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5 Different Ways To Create Subliminal Audio Recordings Creating an audio subliminal message involves having a vocal message (usually affirmations) that is somehow not detected by the human listener but which is perceived non-the-less by the subconscious mind. In subliminal audio, the songs are embedded with subliminal stimulus messages. In self-help audios, you can even hear meditative music featured on subliminals channels (YouTube videos). This Youtube trend on subliminal messages in music (or self-help tape) are recorded below normal levels of hearing and are usually not consciously heard.

hey, it's Sanya:) here's a tutorial that you've been waiting for (hopefully)

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Mindzoom Subliminal Mixer – a great feature where you can use text or audio affirmations (you can record your own affirmations or use pre-recorded ones) and mix them with your favorite music files. This software will enhance your life by allowing you to. The audio is picked up by the subconscious only, so you or anyone else cannot consciously hear it. Mindzoom also comes with Subliminal Mixer software. This software allows you to mix your favorite music (works best with relaxing music) with any category of affirmations you choose, including ones you have personally created or edited. And since you know yourself best, I'd say you'll be able to produce a great subliminal recording that's tailor-fit for you. Read on to find out how! Step 1: Check Your Equipment. If you want to record your own subliminal CD, make sure you have the right equipment for it first! There's nothing much to it really.

Why should you make your own subliminal?

°it's ten times more effective (literally)

°when you hear affirmations in your own voice they work faster

°you won't have to worry about hidden affirmations

°you get to choose your own music!

°What’s great about choosing your own subliminal is that you focus only on the affirmations you need and want!

°sometimes a major reason why subliminal is not working for you is that you didn't choose the one with the right affirmations and aren't even aware of it

°The Possibilities Are Endless

How to write affirmations

Silent Subliminal Audio Creator Software

°I suggest you to first write them in a notebook

Subliminal Audio Mp3s

°you can write whatever you want

°it should start with 'I have' and not with 'I want'

°let's say you want bigger lips, you'd write 'I have bigger lips'

°it's very easy

Clearing a common misunderstanding

°yes, knowing the affirmations makes the results slower *but* only when the affirmations are in someone else's voice

°your mind trusts you more than anyone

°when you write your own affirmations, you know exactly what you want

°you focus on your desire in detail and do not depend on another person

°by doing this you are removing the *biggest* blockage ever


°write your affirmations in a notebook

°choose a song

°record affirmations in your phone

°go to an audio/video editor

Adobe acrobat x pro mac free download. °it can be kine master or windows movie maker or literally any app

°make your subliminal audio to 30-40%

°add song

°save the video

°you can listen to it like this if you want

°or you can convert it to mp3 using an audio converter app

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don't make it if you feel like you're being dragged, you should really enjoy the process♡

Customized Subliminal Messages
Infuse Your Brain With The Affirmations You Choose

Imagine if you listen, day after day, to affirmative subliminal commands you chose that fits exactly to your specific needs!

By using correctly formulated hiddencommands you have the ability to become stronger, resilient, manifest success and believe in yourself.

The subliminal suggestions can strengthen your neural conections with positive feelings, improve your different skills and capabilities, help you to let go of painful past experiences and move on with your life; erase self-criticism, judgment and toxic patterns that hold you back…

Why Customizing subliminal messages?

What’s great about choosing your own Subliminals is that you focus only on the affirmations you need and want!

The subliminal sessions available online have the potential to be powerful (depends on the source), but they also lack many of the things you truly want.

The commands sometimes miss out and don’t touch those exact spots you crave to change, or don’t focus on the goals you want to achieve.

However, my subliminal library offers approximately 180 recordings that focus on super spsific issues most people can relate to. Check it out here.

For example, if your goal is to skyrocket your business and you know that what’s stopping you is fear of making mistakes, or that you don’t believe in yourself, you can create affirmations that will deal with it directly!

Or, for example, if you’re struggling with weight problems and your biggest setback is emotional eating (provides comfort, an escape channel, and etc), or merely a physical addiction to refined carbs, you can choose to put the emphasis on that!

When it comes to creating your own custom hidden commands, many people do it wrong. If you don’t know how to use subliminal messages, please read the complete guide here.

Do subliminal messages really work?

Subliminal messages are a scientifically proven method to shift your unconscious thoughts in a positive direction, no matter how many failures you’ve had in the past and how much you doubt yourself.

This powerful cutting edge technology has helped a massive amount of people and even big names like Anthony Robins and John Assaraf highly recommend using it on a daily basis.

Subliminal messages are the fastest way to create a change, because it focuses on the subconscious level! It’s also the most effortless way.

The subliminal affirmations cannot be fully heared by your ears, so they pass any form of resistance. However, your subconscious gets it all; there are literally no boundaries between you and the affirmations, so nothing stops them from being absorbed in your mind.

A constant exposure to empowering streams of messages
can change virtually any aspect of your life.
The affirmations can become your new reality!

So after all this, let’s examine the best subliminal program that offers
– Many unique features

– Affordable price
– Fast results

I had used this program before, and it still serves me up to this day on occasion, so I can share my experience and tell you about the features it offers.

MindZoom offers a program with three special features that can get you the results you want in 21 days.

What exactly do you get?

  • Affirmation Delivering Engine -Mindzoom conveys thousands of positive commands at speeds that are bypassed by your conscious mind.
  • Silent Subliminal Messaging System – text affirmations are translated to speech.
  • Mindzoom Subliminal Mixer – a great feature where you can use text or audio affirmations (you can record your own affirmations or use pre-recorded ones) and mix them with your favorite music files.

This software will enhance your life by allowing you to:
Overcome fear
Multiply your success achievements
Boost your confidence
Develop better social skills
Increase creativity and imagination
Release limiting beliefs from your system
Quit addictions
Improve Your Memory, focus and concentration


Free Subliminal Maker

“I have been using MindZoom for 2 months now and I have lost 20 lbs so far. I have 40 more to go … Thank you so much, my eating habits are changing due to a new conscience. ”
Betty Howery, official MindZoom website

“I will be celebrating 3 months of not smoking anymore thanks to MindZoom. I feel healthier now. Some times I feel cravings, but I just pop on the software and gradually they go away…”
Lony Heidlemann, official MindZoom website

Subliminal Audio Software

Additional Value:
– Subliminal visual flashes that will appear quickly on your PC screen
– You can choose your own music files to ‘cover’ the subliminal messages
– provides you the option to add Binaural Beats
– 6 bonuses
– Program upgrades for free
– Offer complete support for any question you have via email

Co Creators Subliminals

The missing feature:
It will not work for you if you have no real desire to create a change.

*** It shows you exactly how to use it with clear explanations. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge; it’s very simple and easy to use.***