Tdi Injection Pump Manual

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We offer spare parts, injectors, lift pumps, tools and seal kits for most types of diesel injection pump – our knowledge and experience is invaluable in supplying the parts you need.

If your diesel injection pump has failed, you could be faced with a replacement bill that puts your engine beyond economical repair. We can now supply fully reconditioned pumps, which offer a cost effective solution. All our pumps are tested and supplied ready to fit.

Starting with the fuel feed pump, insert the stator ring. 8 Align 180° holes with the the pump housing taps (circled). 9 Then the rotor and vanes. 10 First, the rotor. 11 then the vanes using a needlenose plier. 12: 13 then the pressure plate. 14 and tightened down. 15 Assemble the driveshaft. 16 with the governor drive gear. 17 and two rubber dampers. Pump 3 - Later BPFXX Pump Assembly Drawings: Governor 3 - CAV Pneumatic Governors BEP.MZ Page 3: Pump 4 - CAV Injection Pumps Type NL, NR, NNL & NNR: Governor 4 - CAV Pneumatic Governors BEP.MZ Page 2: Pump 5 - CAV Injection Pumps Type NL, NR, NNL & NNR: Governor 5 - CAV Pneumatic Governors BEP.MZ Page 1: Pump 6 - CAV Unit Pump Type BPFR1AA. DIESEL ENGINE 0 0 Injection Pump 1. Align the control rack pin (3) with the notch (I) on the crankcase, and remove the injection pump (2). Remove the injection pump shims.

We can supply seal kits for most injection pumps and specific repair kits which address common failures in many pumps. Please look for the parts you require using the menus, interactive diagrams or search field – we have spares for pumps a century old up to the present day, but if you can’t find what you need, please send us a message.

In our online shop you can buy parts for all the major injector pump manufacturers, including Bosch, Bryce, Caterpillar, Condiesel, CAV, Delphi, Denso, Kubota, Lucas, Rotodiesel, Siemens, Simms, Stanadyne, Volvo, Yanmar and Zexel. We accept payment by Credit/Debit card and Paypal and sell repair kits and parts via mail order worldwide. Our catalogue of spares is comprehensive, however, we don’t have everything listed for sale on our website, so if you need something that you can’t see, please ask – we are happy to help.


This is for a service/exchange of your old pump. We will require your old pump core for rebuild. Not all components are available for these pumps so we would need to assess yours prior to repair to see if it’s feasible. Sometimes we will have an identical replacement pump in stock, so can send out in advance but please contact us to confirm. A surcharge will be applicable in this case. If a surcharge is applied, we will need your old pump returned complete within two weeks of receiving the new one.

Prices from £450

Tdi Injection Pump Manual Instructions


The turnaround time for this service is 10 working days but can often be completed sooner depending on workload and parts required

Shipping of the replacement pump is free to the UK mainland. Highlands and islands and worldwide shipping varies – please CONTACT US for a quote. The cost of returning your old pump to us is your responsibility

Tdi Injection Pump Timing

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Tdi Injection Pump Manual Parts

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