Stalker Shadow Of Chernobyl Brain Scorcher Door Code

This is a very unusual place. X18 laboratory is a small underground map, very similiar to Agroprom Sewers level. Sadly, you won't be able to use any minimaps, however there is only one path leading to your final destination, so it's going to be very hard to get lost. I will also do my best to explain which places you need to visit. You won't spend too much time here, however you must be very careful. You will encounter a few very dangerous mutants. Thankfully, there are also some interesting objects to be found, including better armors and precious artifacts. The map has been divided into three zones. You will have to acquire a combination for the lock in order to reach the next zone. Remember to save your game from time to time, especially if you're playing on one of the higher difficulty levels.

Dec 11, 2009 Xfire is used for recording. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, previously known as S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Oblivion Lost, is a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter video game by Ukrainian developer GSC Game World. The game uses a software feature called the 'X-Ray engine'. It features an alternate reality theme, where the second nuclear disaster happens at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the near future and makes.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl is a Wide Open Sandbox First-Person Shooter by Ukrainian video game studio GSC Game World. It is loosely based on the Russian novel Roadside Picnic, as well as the visually stunning Russian film Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky, which was based on the novel. The game is somewhat of a combination of the two, taking. Starting point: second locked door. What needs to be done: a) find the code that's needed to open the door. B) type in the code in order to open the door. Complete quest walkthrough: You will have to do the same thing here. Once you've reached a locked door, you will probably notice that some kind of a creatures is trying to open it (#1). spoiler Door behind sniper and on road to Brain Scorcher=1287975, 2nd door inside Brain Scorcher building=342089, unknown door (I still haven't found it)=19840519 /spoiler Boards S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. If I type 'Call of Chernobyl X-18 door code' then all I get is stuff about Shadow of Chernobyl. I've seen pplz on /r/stalker say that you must find the code exactly like in SoC(if i remember right it's on dead scientists) or otherwise even if you googled it up the door won't work even if the doorcode is good. Yeah I assumed that. For S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled 'What is the door code on the top floor of X-10?'


1. Find the documents in X18

Received from: this quest begins automatically once you've completed Find the documents in the underground lab task

Starting point: X18 laboratory - right after you start exploring this map

What needs to be done:

a) find the documents

b) deliver the documents to Barkeep

Complete quest walkthrough:

There's nothing interesting near the start area, so you may as well use the stairs to reach the lower level of the underground complex (#1). Don't be scared, because crates and other smaller objects will be flying your way (#2). This is connected to the boss character of this location. You shouldn't receive any major damage from this, so you may as well ignore these attacks. Otherwise you would have to keep moving and not in a straight line.

You will come across a steel door, however you may ignore it for the time being. Instead, focus all of your attention on exploring the surrounding rooms. You must have a machine gun ready, because the area is not safe. Be on a look out for artifacts. There are a lot of these objects here (#1), however you would have sell most of them. One of the artifacts is inside a radioactive zone (#2), but thankfully you won't have to pick it up, especially if you don't have any medicines at your disposal.

There's a small corridor to your right. You must be EXTREMELY careful there. Audio hijack 3.3.5 keygen mac. This area is being guarded by TWO mutants (#1). I'd strongly recommend that you take them out from a larger distance. Try aiming at their heads. Allowing them to make a jump is very often equal to a quick death, however you could also try dodging their attack (#2). You won't have to explore this tunnel from here. The most important thing is that the mutants are dead.

I'd strongly recommend that you check all of the surrounding rooms. Once of them is going to be filled with a lot of cabinets (#1). MAKE SURE that you've opened all cabinets. You will find a lot of grenades and med-kits. There's also a gun with a grenade launcher. Dismount it, so you'll be able to use it with your weapon. You will also come across a Monolith Suit (#2). Don't be fooled by a lower price. This is a much better armor, so exchange it for your Stalker Suit.

Now you will have to locate a small corridor which leads to the unexplored area of the map (#1). That's where the mutants have appeared, however this time we're moving from a different direction. Keep going straight. You will have to turn right at some point. You will come across a room filled with fire traps (#2). I would recommend exploring it, because you will find a few precious artifacts here. Also, check the body for additional supplies.

