Ten Thumbs

The short thick digit of the human hand, next to the index finger and opposable to each of the other four digits. A corresponding digit in other. The Hong Kong Spotlight By Art Basel fair is running from November 26 to 30––here we list 10 galleries not to miss Sign up for our newsletters to get all our top stories delivered. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced Art Basel to cancel its three annual events in Hong Kong, Basel and Miami Beach.

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The thumb is one of the five fingers on the human hand. Thumbs are different from the other four fingers because they are in a different direction, have only two bones (the others have three) and are shorter. Thumbs help us to pick things up. This is called having 'opposable thumbs'. All primates have thumbs but humans have fully opposable thumbs.

Ten Thumbs

Thumbs have an artery in them. Arteries have a pulse. 1994 nitro owners manual. This is why we should not take other peoples' pulses with our thumbs.

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