a problem on its own, dandruff in cats can be unpleasant to touch and typically indicates an underlying medical condition, like one of the following, that requires veterinary treatment:

  • Cheyletillosis, a skin mite condition, may cause dandruff as the mite moves under the animal’s skin.
  • Ringworm parasites can cause visibly flaky skin.
  • Diabetes mellitus causes hormone fluctuations that can affect skin dryness and coat texture.
  • Seborrhea may explain dandruff as well as oily coats.
  • Winter conditions are dry; forced air can dehydrate an animal’s skin, leading to mild dandruff.
Spooky Cats Crack

Spooky Cats Crackhead

Treatment: At-home treatment for mild dandruff can include installing a humidifier in the winter months. Adding omega-3 fatty acid supplements to your cat’s diet may also help. (Always consult a veterinarian before giving your pet any medications or supplements!) If your cat is suffering from severe dandruff or multiple skin-related symptoms, it’s time to visit the vet. Medicated cat dandruff shampoo may be prescribed to treat seborrhea or other chronic skin irritation.

Spooky Cats Crackers

Conditions affecting your cat’s fur are often symptoms of an underlying problem. If the symptoms persist, see your vet. Don’t over-bathe or -brush your pet; this can affect oil gland levels and only make your cat’s coat worse! With treatment, coat issues will resolve, and your pet can groom himself with pride.