You may proceed to the next section. You should be able to locate a room with a dead scientist (#1). Check his body. Once you've acquired the combination for the door, return to the main room (it's been described in the second quest of this location). Once you've opened the door, use the stairs to get down to the lower floor (#2). I would recommend that you save your game here.

Don't worry about other objects which will be flying towards your character. Focus all of your attention on avoiding dangerous anomalies, especially since some of them will be moving. You should be able to locate a room with a lot of interesting artifacts (#1). After that, use the nearby stairs to go down to a lower level (#2). Save your game once again, because there's another mutant nearby and you're going to have to kill this creature.

The mutant should be standing at the other end of this large room. You could try and kill it with your machine gun. If you decide to choose this approach method, you will have to aim at the head of the creature (#1). There's a simple way to kill it, though. Be on a look out for a locket launcher. You will find it on your left. Pick up the rocket launcher and use it to get rid of the monster. Once this is done, check the body of a scientist in order to acquire the code. You may also check the rest of the room. You should be able to find a few interesting things here (#2).

Once you've opened the second door (check quest 3 description) you will find yourself inside the final room of this complex. That's where the boss creature is hiding. Before we'll proceed with the fight, you will have to pick up the documents, because that's why you're here. Use the stairs (#1). You will find the documents on your right (#2). SAVE the game!

It's going to be a very easy fight, however you must remember about a few important things. The boss is a small and partially invisible creature. Once you hit it, you should notice a blood appearing on nearby walls and floors. This creature can be found near the stairs and that's where you should kill it (#1). Ignore the main room, because you would have to deal with a lot of flame traps. Once you've killed this creature, an interesting cut-scene will appear on the screen (#2).

Now you will have to exit the lab. Sadly, this means that you will be required to choose the exact same passageways to reach the lab complex. Additionally, enemy soldiers will arrive here. Remember that you aren't rushed by anything, so take your time. You should be able to find a large stash nearby (#1). There are some medicines here. The first soldier is guarding a staircase (#2) and there's more of them in that area.

Most of the enemy soldiers (#1) will leave Obokan rifles behind, however you shouldn't pick up these weapons, mostly because your current gun is more effective. You will have to reach the exit from the lab (#2). This will allow you to return to The Dark Valley sector.

2. Find the codelocked door

Received from: quest begins automatically once you've reached the first steel door

Starting point: first locked door

Stalker Shadow Of Chernobyl Brain Scorcher Door Code Requirements

What needs to be done:

a) find the code that's needed to open the door

b) type in the code in order to open the door

Photo editing app for mac desktop. Complete quest walkthrough:

Like I've said before, you will come across a steel door and that's where this quest will begin (#1). You shouldn't have any problems finding the door. It's in the biggest room of this part of the complex. Once you've found the dead scientist, you will have to check his body in order to receive a note with the code (#2).

If you find a pet with a rabies tag you can search for the number range in the table below and contact their veterinarian. Phone Number; 931-484-2614 931-528-5885 931-267-2298 Hillsboro Animal Hospital Pet Care Center of Jackson VCA PetMed Animal Hospital Healthy Petz Veterinary Hospital 730501 - 731000 423-638-5382 Spring Hill Veterinary. For owner information, enter the tag number and click GO. Agency Access. Password reminder. Powered by: Online Tag Search. Tag Number: Tag Issuer: Tag Year. Rabies vaccine manufacturer.

Make sure that you have checked the body. You won't find any items here, but you will receive a code - 1243 (#1). Now you may go back to the main room of the complex. There's a small panel on your left (#2). Type in the code in order to open the door. SAVE your game here.

3. Open the door to the control center

Received from: quest begins automatically once you've reached the second steel door

Starting point: second locked door

What needs to be done:

a) find the code that's needed to open the door

b) type in the code in order to open the door


Complete quest walkthrough:

You will have to do the same thing here. Once you've reached a locked door, you will probably notice that some kind of a creatures is trying to open it (#1). Thankfully, you won't have to worry about it. Locate the scientist (#2) and check his body in order to receive a note with the code 9524. If you want to know how to reach him, read the description of the first quest. The scientist will also have a decent machine gun on him - IL 86. I would recommend picking up this weapon and saving it for later, mostly because you won't find any ammunition for it.

