Stopwatch Tutorial Is Finally Posted!lobster Productions is a platform for academics to share research papers. 'Upcard is an autism app that allows you to create digital picture cards that can be used for speaking, day planning, activity and food tracking, as well as a visual timer and stopwatch.' Classroom Tools: 2/11/2018.

WELCOME BACK: First, happy Friday the 13th. We hope that you are not superstitious and you have a great day!

Stopwatch Tutorial Is Finally Posted!lobster Productions

Secondly, and more importantly, Happy Valentine's Day! We hope that you've remembered to get your sweetie something nice to show her/him how much you love them. Just in case you forgot to do anything nice, at least send them a Valentine's eCard. We have a direct link to 123 Greetings on our web site where you can select a card, personalize it and schedule it to be sent on the 14th. While it's not as nice as a trip to Hawaii it is a nice gesture.

Stopwatch Tutorial Is Finally Posted Lobster Productions Going

I guess we were right in saying that the rodent here is Western Washington didn't see his shadow so winter is coming to an end. This week we've had weather comparable to that of my Aunt Shirley's in the Daytona, Florida area. Wednesday we had some areas reach 66 degrees F. Of course like every year late winter turns back into cooler, rainy weather which is exactly what's predicted for this weekend and on through the next two weeks.

Speaking of weather reports and the news in general, have you noticed how sensationalized the news is becoming? There has always been an attempt to make the news sound more important and exciting than it really is but lately it's really gotten out of control. We were watching the other night and there wasn't much going on and the reporters looked sort of down. Well between the break for National news and when they come back on the air something newsworthy happened. While the news was tragic, the reporters we literally salivating all over their news copy. Then come the teases for everything that they are about to talk about. If you ran a stopwatch on the news you would see that they spend more time telling you about what they are going to talk about than what they actually do talk about.

Sorry about that we just needed to get that rant off of our chest. We will continue to watch the news and complain about it and nothing will change :-(

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We keep telling you about our craft site but have you actually gone and checked it out? We currently have Wood'n Wares, hand made maple kitchen utensils and Ron Godin's Adirondack art signs on display. These are some great crafts that would look great in your home or make great gifts. Check them out at Stopwatch Tutorial Is Finally Posted!lobster Productions You are logged on to this newsletter as [[-Email-]] and receiving it because you are a friend of mine or a friend of theirs.
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