Supertux Free Download For Mac

SuperTux is a clone of Super Mario Bros starring Tux, the Linux mascot. This is a 2D game that uses OpenGL graphics engine as.
The goal is to complete the 26 scenarios where you'll find 9 different enemies.
From the functional point of view, SuperTux is identical to Super Mario Bros. In it you will find the classic coins, bricks blocks, mushrooms (which have been replaced by snowballs) or the flower that allows you to shoot fireballs.
As in Super Mario Bros, SuperTux levels are organized worlds. And thanks to the level editor you can create your own scenarios.

Supertux 2 Game

For Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Remote desktop for mac free download.

Supertux Online

Mac; Games; Arcade; SuperTux; Free Download; SuperTux 0.3.0 Free Download Secure SuperTux Download Options. SuperTux 0.3.0 ( server) SuperTux 0.3.0. Popular Downloads. Windows XP Service Pack 3 SP 3 Windows XP Service Pack 3 Build 5512 FINAL; Minecraft 1. SuperTux is an open source and cross-platform side-scrolling, jump 'n' run video game that looks and acts similar to the famous Super Mario video game series, only that the main character is Tux the penguin, which is also the official mascot of the Linux kernel project. Features at a glance.