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This page contains various tips and information regarding gameplay and game mechanics of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.Chernobyl
Table of content
Endurance and Carrying Capacity
Firing mode - full auto, semi-auto, and single shot
Food and Hunger
Game difficulty
Health and healing wounds
Locked doors and containers
Optional missions
Radiation and antiradiation
Artifacts and radiation
Selling loot
Secret stashes
Weapons, ammunition and attachments
Wodden crates and metal boxes
Endurance and Carrying Capacity

Stalker Shadow Of Chernobyl Brain Scorcher Door Codes

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl
Firing mode - full auto, semi-auto, and single shot
has a somewhat realistic damage simulation - in other words, headshots are much more effective than shots to the body or limbs.
Food and Hunger
Health and healing wounds

Locked doors.
During the course of the game you'll often come across different cabinets, lockers, desks and other objects that may have doors in them. These will sometimes be locked, and the majority of them can actually be shot open - however not all of them. This is demonstrated in the video. To shoot a door open, aim for the lock and shoot until the door swings open. For those you cannot open, you can often 'grab' any items through the door, which many times eliminate the need to open the door in the first place - however, there are very rare situations where you actually need to open a locked door or container to be able to get all the items inside.

You will also come across doors that are locked with a padlock. Some of these can be opened if you shoot (or stab with your knife) the padlock until it falls off.

Optional missions

Here Sid has four optional missions - two of which require you to bring him a specific mutant bodypart or item, and two that require you to eliminate one or more targets.
As you'll soon find out, artifacts and mutant body parts can be quite expensive and can be sold for a good profit. However, I personally tend to keep the artifacts for as long as possible (ie. hide the ones I don't use in personal stashes). This is because, often certain people such as Sidorovich will provide optional missions that require you to find certain artifacts, and since these missions simply require you to find any artifact of a given type, you can often just pick up these missions, grab the artifact from your stash (if you have the artifact, of course) and use that to complete the mission. Doing these optional missions will not only earn you more money that you would gain from just selling the artifact, but may also give you some additional items (usually medkits and/or ammunition).

The same goes for mutant body parts - although Sidorovich personally wont buy these, you can sell body parts to other stalkers (and some vendors) for a nice price; but as explained with artifacts above, you can often pick up optional missions that require you to find a specific body part from a mutant. So if you always search the bodies of mutants and pick up any body parts that they may have, you can collect these and keep them in your stashes ready to use if an optional mission should be available.

Also note that you can cancel an optional mission if you wish to. To do this, talk to the person that you picked up the mission from (or who gave it to you) and tell him that you're there 'for the job'. You can then say that you refuse to do that particular job. As far as I know, doing this does not have any negative consequences and it can be useful if you're looking for a specific optional mission - usually certain contacts will only have about 4 or 5 different optional missions at a time, and if you're looking for a mission that isn't in this list you can pick up some of the optional missions, refuse to do them, and the list of missions available will have changed.

All around the Zone you'll run into pockets of radiation - areas full of radioactivity. When you're in such an area you can hear your geiger counter ticking; you'll be accumulating radiation which can be seen in the radiation indicator in your inventory, and a radioactivity icon will also appear on your screen. Also, when you're heavily radiated the screen will become brighter; for an example, check out this video. Even small amounts of radiation will mean that you'll start to lose health, increasing with the amount of radiation you've accumulated. The screen icon will be green initially to indicate low radiation but may become darker ending in red to indicate lethal radiation. You can drink vodka, use antiradiation drugs or special first aid kits to decrease or completely remove any radiation; also, certain artifacts can protect you against radiation and be used to remove radiation (although not as effectively - or fast - as antiradiation drugs).

