Switch From Microsoft 365 For Mac To Pc

Microsoft Office is the most well-known software suite for productivity. For a fairly low monthly subscription fee, Microsoft 365 offers its software bundled together with access to the cloud.

A personal or business solution

The applications available for Mac users and the specific features included may be different from those available for PC users. With Microsoft 365, you can be flexible. With your account, you are not limited to exclusively Mac or exclusively PC, so you can transition across devices. I already have a Office 365 account and installed it on my Mac. I have less use for the Mac now, and would like to use Office 365 on my PC. Is this possible? If yes, how do I install Office 365 on my. Use Non-Office 365 Email. Switch to an email provider that is not Microsoft Corporate Email - Switch Outlook and the Phone to use Exchange, IMAP or Pop 3 accounts. Gmail - Set up your email to use Gmail directly. Your Internet provider also provides standard email services. Your domain provider may need to change MX records.

From basic starter (which has limited features) to Microsoft 365, Office is available to offer everything you could ever want in a home or business computer suite of programs.

If you have ever used a computer, you have most certainly heard the words Microsoft Office. Names like Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint are equal to computer productivity.

From basic starter (which has limited features) to Microsoft 365, Office is available to offer everything you could ever want in a home or business computer suite of programs. For a low monthly subscription fee, users can install Microsoft 365 on up to five devices, which can include your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Microsoft 365 includes the main programs you’d find in Microsoft Office, as well as OneDrive and Skype. Previously, Skype used to be a standalone product that required a fee to access higher functions.

OneDrive is your doorway to the cloud. Store up to a whopping 1TB of data for all your documents and spreadsheets. With your files in the cloud, enjoy complete access anytime you like on any of your devices.

All productivity software require updates. With Microsoft 365 you’ll stay up to date as updates get installed as soon as they’re released. Microsoft will support you. You can contact Microsoft at any time via email, online chat, or to speak to a real person, call the contact center.

Where can you run this program?

Microsoft 365 runs on Windows 10, MacOS, Android, and iOS.


Is there a better alternative?

Yes, there is. Even though Microsoft Office is the grand-daddy of computer productivity, Google programs available via Google Chrome are free and rapidly becoming just as popular. Why pay for software access when you can get another suite of almost identical programs at no cost?

Switch From Microsoft 365 For Mac To Pc

Our take

For everyday users of the Microsoft Office suite, this is a must-have. The ability to share it across five devices is a compelling reason why you need it. It’s also the most convenient way to make sure you have the latest version of any of the Office products.

Should you download it?

Yes, you should, if you don’t mind dropping some cash. If you want access to all the Microsoft Office programs, including Skype and cloud, then Microsoft 365 is the right choice for you.

Illustrations are a new graphics option coming to Microsoft 365 that supplements the existing Icons with a wider range of visual aids for documents, emails, worksheets and slides.

They’ve appeared, without any mention, in preview versions of Microsoft 365 for Windows (version 13415.20002) and Microsoft 365 for Mac (v16.43 20102102)

Class - samurai crack. On the same dialog box that shows Stock Images, Icons, Cutout People and Stickers.

Office 365 for Mac shows the same options in a side-pane. Go to Insert Icons (or Stock Images) then choose Illustrations (use the pull-down menu).

Both Mac and Windows versions have a search option.

What are illustrations?

They are multi-colored graphics, some are simple (like the flower or snowflake shown above) while others are more complex (see the chemistry set or laptop).

Technically illustrations are SVG graphics, same as Icons. So all the tricks we’ve mentioned about Icons and SVG also apply to Illustrations.

See Sketchy or wriggly lines in Icons and SVG graphics
Edit options for SVG Icons in Office 365/2019
2020 – Year of the Icon?

Insert an Illustration

Download Microsoft 365 For Mac

There’s no direct button to get to illustrations, just like Cutout People and Stickers. Open the Insert tab Illustrations Icons then switch to Illustrations.

Inserting an illustration is the same as Stock Images, Icons or any other option in that dialog.

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Select the illustrations you want (see the check box at top right) then click Insert when you’re done.

Using an illustration

The current illustrations have large spaces around them, probably too large for many needs. Start by cropping out the excess space (Graphics Format Size Crop).

All the tools on the Graphics Format tab can be used but some are more useful than others.


Illustrations have outlines included but set to nothing. Go to Graphics Format Graphics Styles Outline to choose a color, weight and outline type.


Switch From Microsoft 365 For Mac To Pc

Graphics Format Graphics Styles Fill overwrites the whole illustration which is only useful if you want a silhouette.

Change separate colors in illustration

Some illustrations are multicolored like this six color example.

Switch From Microsoft 365 For Mac To Pc Windows 10

The basic Graphics Format tools are ‘all or nothing’ options with no way to recolor segments of an illustration or SVG. The Fill option, as shown above, will change all the segments of an Illustration.

To change colours more selectively, choose Graphics Format Convert to Shape. That turns the SVG into an Office shape with more editing options. As a Shape, open the Selection Pane to see a list of the individual elements that make up a shape. Select one of parts (Freeform Shape) and choose Fill, Outline etc to change just that element.

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Sketchy or wriggly lines in Icons and SVG graphics
Edit options for SVG Icons in Office 365/2019
2020 – Year of the Icon?
Paste Icons or SVG from Office documents to other apps
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