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Hello all you wonderful farmers, foodies, and cooks. We’ve been busy putting together some pretty awesome episodes that dig even deeper into the soils here at the Farm Cooking School and explore more of our ever-growing food community (from chefs, to fisherman, to farmers, to just regular ol’ food lovers like you). From a celebration of the sea, to a sneak-peak at our upcoming trip to Mexico, to a whole episode on the very picnic-ready and very “Garden State,” Jersey tomato, we’re bringing you into our kitchens and out into our fields for a summer full of food and fun.

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Ss8h2welcome To Mrs. Bryan

Ss8h2welcome To Mrs. Bryan's Learning Cafe Eat N Park

While we’re slowing production just a bit to ensure that every episode is as good as we can possibly make it, we wanted to make sure to continue to provide that regular Farm Cooking School content you crave. So, we’re excited to announce that between full-length episodes we’ll be sharing some bonus content to tide you over in the meantime. We’re calling these minisodes “Second Course,” and in them we’ll revisit with old guests and post previously unaired and unedited portions of their interviews which are just too good to leave on the cutting room floor.

Ss8h2welcome To Mrs. Bryan's Learning Cafe Haysville

On today’s Second Course: In anticipation of summer, grilling season, and our upcoming Food by Fire episode - your what’s what and how to about all things cooked using a live flame - we thought it’d be fitting to catch-up with our butcher-in residence-in Hawaii, Bryan Mayer to chat about teaching butchery to kids at our summer camps and about his secrets for that summer staple: the perfect hamburger.