Stalker Shadow Of Chernobyl Brain Scorcher Door Code For Kids

The radiation properties of artifacts are added and subtracted to a final 'value'. Say, for example, that you are wearing three Stone Flower artifacts and a Droplets artifact. Each Stone Flower has a +5 Radiation property and the Droplets artifact has a -10 Radiation property. This means that the sum of wearing those artifacts is +5 (3 * 5 - 10), which means that you'll slowly be accumulating radiation by wearing them - to prevent this, you'll need to replace the Droplets with an antiradiation artifact with -20 Radiation (well, technically -15 but artifacts with this value do not exist) or wear a second antiradiation artifact. Using a single -20 Radiation artifact along with the three Stone Flower artifacts would also mean that you'd have a -5 Radiation 'surplus' (the -15 is negated by the +15 from the Stone Flower artifacts) that would help you remove any radiation that you do accumulate eg. from pockets of radiation.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl
Artifacts and radiation
Although has quickload and quicksave functions (F7 and F6, respectively), you should be sure to make 'main' (or manual) savegames often. You'll likely find yourself quicksaving during firefights which usually is a good idea, but in case you make one at a bad spot (ie. just before getting shot in the back) you'll want to have an earlier savegame to go back to. Since the quicksave will use the same save slot every time you quicksave, you'll basically be overwriting it all the time - and you won't be able to go back to an earlier quicksave. The same goes for autosaves - every time you enter a new area the game will make an autosave for you - but like quicksaves, these will also use the same slot and will eventually be overwritten. I personally tend to make at least one manual save at the beginning of a new area - and possibly a few more along the way. This way you always have a recent (or semi-recent) savegame to rely on in case something goes wrong with your quicksave.

For a comprehensive list of traders, inventory and prices, etc. please refer to this page.

Traders and trading

Stalker Shadow Of Chernobyl Brain Scorcher Door Code 4

The condition indicator.
After having ventured into the Zone you're likely to find yourself with alot of weapons and possibly an armor or two. These items, along with ammunition, food, artifacts, etc. can be sold to vendors - other stalkers will also buy certain items, except for weapons, ammunition and armor. This is a great way to earn additional money that you can spend on the equipment you really need.

When you open your inventory and click on these items, you'll notice that they have a condition indicator below the item price. This indicator is important when it comes to weapons and armors since the condition of a weapon, for example, directly affects the chance of it to become jammed when you use it - a jam will require that you reload the weapon before you can fire it again, which obviously not only can be annoying but also quite fatal in the right (or should I say wrong) situation. This means that whatever weapons you decide to sell should be the ones with the worst condition; they wont be as valuable as the ones with better condition, but that shouldn't be a problem - you'll never get rich by selling weapons alone anyway, and soon enough you'll come across more weapons than you really need or even wish to carry around. The condition of a weapon (and armor) will decrease as it's used; the condition of weapons decrease very slowly with every use (ie. each time you fire), and for armors it's dependant on how much damage you've taken from bullets, explosions, etc. As the condition of an armor decreases so does its protective features - which means that you may wish, from time to time, to replace your armor with a 'fresh' (or better) version. Armors, like weapons, can be found in stashes and various places, but also be bought from vendors around the Zone.

More often than not you'll end up having too much loot - finding more items, weapons, etc. than you can actaully carry with you. You can of course simply make trips back and forth from a vendor to make sure you sell it all, but it's time consuming and weapons, for example, won't really be worth it considering the amount of money you get compared to how much a weapon weighs. Ammunition is a different story - you can carry alot of ammunition at the expense of a looted weapon, and it will often net you alot more money. Also antiradiation drugs are not only more effective than vodka bottles, but they also weigh less and are more expensive - in other words, always take preference to antiradiation drugs if you're faced with a choice between the two. The Traders, Inventory & Prices page includes a weight vs. price comparison (the RU/Kg column) for all items that you can use to determine which ones are the most lucrative to haul back to a trader.

Stalker Shadow Of Chernobyl Brain Scorcher Door Codes

StashesStalker Shadow Of Chernobyl Brain Scorcher Door Code 2017

A private stash.
Immediately after starting a new game and having talked to Sidorovich you should see a blue box on the floor - this is a so-called private stash, and it's there for you to use. There are two different types of stashes - private stashes (blue boxes) and secret stashes. The private stashes are basically places where you can safely store equipment, meaning that other stalkers or enemies won't touch or take items from them, and anything in these stashes will be saved when you save your current game. They are extremely handy because often you may find weapons and equipment that you wish to keep, but at the same time don't want to carry around all the time. In short, use the private stashes to store equipment. These types of stashes can be found in various key areas around the Zone.

I have seen reports that some people have had their blue box stashes wiped and replaced with random loot; this is obviously concerning, and indicates that not all blue box stashes are 'safe' to use; in fact, some secret stashes (see below) appear as blue boxes which means that just because you see a blue box doesn't mean it's a safe place to store equipment. However, consider the blue box stashes in some key locations (at Sidorovich in Cordon and the 100 Rads bar in the Bar area) safe to use since they are located in 'havens' - places where other stalkers either don't come or don't wander about.

Secret stashes are scattered all over the Zone but you'll need to find information about them first - this means that even if you come by a place to 'put things' (such as a pipe, a safe, or whatever) it's more than likely going to be empty unless you have found information about that particular stash first. Information about secret stashes can be found by searching the bodies of dead stalkers, bandits, etc. (mutants and zombies will not reveal such information) or may sometimes be given to you as part of a mission reward. Once you have found enough information about a secret stash it will be shown on the map in your PDA with a round, purple icon; you can hover your mouse over these icons to see a description of the individual stashes. Sometimes when you empty a secret stash the icon on your map will disappear, sometimes it wont. The latter case is experienced when you have found information about the stash more than once, without looting it in the meantime. I reckon this is a bug.

It seems that a few words has been confused in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl regarding stash locations - often you may see the word 'cellar' in the description of a stash where it should actually say 'ceiling' or 'attic', and possibly vice versa.

Make sure you search any bodies you come upon - even if you have already searched them before. If you kill some bandits, for example, you can search their bodies for goodies and information about stashes; if you move to a different area of the Zone, and later come back, searching the bodies again may reveal new information about other stashes. For a list of secret stashes, their locations and content, please refer to this page.

Weapons, ammunition and attachments

Right-click a weapon to see the options available.

Stalker Shadow Of Chernobyl Brain Scorcher Door Code List

When you buy a weapon from a vendor (eg. Sidorovich), or receive one as part of a mission reward, it will come loaded with one clip (or rounds) of standard ammunition for that weapon. The weapons you find on bandits and other defeated enemies may have ammunition in them; you can unload it and salvage the ammo which is handy if you are low, or you want to gather ammo without carrying alot of weapons with you. To unload the ammunition from a weapon, open up your inventory, right-click the weapon and click unload in the pop-up menu; if the unload item isn't available it simply means that the weapon is empty. You can also use the same procedure to dismount weapon attachments (scopes, grenade launchers, and silencers); not all scopes, silencers and grenade launchers can be detached. To apply an attachment to a weapon, equip the weapon you wish to attach it to and either drag and drop the attachment onto the weapon or right-click the attachment and click

Stalker Shadow Of Chernobyl Brain Scorcher Door Code Change

attach.. Most attachments, with the exception of SUSAT scopes, are rare so if you come upon one be sure to keep it.

Stalker Shadow Of Chernobyl Brain Scorcher Door Code 2016

Must break boxes, broken boxes good!
Containers such as wooden crates and metal boxes can be broken and may often reveal various items - usually ammunition, medkits, bandages, etc. and even artifacts (although I think these only can be found in crates). You can break these containers by shooting them or by using your knife. Before you pick up the items, notice that when you point the reticle near an item you can pick up, an icon of that item will appear on the screen - this is useful not only to see what the item is, but the icon will usually appear when the reticle is close to an item, and thus can be handy to find partially obscured or hidden objects. Also, try to press and hold down the Use key - you should notice that labels appear on the screen, for a short time, to indicate different nearby items; this can be useful (eg. in dark places) to locate items that may be hidden from vision.

Please note that I'll often describe specifically what you can find in various crates and boxes - however, many of these items seem to be randomly generated so don't expect to find exactly the same.

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